Kubera Mudra: Yoga Hand Gesture for Wealth

kubera mudra - hand gesture of wealth
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Kubera Mudra is a yoga hand gesture practiced to fulfill the desire. Actually, it’s Kubera, the Hindu ‘God of wealth’ who works behind this fulfillment of desire.

On practicing Kubera Mudra, practitioner harness the power of their thoughts by joining the tip of the index, middle, and thumb finger. It brings prosperity, contentment, and desire for gratification.

Working of Kubera Mudra

In Kubera mudra, 3 finger’s systemic arrangement, what they represent, and their qualities play an important role. Of these 3 fingers:

  • Thumb – The place of ‘Fire element‘ has the characteristics of planet Mars. It gives courage, self-confidence, leadership abilities, and physical strength.
  • Index finger – The place of ‘Air element‘ has the characteristics of planet Jupiter which is known for its auspiciousness. It makes people rich, commanding, wise, spiritual and educated.
  • Middle finger – The place of ‘Ether element’ has the characteristics of planet Saturn. It encourages humbleness and one to do their Karma.

On combining these three fingers in Kubera mudra, these planetary qualities channelize the surge of energy into the practitioner.

At one end, Thumb boosts confidence and gives strength while on another end, the middle finger encourages a person to do their Karma and be humble. Being complementary to on all above this, Index finger addon the ‘Luck’ in fulfillment of a desire or karma one is doing.

However, remembrance of our ultimate aim while performing this mudra facilitates the energy flow in the body. This further induces certain states that contribute to fulfilling the desire, carving self-confidence, and enriching one’s life with peacefulness.

How to Do Kubera Mudra?

kubera mudra
kubera mudra hands resting on thighs. Image Source: instagram/kirahodgson
  • Begin with a comfortable seated posture Padmasana (lotus pose), Sukhasana (simple pose), Veerasana (hero pose), etc.
  • Eyes can be closed or open. In open eyes, fix your gaze at one point. Breathe deeply and bring your focus on breathing.
  • Closed eyes will give an extra edge to perform this mudra as in that position of meditation it becomes more effective due to the pointed focus.
  • Now hands-on thighs, bring your index and middle fingertip against the tip of the thumb. Point this joining point up and press gently so you can feel the proper contact.
  • Curl ring and little finger to the palm center.
  • Hold the fingers and hands in this arrangement over thighs. Realize the upward-pointing joint of fingertips is allowing your energy to move upwards. It brings a calming sensation in the body when you keep your focus on it throughout the whole practice.
  • After holding fingers for 10 to 15 minutes, slowly release the mudra. Flat your fingers and come out of the pose.

Kubera mudra is also practiced during a meditation session to increase its effect. One can also chant the Kubera Mantra while doing this mudra for money or other wealth they want to gain.

Kubera Money Mantra

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteshvaraya Namah

It means, I bow and worship to the lord of fortune and wealth, which destroys all the negative and prosper us with his immense blessings.

How Does Kubera Mudra help With Wealth?

Everything comes in life at a perfect timing. No one can get whatever they want until the universe allows. But that does not mean not to put in the work for which you are admiring since it hit very first in some form.

Desiring what we want in life becomes possible only if the intention is pure and honest.

Kubera Mudra intensifies the process of desire and when we think what we want, Universe comes forward to assist you in unimaginable ways. It opens immense possibilities whom you can easily identify, if on a track with Kubera Mudra.

We can understand it with the help of an analogy of a Hindu epic Mahabharata. Meditating while desiring the ultimate aim in Kubera mudra is like,

Arjuna shooting arrows at his aim under the guidance of Lord Krishna. Where Krishna, Archery, and Arjuna represents the Universe, Kubera Mudra, and a practitioner, respectively.

Kubera Mudra Benefits

The regular practice of Kubera mudra gives the benefits of roller coaster ride as it is connected with a diverse field of the joy of life.

  • Regular practice harnesses the memory and allows the practitioner to regain the lost focus and concentration.
  • This mudra is concerned with the lord of fortune and good deeds. Kubera Mudra showers on the practitioner with luck, confidence, and peacefulness, if practice appropriately.
  • It unblocks the path stopping you from attaining a specific place. Therefore, This Mudra revitalizes the energy to overcome obstacles in life.
  • Deep breathing helps in delivering the oxygenated blood to the prefrontal cortex of the brain for the better focus to accomplished and cultivate the fruits of Kubera Mudra.
  • Practicing Kubera Mudra while imagining the goal bring in the universal energy, which helps in reaching the goal at a greater pace than before.
  • According to Ayurveda, practicing Kubera Mudra increases the Vata humor in the body. This includes space and air elements, which controls breathing, heart rate, and cellular activities. The balanced state of Vata enhances the work action, creativity, and focus to achieve the particular target by the practitioner.
  • Blocked nose and ear is the common problem of sinus which gets worse due to the increased quantity of earth and water elements. This build-up phlegm in the body. A severe situation of sinus sometimes causes infection, which further leads to problems like facial pain, nasal congestion, heaviness, and sometimes intense headaches. Kubera Mudra helps in achieving the balance between the earth and water elements within the body.


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