Chakra Healing: How To Open Your Heart Chakra?

heart chakra healing

The heart chakra, or Anahata, is the fourth chakra located in the centre of the chest. This energy centre in our body is the seat of unconditional love and emotional expression. Healing the heart chakra opens up your heart for this unconditional love. You become more accepting and more likely to make emotional bonds with people.

Heart chakra healing ensures wisdom and emotional growth. 

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    How to know your heart chakra is unbalanced and need healing?

    An unbalanced heart chakra finds it difficult to express love. The person with unbalanced chakra is either too sensitive or does not have any empathy at all. The mind is flooded with negative emotions.

    When your heart centre is lacking energy (in the form of love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness), it’s called an underactive heart chakra or blocked heart chakra. However, an overactive heart chakra is dependent on others for emotional stability. 


    Emotional Symptoms of a blocked heart chakra are;

    • Loneliness 
    • Lack of empathy 
    • Unable to forgive 
    • self-hate

    When heart chakra is overactive, it may show unbalanced symptoms in the form of;

    • Asthma 
    • Chronic heart disease 
    • Lung ailments
    • Breast cancer Loving to the point of suffocation 
    • Clinging 
    • Over sacrificing 
    • Demanding 

    Benefits of Healing Your Heart Chakra 

    The heart chakra explores the compassionate side of an individual. Healing your heart chakra will make you more optimistic. You will start believing in your potential and aspirations.

    Heart chakra healing can benefit you in the following ways; 

    • It will foster a forgiving nature 
    • Promote optimism 
    • You feel satisfied 
    • You will have a peaceful mind 
    • You will be self-aware
    • You will be able to see the good in all 

    10 Ways to Open your Heart Chakra 

    If you’re experiencing the symptoms of the blocked heart chakra, there are many ways to heal the imbalance.

    By going through these exercises, you can boost your self-knowledge and replenish your emotional resources to heal the heart chakra.

    1. Feel the Air 

    feel the air

    The heart chakra is associated with the natural element air. Air is an expression of positivity and clarity. It is one of the most essential elements for human existence. A good air balance in the body ensures a healing heart chakra. 

    Mindful breathing reduces blood pressure, relaxes the mind, relieves anxiety thus balances the flow of Prana in the heart. Fuller breathing is your road to a balanced heart chakra. Meditation, taking an early morning walk and mindful breathing at all times can ensure a healthy air volume in the body. 

    2. Include More of the Green Colour in Your Life 

    heart or anahata chakra

    Each of the 7 chakras has one unique colour. The frequencies of these colours match the frequencies of the chakras. The colours resonate with the chakras and stabilize them.

    The colour associated with the heart chakra is green. Green is the colour of safety. It represents comfort and compassion. The colour is fresh, calm and serene. Love and compassion promote kindness. The green colour promotes kindness in our hearts and heals the heart chakra. It opens the heart for all and is sensitive towards all.

    You can come in contact with green in your everyday life by activities gardening, trek to the jungle or taking a stroll in your garden. You can also wear natural green fabrics clothes of silk and cotton. Green gems can be added to your accessories and jewellery to foster positivity. You can also heal your heart chakra by painting your walls green and buying decorative items green in colour.

    3. Eat Green Vegetables 

    eat green veg for heart chakra

    For healing, all chakras need energy from food to sustain themselves. Food is nutritious. It provides energy for activities and keeps one warm. The heart chakra is associated with leafy green vegetables.

    Green foods are sometimes called “superfoods”. They are filled with nutrition. Leafy green foods heal the heart chakra by regulating blood pressure, assuring bone density and activating positive thoughts.

    Although green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and asparagus can be cooked independently, you can also make healthy green dishes. Green hummus, spring soup, and other dishes like Pea Dip can help in opening the heart chakra. Green smoothies can also heal the heart chakra. They prevent chronic heart diseases and ensure low cholesterol.  

    3. Use Gemstones to Heal your Heart Chakra 

    how to use heart chakra stones

    Gemstones are valuable positive crystals that are used to heal the seven chakras. The heart chakra stones are mostly associated with green colour. Green stones help one express their thoughts and bring physical, mental and emotional balance.

    The vibrations of the green crystals resonate with the heart chakra. Emerald, also called the “stone of successful love”, is the best stone for heart chakra healing. It enhances loyalty and ensures unconditional love.

    Green Aventurine is another heart chakra healing stone that promotes harmony and ensures peace. Gemstones bring positivity, peaceful thought and improve relationships. Green Jade, Amazonite and Malachite are good options for healing the heart chakra.

    Gemstones can be used for decorations as well, held in fists during meditation or can also be worn as jewellery items. Keeping gemstones around can heal the heart chakra. Gifting heart chakra gemstones can be seen as an act of spreading love.

    6. Apply Essential Oils

    Essential oils are valuable plant extracts used in aromatherapy.

    Apart from simply applying essential oils to the respective chakra place, for the heart chakra, it’s inhaled using a diffuser. Since air is the element of this chakra, the healing effect of essential oils on the chakra is exceptional. When inhaled, they stimulate mental relaxation and heal the heart chakra.

    Heart chakra healing essential oils promotes love and compassion for self and others. Their aroma makes us fight our insecurities. Lavender essential oil controls overactive heart chakra and provides a calming effect. Palma Rossa essential oil opens the heart chakra and gives a healing aroma. Rose oil generates love, compassion and gentleness. Essential oils like Pine, Cypress and Jasmine also promote loyalty and heal the heart chakra.

    To heal your heart chakra, use essential oils in your sanitary essentials like shampoos and soaps. Add essential oils to your hair and body oils. You can burn them at your place and inhale the healing aroma emitted by them.

    7. Meditate with “YAM” Seed Mantra 

    how to do dhyana mudra practice
    The person meditating in Bhairava Mudra. Image Source: Canva

    Meditation is a great way to connect with your inner-self. A silent conversation with oneself can bring past experiences to light. It can bring you closer to yourself and thus helps in the healing heart chakra.

    When we close eyes in mediation, many past instances and unwanted thoughts may rush into our head. Facing and accepting them will infuse compassion in the heart. The heart chakra is vulnerable and needs someone to confide in. Letting out your deep buried fears opens the heart. It infills strength and heals the heart chakra.

    Choose a well-ventilated location to meditate. Sit down on the floor, straighten your back and make a hand mudra for heart chakra balancing. Close your eyes. Visualize your heart chakra at the centre of your chest illuminating in green colour. You might feel strong emotions – negative or positive – creeping up. Allow them to flow in, accept them and feel your heart chakra heal.

    Chant the bija mantra “YAM” repeatedly. “YAM” bija mantra is the single syllable sound associated with the heart chakra. The vibrations from “YAM” resonate with the heart chakra and heal its frequency. Chant this mantra in your natural pitch. Using a higher or a lower pitch will change the frequency. The chakras resonate only on their specific frequencies.

    To enhance the output from meditation, listen to heart chakra healing music. You can choose to play any music on the musical note F. However, the best music is healing music specially designed for healing chakras.

    Herat chakra healing meditation music ?

    8. Practice Heart Opening and Back Bend Yoga poses 

    Heart opening and backbend yoga poses are great exercises for healing physical and emotional blockage of the heart chakra.

    Yoga poses for heart work on flexibility and better posture by strengthening the muscles in the back of your body. They build up muscles around the chest. Exercising your chest muscles regularly can improve your upper body strength, as well as benefit in opening the heart.

    Some examples of heart-opening yoga poses are;

    Backbend yoga poses can release emotions stored in our subconscious mind. They help you cope up with fear, anger and insecurities. Backbend poses like locust pose and bridge pose encourage love and compassion in our hearts and heal the heart chakra.

    Pranayama also assists in heart chakra healing as it improves respiration and blood circulation in the body. Some pranayama breathing exercises help in increasing the oxygen intake in the body and heal the heart chakra. Air is the element of the heart chakra thus enhanced respiration heals the heart chakra.

    8. Love yourself and express your love to people

    Love Yoga Quote - You only get one body

    Love is the core characteristic of the heart chakra. You cannot open up to the world until you accept your own self. Loving yourself is the act of accepting oneself. It is the virtue of being able to forgive and look forward to a better tomorrow.

    An understanding bond with oneself is the best way to heal your heart chakra. Expressing self-love promotes emotional well-being. You can journal your emotions and keep them safe. It is like confessing to yourself. It helps promote a sense of security with oneself.

    Expressing your love to others is another way to open up your heart chakra for new possibilities. By expressing your love to others you are telling them that they mean something to you. It is like telling them that you are thankful that they are a part of your life. Healing your heart chakra will bring people close. 

    9. Say heart chakra affirmations

    heart chakra affirmations

    Chakra affirmations are phrases that help overcome insecurities associated with the respective chakra.

    You can remove the blockage of your heart chakra by using affirmations that radiate love and compassion. Heart chakra healing affirmations are positive and highly reassuring. 

    Some affirmations aiming at healing the heart chakra can be; 

    • “I love myself”
    • “Stay positive”
    • “I am worthy of love”
    • “I forgive”
    • “I love everyone”
    • “I love my life as it is”

    Affirmations can be anything that brings peace to your heart. They don’t have to be the ones suggested on the internet. If you feel a sentence brings immense joy and love to your heart, you can use it to affirm yourself. 


    The hear chakra is the chakra of love. Healing your heart chakra brings satisfaction. It cherishes closeness. You can heal your heart chakra by regularly meditating and opening your heart. Expression of love is also very important for healing your heart chakra. Compassion for others shows that you care. Thus be loving and compassionate towards others to heal your heart chakra.

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