Pushan Mudra (Digestion Gesture): Procedure, Variant, Benefits

pushan mudra (digestion gesture)
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Wave goodbye to all your digestive ailments by practicing Pushan mudra – A simple yoga hasta mudra that invokes internal digestive fires.

Pushan mudra is intended for deriving nourishment from the food that we eat. Along with this, it improves and balances the digestive system to facilitate digestion.

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    Enhanced benefits of this mudra are obtained when it is practiced with meditation focusing on the breathing pattern.

    Besides physiological benefits, this hand gesture leaves energetic and therapeutic benefits to the practitioners.


    Pushan Mudra Meaning

    The Sanskrit term “pushan” refers to “one who nourishes”. Due to this, the mudra is dedicated to Lord Surya (the Sun), as every organism on earth derives energy and nourishment from Sun.

    Holding Pushan mudra stokes the internal digestive fire to regulate the nourishment and energy from food materials, hence the name.

    It is also known as the gesture of digestion or gesture of nourishment.

    Symbolic Representation

    Unlike other hand mudras where both hands held in a similar position, in Pushan mudra, both hands are held in different positions.

    • Right-hand fingers are held in Vyan mudra (index and middle finger touching thumb), which symbolizes receiving or acceptance.
    • Left-hand fingers are held in Apana mudra (middle and ring finger touching thumb), which symbolizes the elimination process of the body.

    By maintaining a balance between ‘what goes into our body i.e. food we eat (acceptance)’ and ‘what comes out (elimination process)’, Pushan mudra works for better digestion. Its effectiveness of digestion is further increased when after meal it’s practiced in Vajrasana.

    Besides digestion, this specific variant of Pushan mudra generates heat in the body and removes excess water. This way, a combination of the right hand (acceptance) and left hand (elimination) activates Manipura chakra and treats reflux and belching issues.

    Pushan Mudra Procedure

    • Sit in padmasana, virasana, or sukhasana with closed eyes.
    • Place your hands on the knees with the palms facing upward.
    • Take a few deep breaths being mindful.
    • On the right hand – curl the index and middle finger to touch their tips with the tip of the thumb. Extend the ring and little finger outward. It’s called Vyan mudra.
    • On the left hand – curl the middle and ring fingers to touch them to the tip of the thumb. It’s called Apana mudra. Straighten the index and little fingers pointing outwards.
    • Maintain both hand fingers in the respective mudra position and focus on the navel chakra.

    Duration of practice

    Usually, mudras are practiced for an effective duration of 45 minutes. However, in one sitting one should practice Pushan mudra for 10-15 minutes at least. For its effective use, it must be practiced 4 times a day.

    It is also recommended to be practiced after having a meal sitting in vajrasana.

    Tips to enhance the practice

    • Practice this mudra during meditative sessions.
    • Keep your focus on the breathing patterns holding the mudra.
    • Keeping your eyes closed imagine the orange color and focus on the sacral chakra.
    • Last, but not least you can also chant the Bija mantra, “vam” (vahm).

    Pushan Mudra Variant

    pushan mudra variant
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    There is a variation of Pushan mudra especially for people who suffer from weakness. It is practiced by keeping the right hand in prana mudra and left in apana mudra.

    In this variant of Pushan mudra, the gesture in the left-hand remains the same as described in the above steps (i.e. Apana Mudra gesture). While in the right hand, fold the ring and pinkie fingers to join their tips to the thumb. Keep the rest fingers i.e. the index and middle fingers extended outwards.

    Because Prana mudra takes care of prana Vayu which is associated with breathing, this variant of Pushan mudra aids in proper breathing and so it has a remarkable effect on the nervous system.

    Benefits of Pushan mudra

    1. Holding Pushan mudra every day for a few minutes consistently improves digestion.
    2. It is also helpful in maintaining the metabolism of the body.
    3. It provides relaxation to the body.
    4. It helps in the elimination of the energetic blockages and toxins out of the body.
    5. It stimulates the solar plexus (Manipura chakra) and Sacral (Swadhisthana) chakra.
    6. It relaxes and improves the efficiency of the liver, stomach, pancreas, and gall bladder.
    7. Practicing this mudra along with the second variant activates the root chakra around the pelvic region. This energy from the pelvic floor muscles rises to reach the brain and enhance the neural activity, thereby benefitting the brain.
    8. This mudra helps energize the body and uplift the mood.
    9. This mudra boosts memory and concentration power.
    10. As it is practiced with conscious breathing, it enhances the lung capacity to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Therefore, it improves the respiratory system.
    11. It has curing effects on nausea, flatulence, constipation, gas, and acidity.


    This simple asymmetrical hand gesture influences the three vital forces of the body, i.e. Prana, Samana, and Apana Vayu. It reflects the significance of Pushan Mudra.

    Practice Pushan mudra to live life actively and healthily. It acts as a panacea to resolve all your digestive problems as well as brings several physical and mental benefits.

    So, next time when you sit down to meditate or to relax after a heavy meal, remember to practice Pushan mudra.


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