Mahasirs Mudra (Hand Gesture for Migraine): Meaning, How to Do, Benefits

Mahasirs Mudra

Mahasirs mudra is a practice that will save you a lot of bucks that you spend on your painkillers.

Either you are suffering from sinus, recurring migraines, or regular eye strain, you can always count on this reliable and relieving gesture called Mahasirs mudra.

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    The Mahasirs hand gesture is very simple to perform; join the tips of the thumb, index, and middle fingers and bend the ring finger towards the thumb’s base. Let only the little finger extend freely.

    Get to know all the relieving effects of Mahasirs mudra and the mechanism behind it by hanging on this post for a while.


    Mahasirs Mudra Meaning

    Have a look into the etymology of the name given to this mudra, it is composed of the following root terms:

    • “Maha” refers to “great”
    • “Siris” means “head”
    • “Mudra” is “gesture or seal”

    Mahasirs mudra has relieving effects on the head region, be it for the ache or the tensions; hence the name. It is translated as “Gesture of the Great Head.”

    Terminate all the reasons for your headache by performing this easy hasta mudra.

    The given post is prepared as a practice guide for Mahasirs Mudra for everyone out there who finds themselves with a heavy head at times.


    Mahasirs Mudra Procedure

    • Sit in a comfortable meditative position or on a chair.
    • Loosen up your shoulder and relax the whole body taking a deep breath in and exhaling out.
    • Place your hands on your thighs with palms facing up.
    • Bring the tips of thumb, index, and middle fingers together pointing upward.
    • Curl the ring finger towards the base of the thumb.
    • Extend the little finger towards the ceiling.
    • Assume this gesture on both hands.
    • Inhale deeply filling the air into the belly then exhale out.
    • Observe the rise and fall of the belly.
    • Practice it for six minutes and then relax for a while.

    Duration of Mahasirs mudra

    • It is recommended to practice this mudra for 6 minutes in one sitting. If one having a severe headache, then it can be performed three to six times a day.
    • Mahasirs mudra is considered best to perform at the end of alternate nostril breathing or anulom vilom pranayama. It will clear out your sinuses.
    • Practice it whenever you feel like or during the headaches.

    Working of Mahasirs mudra

    Headaches are quite common health condition experienced by everyone regardless of their age and gender. Ayurveda considers Vata and Pitta (two of the doshas) as the root causes of headaches.

    Each dosha is associated with one or two of the Panchatattvas (five elements) of the body. Hence, Vata includes air and ether elements. while the fire and water, elements form Pitta.

    Mahasirs mudra relieves the practitioner by balancing and regulating the doshas-panch tattvas amalgamation.

    • It is a hand gesture performed by joining and curling the fingers which are representatives of five elements.
    • In this mudra, the index (air) and middle finger (ether) are joined with the thumb (fire).
    • Though air and ether could not be set on fire still these elements of combining with fire get warmed up and calms down.
    • Therefore, in case of a headache arising from a cold, Mahasirs mudra comes in handy.

    Another reason for a headache could be overstimulation and too much fire.

    • Holding Mahasirs mudra, the ring finger (earth) is bend over the thumb’s base (fire).
    • This produces a grounding effect on the base of the fire.
    • Also, the little finger (water) is extended which shows the water flowing through the body during the entire practice.
    • It gives a cooling and calming effect on the head transforming its heaviness to ease and comfort.

    Variation for relieving tension

    Mahasirs mudra can also be performed by altering the hand position from thighs.

    • Here, the hands with the same finger positions are kept in a way that the fingertips touch the ground.
    • It brings a sense of grounding, harmony, and reassurance. This helps in relieving day-to-day tensions and stress-producing a piercing headache.
    • Another slight variation could be assumed by performing touching the hands by the side.
    • One can also perform Mahasirs mudra while lying down in a bed or wherever comfortable.

    Benefits of Mahasirs Mudra

    1. Cures sinus issues – According to Ayurveda, the sinus is mainly due to an imbalance between Vata and Kapha doshas in the body. Holding Mahasirs mudra brings a balance between Vata and Kapha. It helps in getting rid of mucous congestion, hence, leaves curing effects on sinus problems.

    2. Relieves eye strain – By relieving mental issues like stress, this mudra relaxes the brain and nerves towards the eyes. It gives a soothing effect to the practitioner’s eye muscles especially when this mudra practiced during a meditation session.

    3. Improves concentration – Mahasirs mudra induces clarity in the mind and the ability to focus improves. This ultimately helps in reaching the meditative state.

    4. Alleviates temporomandibular disorder – Due to the headaches arising from mental stress a physical tension builds around the face, jaw, and eyes. Mahasirs mudra relaxes the temporomandibular joint that connects the lower jaw with the skull. Thus, it is beneficial in mitigating temporomandibular joint disorder.


    Stay no more tensed due to your headaches or the other way round by this stress-relieving practice of Mahasirs mudra.

    Pick out any time of the day to spend a few minutes for Mahasiris mudra and enjoy its therapeutic and relaxing effects.


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