Concept of Kundalini Awakening: Techniques & Dangers [Complete Beginners Guide]

kundalini shakti awakening

Blossomed kundalini shakti awakens at the base of the spine. Image Source: Shutterstock

Old achievements of our saints and yogis are still nourishing our vision to vitalize future generations. However, all yogic practices have one ultimate goal, which is to illumine the gem of immense potential’, called kundalini shakti, so, one can live a more conscious and high spiritual life.

In order to hear the unheard, to see the unseen and to reveal the unsolved, one has to offer himself/herself physically, mentally and spiritually on a path that leads to the ultimate reality’. However, it would not be easy to keep yourself focused throughout the journey but your urges to experience awakened’ keep you connected.

What Is Kundalini Shakti?

Kundalini shakti is a sacred spiritual energy that resides in the spine base of every individual. However, it is believed to be known with various names across the world chi, the energy of love, the energy of awareness, etc. Kundalini is the subtlest of every form of energy.

However, it remains dormant or inactive in every person until he/she lives a normal life. Kundalini energy is responsible for governing the activities and behavior of an unawakened person at a low level. As it begins to find its ascending path, this energy influence the person with its spiritual aura to uplift the dimensions of the physical, emotional and mental realm.

In today’s era, people are dwell in the illusion of sensual or sexual pleasure due to a lack of awareness regarding spiritual practice and their inner world. They are still untouched of the divine experience or influence, which is much more than pleasurable than former.

In yogic literature it’s said:

Man is a microcosm or kshudra bhramand, he has everything in himself.
Kundalini shakti is the linkage between the microcosm and macrocosm or ultimate reality or spiritually awakened state of being.

The concept of Shakti & its awakening can easily be understood through the yogic approach of union with Shiva. Kundalini in its way to Shiva opens the third eye of a being.

Shiva and Shakti: Third Eye View

Shiva symbolizes the masculine side or consciousness and Shakti symbolizes the feminine side or the change, activating power, energy. Both are like each side of the coin.

  • Shakti (kundalini shakti) represents the maternal principle or change or movement or Prakriti. Whether take an animal or human into consideration, the mother offers equally to provide food, security, love, care, nourishment, etc.
  • While shiva represents pure consciousness, which has no desire, unchanged, limitless. The manifestation of both shiva and shakti represents the divine consciousness or the two aspects of the ultimate reality.
kundalini awakening

Kundalini piercing the highest energy center, at the top of the head. Image Source: Shutterstock

The Third Eye

The third eye is not a physical thing. However, if kundalini shakti reaches a certain peak in you, then you have a new clarity of vision or life. You will begin to see everything with a new vision or dimension. You will start to observe the normal limit of your perception. Your perception has risen beyond the physical, which is the third eye.

Among the seven chakras, third eye chakra is in the 6th place and there are three dimensions attached to it, which are named after the three different forms of shiva. These are actually experiential points in our body.

To raise a perception from the limited to the higher possibility, spiritual energy or kundalini shakti needs to be ascended.

Ascending Order of Kundalini Shakti

  1. When your shakti is dormant at the mooladhara chakra, then you are confined up to food and sleep.
  2. When it reaches swadhisthana, it makes a person a pleasure seeker.
  3. Halt at Manipura turn a person into an achiever or defined by his/her actions.
  4. Creative and artistic qualities flourish on reaching kundalini shakti at Anahata.
  5. Vishuddha activation is concerned with the power and capacity to accomplish a particular task.
  6. However, at agna or third eye position, kundalini shakti offers you with a clarity of vision and intellectually realized state.

Now, you have touched a point where life cannot disturb you. Till here, you are not ecstatic or awakened but you have stability in your life. From ajna to Sahasrara (6th to 7th), there is no way, it’s a pathless path. This is the reason that lots of people are discussing peace and all because they reached till here and they don’t know what’s beyond.

If your kundalini energy touched the Sahasrara you will become awakened for no reason. Therefore, the third eye is something that gives you total clarity about the life process or life as an entity.

How to Know If You’re Awakened or Not?

kundalini awakening symptoms

Kundalini begins illuminating at spine base when it comes to awakening. Image Source: Shutterstock

Sometimes our mind mimics the probable behavior and insists us imitate that we are awakened. However, kundalini awakening is the subtlest in itself.

You can figure out about your state of being awakened or not, by experiencing some unexperienced experiences. Was it confusing? well! kundalini awakening could be more than that if you are not aware of the exact symptoms.

Following are some of the common symptoms considered from the awakened souls:

  • Experiencing the divine Anahata sound and the divine vision between the eyes or at the third eye spot, while meditation.
  • Getting instructed by god directly in subtle sound or frequencies. This indicates the kundalini shakti has been awakened.
  • Involuntarily activation of the body’s bandhas signifies the awakening.
  • When you are able to control your breath without any effort or when kevala kumbhaka comes into action without exertion. This simply represents the active kundalini shakti.
  • When there is no desire for anything, when there are no thoughts of the world in the mind, when there is only bliss, now you have reached the stage of self-realization.
  • Kundalini awakening makes you feel the vibration of prana and electric jerks across the body, this represents it has become active.
  • When you utter ‘OM’ just once and it begins to repeat in your subconscious mind without any effort of coordination of brain, tongue and concerned reflexes. It is the ultimate reality.

Kundalini Awakening Techniques & Stages

Kundalini yoga is a science of focusing upon different kriyas & practice which stimulate kundalini. Apart from this, there are many books and authorities that claim to free up that divine energy without any effort. However, the concept of kundalini awakening is even deeper and subtler than their claims.

A common analogy to understand Kundalini awakening is:

kundalini energy is like the thousands of gallons of stored water in a dam and a normal person is like the limited boundary river. However, if the dam loses its water, the river will simply overflow and cause the destruction of life and property in its vicinity. So, it is necessary to increase the volume or boundary or capacity of the river in order to avoid such mishappening. Similarly, before the kundalini awakening, a person must be capable to digest the enormous bolus of energy by reaching a certain point with the help of appropriate techniques. So, it won’t cause any harm to the practitioner.

Awakening of kundalini energy can only be done under the guidance of the pre-awakened guru (teacher). By proper participation in the following practices or techniques via some stages, one can unlock his/her kundalini energy.

1. By the Practice of Breathing Exercises

benefits of pranayama

By focused and control breathing or pranayama, one can get the optimum result. Kundalini sits at the base of the spine in the mooladhara chakra. So, tapping over the head of the sacred serpent is necessary to crawl it to the further stages of chakras.

It involves inhalation from the left nostril by closing the right one while uttering OM three times within and retention up to the twelve OM utterance. Imagine as if your breath is traveling & touching the mooladhara.  Now, exhale from the right nostrils while repeating the same sequence of uttering OM.

This balances the Ida and Pingala Nadis and ultimately balances the prime one, Sushumna. Mooladhara chakra is the originating point of Sushumna, which becomes activated as pranas flow in the Sushumna.

2. By the Practice of Asana (Physical Postures)

Asana practice is not only limited to treat the bodily ailment, posture correction, but it is rather concerned with the mild awakening of the kundalini shakti.

Yogic posture seeks to awaken the spiritual energy through these three ways:

The number of asanas strengthens or tones up the nervous system, which further comes under the control of the practitioner. This makes the base of the spine or mooladhara heat up and regulate the flow of kundalini energy to the ascending chakras. Therefore, it aids in the awakening of the kundalini shakti.

3. Chanting of Seed Mantras

sama vritti pranayama benefits

Image Source: Shutterstock

Another approach to light up your kundalini is to chant mantras. Beej or seed or the origin mantras are the sacred sound with a particular frequency, which on utterance creates a wave of currents throughout the body.

However, it reverberates the subtle junction of Nadis or chakras in the body. Every chakra has its beej mantra which on resonance with the floating frequency of the universe affects the consciousness at a subtle level. This activates the concerned chakra with a suitable sound or frequency.

LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, OM, and OM are the beej mantras from Mooladhara to the Sahasrara chakra. Their conscientious chanting results in the activation, awakening and rising up of the sacred kundalini energy.

4. By Adopting a Sattvic Diet

Diet has an important role in developing sattva guna & hence, in maintaining peace between our mind and body. We become what we eat. On the awakening of the kundalini, the body experiences some physiological changes, which results in depression, disturb digestion, lack of hunger, etc.

It has been found that kundalini awakening is followed by the drastic alteration of body temperature internally as well as externally. Temperature falls beyond the normal body temperature, which slows down the metabolism and consumption of oxygen has been also decreased. This insists a practitioner feed on a light food.

Food such as wheat, rice, barley, milk, cheese, butter, Badam (almonds), green dal (moong dal), Kismis (raisins). Vegetables like lowki calabash gourd), parwal (pointed gourd), bhindi (lady’s finger), plantin stem, etc.

Fruits like apple, grapes, mangoes, banana, oranges, pomegranate, etc and dates, honey, dried ginger, black pepper, etc.

5. Emulating Vairagya (Non-attachment)

Vairagya or non-attachment is one of the essential steps on the ladder to awaken kundalini. Liberation and a feeling of oneness lead one to the vairagya. Leave behind the bondage and linkage, as everything is Maya or illusion ceasing to reach the absolute reality.

  • The worldly mindset with desires and passion remains in the mooladhara & swadhishthana chakra.
  • As one becomes unconscious against the illusive possessions becomes purified and ascends to the Manipura chakra of joy.
  • On further purification of the mind by expulsion thoughts, one reaches to the Anahata to experiences the blissfulness.
  • Intense meditation & surrender makes the one highly purified to experience more and more spiritually high, at vishuddha.
  • State of samadhi or supreme self is attained on reaching Ajna chakra, between the eyebrows.
  • Final and most awaited chakra of thousand-petalled or Sahasrara opens the door of Nirvikalpa Samadhi or superconsciousness or awakened state of a practitioner. Here, sadhaka (practitioner) unites with the shiva.

Therefore, vairagya lead us to the state of self-realization or kundalini awakening.

After Kundalini Awakens: Positive vs. Negative Sides

Energy from any source or intensity can never remain still anywhere. However, it is going to influence its surroundings to prove its nature (transform from one state to another).

Similarly, kundalini awakening brings an outburst of energy within ourselves. You cannot cease it from causing a certain change in your physical, mental and spiritual state of being.

However, some of the points regarding the awakening come into the limelight on observing closely.

Positive Changes

  • Kundalini energy transforms our perception of seeing the world. It develops an advance sense of spiritual state and high intellectual vision, which is far beyond the imagination of a normal person.
  • Our body has a psychic pool of energy, which remains empty in an unawakened state of being. Kundalini’s awakening drastically upgrades the psychic pool to add more power at a subtle level.
  • Nearer surrounding is filled with the numerous types of frequencies and wavelengths, to which a normal person is unable to encounter. Reaching of kundalini at Ajna or third eye chakra made it possible to interact with those alienated entities.
  • Kundalini harnesses the creative aspects of an individual and enrolls him/her in the artistic and creative work. This begins to happen as it reaches the Anahata chakra.


  • Kundalini’s outburst is enormous in the sense of experiences. That feminine goddess overpowers the physical, mental and emotional machinery of being. However, the person has no control over himself/herself in a broadway. This induces a little bit of crazy behavior.
  • Normal people will never able to ascend the kundalini towards their head, due to their impure way of living and exploitation of their body in the name of sex, desire, taste, materialistic things and much more. Even if they somehow awakened, then a sudden sign of impurity might leave a devastating effect on them for their entire life.
  • Due to the attainment of the supreme consciousness, awakened people usually appreciate spending their livelihood in the solitary. They don’t crave to live in a community as normal people do.
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