5 Easy Hand Mudra to Relief from Headache and Migraine

sahasrara mudra for headache
Sahasrara Mudra of crown chakra to cure headache. Source: Canva

The headache could be the reflection of something wrong with the psychological, emotional, or physical aspects of the body. Moreover, ineffective breathing also causes headaches, and Pranayama treats it well.

Mudras have been a prominent tool in tackling day to day health problems, including headaches. It empowers us with dynamic powers to nourishes the subtle aspect of our bodies.

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    Why It’s Beneficial

    Migraine headache is more common in people with thyroid disease, insulin resistance, obesity, and high blood pressure.

    Yoga mudras directly stimulate the endocrine system which has various glands to release different hormones.


    Regular practice of mudras also helpful in balancing the ‘5 Prana Vayus – the vital energy’ in the body. Prana energizes the nervous system and calms down that overactive stimulus which causes headaches.

    Healing power of mudras comes from the presence of acupuncture points on the surface of hands connected with various body parts.

    In case of headache, these 5 hand mudra will bring head region in light and all awareness of subtle body redirected to the affected area. Therefore, one can easily overcome the headache.

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    1. Mahasirs Mudra

    mahasirs mudra for headache
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    Mahasirs mudra is also called the ‘Great Head‘ mudra. It helps in stabilizing the congested energy.


    Emotional stress and tension accumulate the energy in the head which becomes excess to stay normal with. Practicing Mahasirsa mudra distributes the piled up energy throughout the body results in the soothing and calming effect overhead.

    To do Mahasirs Mudra,

    • Sit in cross-legged comfortable pose Sukhasana (easy pose), Padmasana (lotus pose), etc.
    • Now, touch the index, middle, and thumb finger to each other and bring down the ring finger to touch the folds of the thumb while extending the little finger. Focus on deep breathing as well.
    • Practice 20 to 25 minutes, two or three times a day.

    Mahsirs mudra helps in balances those earth elements due to which the body is suffering in whatever way. Hence, it cures the headache. This mudra also helps in sinus problems.

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    2. Prana Mudra

    prana mudra for headache
    Source: canva

    The Prana is derived from the Sanskrit, which means ‘Life-force’. Lack of Prana can cause headaches. Prana Mudra regulates the flow of prana in the body.

    Prana mudra involves the joining of the seat of earth, water and fire elements of the body. Practicing this mudra stimulates and balances the respective elements concerned with various health-related problems responsible for headaches.

    To do Prana Mudra,

    • Begin with sitting in any comfortable cross-legged pose Padmasana (lotus pose), Sukhasana (easy pose).
    • Now fold your index and little finger and touch on the tip of the thumb. Placing all the three together and extend the rest two fingers.
    • Focus on deep breathing and sense the flow of energy throughout the body.

    Prana mudra also unblocks the energy channels and open root chakra if practiced in an appropriate manner. It further improves vitality.

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    3. Sahasrara Mudra

    Sahasrara term refers to the seventh chakra that sits at the top of the head.

    Practing sahasrara mudra affects the crown chakra.

    A person finds himself isolated or emotionally hollow if his/her Sahasrara chakra is blocked, which results in psychological disorder that leads to overthinking and anxiety. Combine effects of overthinking & anxiety causes the condition of headache and migraine.

    To do Sahasrara Mudra,

    • Come into comfortable seated yoga pose Sukhasana (Easy Pose), Padmasana (lotus pose).
    • Now fold your hands right in front of the chest. Entangled your fingers except for little finger, let it be straight.
    • Now focus on deep breathing and keep on repeating the following affirmation in your mind. ” Oh! universe bless me with your divine energy”
    • Practice it for 30 to 40 minutes daily.

    Sahasrara mudra helps in unblocking the crown chakra, which is concerned with the cosmos elements. It lifts you to the higher state that sets your soul free in the realm of the universe. You become enthralling all worries and stress disappear from life.

    4. Trimukha Mudra

    trimukha mudra for headache
    Source: bharataashtangayogamysore

    Trimukha Mudra is also known as three-faced mudra. It is performed by joining both hands.

    This mudra involves the union of the little, ring, and middle finger which is the seat of water, earth, and space elements, respectively.

    Practicing Trimukhi Mudra balances associated elements. It provides a deep focus and great concentration as a benefit to the practitioner, which further eradicates the Headache problem.

    To do Trimukha Mudra,

    • First of all come into cross-legged seated posture Padmasana (lotus pose), Sukhasana (easy pose).
    • Now, bring your both hands together and touch the tip of the little, ring, and middle finger with each other.
    • Spread apart index finger and thumb. Hold the pose.
    • Practice this mudra every day about 20 to 30 minutes.

    Trimukha Mudra also helps in memory improvement, spiritual health, and self-improvement, respectively.

    5. Gyan Mudra

    gyan mudra for weight loss
    Source: canva

    In Gyan Mudra, Gyan means ‘knowledge’ and mudra means ‘Gesture or seal’. It is also known as ‘Vayu vardhak Mudra’ (air element enhancer). An increase in air element helps in harnessing brainpower and cure headaches.

    Practitioners with the condition of disturbed mental state, stress, tension, headache, migraine, etc can get relief on the regular practice of this mudra. Gyana Mudra stimulates the root chakra, which gives the feeling of groundedness and encourages stress-free feeling.

    To do Gyan Mudra,

    • Begin any comfortable asana Svastikasana (sitting cross-legged), Padmasana (lotus pose).
    • Now, place your hand on your thighs. Fold index finger and touch it to the tip of the thumb finger. Hold the position while focusing on deep breathing.
    • Practice this mudra for 20 to 30 minutes daily for the optimum benefits.

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