5 Simple Yoga Mudras for Diabetes

gyan mudra for diabetes
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Yoga mudras are easy to perform and very effective to cure any type of Diabetes.

Table of Contents

  1. How Yoga Mudra is Effective in Diabetes
  2. Surya Mudra: Gesture of Fire Energy
  3. Apana Mudra: Gesture of Detoxification
  4. Prana Mudra: Gesture of Vitality
  5. Linga Mudra: Gesture to Boost Metabolism
  6. Gyan Mudra: Gesture for Relaxation

How Yoga Mudras Are Effective in Diabetes?

yoga mudras for diabetes
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  • In type 1 diabetes and pre-diabetic person, yoga mudras may stimulate certain glands and activate the metabolism of the body to manage blood sugar levels.
  • It has seen, mudras are powerful when it comes to flushing toxins out from the body. Through urination, the excess glucose levels in the blood can be flushed out of the body.
  • Some mudras (Gyan Mudra, Dhyan Mudra, Brahma Mudra) are also relaxing in nature. These mudras relieve from the symptoms of diabetes caused by stress & anxiety.
  • Yoga mudras also can produce internal heat (Agni) in the body, which further helps in boosting metabolism and diabetes management.

Here are the 5 simple yoga mudras you should do to manage diabetes.

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    1. Surya Mudra: Gesture to Improve Insulin Secretion

    surya mudra in yoga mudras
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    As the name suggests, Surya yoga mudra is the gesture of the Sun, the heat. Just like Surya (sun) provide us heat, this mudra works like fuel to generate heat in the body.

    The heat generated by Surya mudra helps the pancreas gland to develop new insulin. When insulin begins secreting, it allows glucose to enter the body’s cell where it gets converted into energy. In this way, blood glucose levels get down and diabetes can be controlled.


    To do Surya mudra:

    • Sit in Vajrasana or thunderbolt pose.
    • Fold your ring finger and place the tip of thumb over the middle phalanx (bend part) of the ring finger.
    • Extend rest three fingers straight or keep it little bent as per your convenience.
    • Do it with your both hands and place hands over your thighs or kneecap.

    Do it 3 times a day for effectiveness in diabetes, morning, noon, and evening. Each time at least 15 minutes, 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after taking a meal.

    Surya mudra by improving the digestion process also boosts up the metabolism process. Boost in metabolism also promotes weight loss.

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    2. Apana Mudra: Gesture of Detoxification

    apana mudra in yoga mudras
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    This detoxification mudra is practiced in case of eliminating wastes from the body. Apana mudra promotes the working of Apana Vayu, which is responsible for the downward or outward flow of energy, like excretion, urination, sweating, and breathing out.

    In diabetes, Apana mudra is used to flush out any impurities around glands or in the digestive system that restricts the secretion of essential hormones (insulin). Also, on performing this mudra, by urinating more, excess sugar level of blood can be flushed out. In this way, Apana mudra lowers blood sugar level and thus maintains diabetes.

    To do Apana Mudra:

    • You can sit in any cross-legged pose on the floor or even can do it while standing.
    • Bend middle and ring fingers of both hands to touch the tip of the thumb. Extend rest fingers straight.
    • Hold this finger arrangement for 10 to 15 minutes. You can rest your hands on thighs.

    Do this mudra in the morning time for better cleansing. Also, the practice of this mudra eases in childbirth and menstrual cycle.

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    3. Prana Mudra: Gesture to Strengthen Immunity

    prana mudra in yoga mudras
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    This hand gesture is a symbol of vitality that presents within us in the form of Prana Vayu.

    Diabetic patients are easily prone to malfunction of the immune system. In order to support the body’s defense mechanism, Prana mudra is a powerful hand practice that empowers the Prana Vayu.

    To do Prana Mudra:

    • You can do it while sitting relaxed, lying on the bed, or even walking.
    • Fold the ring and little fingers of both hands and touch it with the tip of the thumb. Rest two fingers lightly stretched.
    • Hold the pose for as long as you are comfortable. Preferably 15 minutes in one sitting is recommended.

    This mudra should be followed by Apana mudra in a sequential manner as Apana Vayu is downward energy and Prana Vayu is upward energy. Thus, both energies get balanced when performed in a sequence.

    You can also do prana mudra in a pranayama session for better results.

    4. Linga Mudra: Gesture to Lower Blood Sugar Level

    linga mudra in yoga mudras
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    The term ‘Linga’ commonly relates to the male reproductive organ & it’s said to a powerful source of energy in the body.

    Linga mudra enhances the quantity of the fire element of the body. Among 5 elements of body, the fire element is responsible for boosts up the metabolism. A boost in metabolism lowers the blood sugar level, thus helpful in managing diabetes.

    To do Linga Mudra:

    • Sit comfortably on the floor and bring your both hands in front of your chest level
    • Now interlock the fingers of both your hands against each other
    • Straight up the thumb of freehand and wrap the opposite hand thumb around it.

    Do this mudra for 15-20 minutes regularly to see changes within 1 month. This is a very powerful mudra reducing excess belly fat.

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    5. Gyan Mudra: Gesture of Relaxation

    gyan mudra in yoga mudras
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    This mudra should be practiced at the end of the mudras sequence for diabetes as it calms down all bodily sensations and over-stimulated energies. It provides a soothing effect to the seeker.

    Diabetes can also happen due to stress and anxiety in our lifestyle. Performing Gyan mudra creates a calming environment in mind thus helps to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

    According to Ayurveda, the cause of Type 1 Diabetes is an imbalance in Vata dosha (air and ether). Gyan mudra is also called Vayu varthak mudra (air element booster). Hence, by performing Gyan mudra type 1 diabetes can be managed.

    To do Gyan Mudra:

    1. Come in a meditative or relaxing pose, lotus pose, or easy pose.
    2. Fold your index finger and touch the tip of it with the tip of the thumb. Rest 3 fingers should be extended or lightly stretched.
    3. Place this finger arrangement over the kneecap, palm facing up, and do deep breathing.

    Hold the pose at least for 15 minutes. Performing this mudra in the morning brings more calmness to the mind.

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    Bottom Line

    Diseases like diabetes are very common in today’s era due to lifestyle changes and less physical activities.

    Yoga mudras are simple yet powerful practices on our fingertips that can do wonders for us. Regular practice of simple yoga mudras keeps blood sugar level in control, detoxifies the body, and boosts metabolism. With mudras practice, other complications due to diabetes such as heart diseases and high blood pressure can also be avoided.

    Add these simple yoga mudras in your daily activities and you will see how diseases like diabetes fly away. If you have practiced any of these mudras before, share your experience, have any query, let me know in the comment section below 🙂


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