9 Heart Chakra Stones and Crystals for Love, Forgiveness & Empathy

heart chakra stones

The fourth chakra, known as the Heart Chakra is one of the chakras where we experience some of the strongest emotions. The feelings of love, admiration, compassion, forgiveness, empathy reside here. It is located at the centre of the chest and is called Anahata in Sanskrit.

Heart chakra acts as a bridge that connects the lower three matter chakras to the upper three spiritual chakras. It is represented by the soothing green color as it is symbolic of the harmony and balance of our emotions. The sense of being part of something larger and unconditional love for all relations in your life is realized here.

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    Heart chakra healing using stones & crystals

    Heart chakra stones and crystals will help you live a healthy and happy life filled with love and compassion. The powerful and gentle vibration of the stones helps in stimulating the heart centre and release any blockages in the emotions. This allows the feelings of forgiveness and empathy to flow easily.

    We often create walls when we undergo any traumatic or emotional experience to shield us from any unwanted drama or heartaches. The healing power of crystals helps in relieving these unwarranted fears and makes us capable of giving and receiving love.


    Some stones & crystals can cleanse your heart, reviving your energy and giving vigour by removing negative feelings like jealousy or anger. It will restore your sense of self-awareness and make you connected to the world around you on a deeper level.

    What stones are good for heart chakra healing?

    how to use heart chakra stones

    Heart chakra is represented by green color and associated with the air element, hence stones and crystals with various shades of green are good for healing the heart chakra. Moreover, Pink stones also resonate with the heart chakra which promotes love.

    While the green stones bring harmony, growth, balance, openness, and new opportunities in life, the pink stones help in stimulating blocked heart chakra.

    Pink stones provide feelings of caring, self-worth, acceptance and love in relationships. It naturally represents purity and innocence of heart. Therefore a person with a blocked heart chakra, feeling loneliness, lack of empathy, and shyness can use pink stones for healing chakra.


    The stones and crystals that help with the healing and balancing of the heart chakra have been listed in this article to help you select one as per your need and requirements. 

    1. Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz
    • Focus – love, peace, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, relationship, cleansing, confidence
    • Color – pink
    • Known as – Stone of Unconditional Love, Heart Stone

    Rose Quartz has the uniqueness of being the most important stone to heal the heart chakra. It has gentle feminine energy which promotes love, compassion, nurturing, unconditional love, and gentleness in our lives.

    This beautiful heart stone purifies the heart chakra and deepens a relationship by opening the heart to all forms of love. The soothing energy of this stone enhances the feelings of forgiveness, empathy, trust, and self-acceptance.

    You can use this stone if you are going through emotional trauma or grief that you have experienced in the past. It will soothe your heart of any guilt. By acting as a detoxification tool, you can let go of any fear, resentment, anger, and overcome controlling behaviours.

    Physically, it supports keeping the heart healthy and a balanced circulatory system.

    2. Green Jade

    Green Jade
    • Focus – love, wisdom, protection, prosperity, good luck, peace, compassion, self-esteem, confidence
    • Color – green
    • Known as – Dream Stone and Stone of Fidelity

    The green color of this type of Jade is closely associated with purity and serenity. Green jade cleanses and balances the heart chakra, helping you discover your true self by boosting your self-esteem and confidence. It not only helps in improving relationships but is also used for protection. 

    Moreover, this stone converts negative energy into positive thus bringing joy and happiness in your life and enhancing wisdom, love, and compassion. The stone also improves your relationships by making you loyal and trustworthy in your relationship and brings luck to your friendships.

    This wonderful green stone is ideal for nurturing new ideas by soothing the mind and cleansing the heart chakra of negative thoughts and emotions.

    How to use – Place a stone under your pillow to attract luck in your relationships.

    3. Green Aventurine

    Green Aventurine
    • Focus – good luck, optimism, happiness, positivity, harmony, optimism, hope, emotional balance
    • Color – green
    • Known as – Stone of Opportunity

    This beautiful stone promotes harmony and is strongly associated with nature. It is a protective stone that shields your aura from any negative energy and emotions from people or the environment.

    With the help of its gentle and soft vibrations, it soothes any friction or negativity in a relationship by making you aware of unhealthy patterns and behaviours. Green Aventurine activates the heart chakra thereby enhances empathy, perseverance, and compassion. You can wear this stone bracelet or jewellery to heal your heart chakra from any blockages and attract romantic luck!

    It acts as an emotional healer that can calm and stabilize your mind and let go of anger. The positive energy from this stone will help you blossom and grow in life.

    How to use – In today’s hectic lifestyle, use this stone during meditation to help you relax and stay calm.

    4. Rhodochrosite

    • Focus – compassion, self-love, emotional release, forgiveness, renewal, self-esteem, relationships
    • Color – pink, orange
    • Known as – Inner Child Stone, Stone of the Compassionate Heart

    Just like any other heart chakra stone, it helps deal with past emotional traumas and wounds. By working as a deep cleanser for the heart chakra blockage, Rhodochrosite removes feelings of self-doubt and criticism and will instill self-confidence and self-love.

    With its powerful emotional healing and emotional releasing abilities, it enhances compassion, positivity, forgiveness, and empathy. It is also an ideal stone for healthy relationships as it encourages selfless and unconditional love.

    Moreover, it is an ideal stone to reconnect with long-lost friends or any loved one. Its vibration helps you feel a spark within yourself and inculcates joy, happiness, vigour, enthusiasm, playfulness, and love in your life.

    How to use – If you wish to reconnect with an old friend or a family member, place this stone near their picture.

    5. Amazonite

    • Focus – meditation, empathy, compassion, self-love, mental clarity, harmonious relationships, electromagnetic pollution
    • Color – light green, blue-green
    • Known as – Stone of Hope and Courage

    One of the most unique qualities of Amazonite stone is that it clears any electromagnetic fog from your aura. This means this stone will be beneficial for people who constantly work on computers or any other electrical gadgets. The energy filtering property of this stone also helps in bringing clarity of mind and balances your masculine and feminine energies.

    The stone clears any blockages in the heart chakra and promotes honest communication and love in a relationship. Amazonite takes you on a journey of self-discovery and self-love by boosting your confidence and calmness of mind.

    If you are suffering from emotional trauma or have fears, it will help in improving your emotional responses and setting up healthy boundaries for your relationships. This stone stimulates the heart chakra thereby encouraging compassion, empathy, and self-awareness. It also aids in recovery from any bone or metabolic problems.

    6. Rhodonite

    • Focus – self-love, relationships, emotional pain, compassion, self-confidence, optimism, focus, concentration
    • Color – pink, rose-pink to brown-red, red
    • Known as – Stone of Self Love and Unconditional Love

    If you are facing extreme trouble or are going through a rough patch in your relationship, Rhodonite is the best healing stone for your heart chakra. It helps you in looking at both sides of a coin and aids in healing your heartaches and scars. This prompts you to restore and heal your heart and soul. In other words, it effectively works as a first-aid!

    You will experience joy, happiness, harmony, and passion in your life as it is a great emotional balancer. It enhances self-love, self-esteem, and confidence along with encouraging forgiveness for others as well as yourself. It is one of the go-to stones for counsellors to bring honesty in speech if you feel stuck in a relationship. 

    Rhodonite is also called a Rescue Stone as it helps in healing your heart chakra by removing any bitterness for yourself and others. You will be able to discover your passions and see yourself in a new light

    How to use – Rhodonite can be worn as a broch or elongated necklace to keep in close contact with the heart.

    7. Emerald

    • Focus – self-love, relationships, fertility, good luck, stress and anxiety, wealth and prosperity
    • Color – green, green-blue, yellow-green
    • Known as – Stone of Successful Love

    The green energy of this crystal can bring forth a balance in your relationships, by enhancing loyalty and unconditional love. Alternatively called Stone of Prophecy, it can instill wisdom in a person. 

    It also assists in overcoming the effects of negative energy by converting them into positive energy. Emerald is a brilliant choice for healing your wounded heart and fills it with compassion and love. The crystal brings a healthy emotional, physical and mental balance by opening your heart chakra.

    The crystal promotes mental clarity and attracts good fortune and prosperity. One of the unique qualities of emerald is if you find it changing its color, it means that it is detecting unfaithfulness!

    How to use – Emerald is quite often used as jewellery. You can wear an emerald ring on your ring or little finger. 

    8. Prehnite

    • Focus – peace, protection, compassion, connection with nature, spirituality, calm, and serenity 
    • Color – green, yellow
    • Known as – Stone of Unconditional Love and Healing

    Prehnite is one of the favourite stones for energy healers as it is known to connect with the Archangel Raphael. In other words, it is a great stone if you want to transform spiritually as it will help with your connection to the cosmic forces.

    This stone is used to heal both the heart and the solar plexus chakra, which means you will not only benefit by releasing any emotional blockage but also be one with nature. This will also help in bringing a sense of peace, serenity, and protection.

    It is rightfully called the Stone of Unconditional Love as it helps in enhancing your romantic and friendly relationships. Prehnite helps in calming any unnecessary worries and deep fears, which will further help in decluttering your emotions.

    How to use – Hold the stone in your palm during meditation to get yourself spiritually connected. It can also be used as a decorative item for your home. 

    9. Malachite

    • Focus – empathy, unconditional love, electromagnetic pollution, psychic protection, aura cleansing
    • Color – shades of green
    • Known as – Stone of Transformation

    Malachite is a powerful green stone that is well known to cleanse and balance the heart chakra. A healed heart chakra will enable you to forgive and accept yourself. It is also a protective stone that helps in absorbing any negativities in your aura.

    Its stabilizing and gentle energy will help in the healthy development of your relationships. You’ll become loyal and loving. It provides a balance in your emotions and reduces any overwhelming feelings, making it the go-to stone for empaths. 

    Being called the Stone of Transformation, Malachite stone helps in letting go of your hurtful past and heartaches, allowing you to move on in life.

    How to use – You can wear it as an amulet as well as display the tumbled Malachite in your home or office space.

    How to use stones and crystals for healing heart chakra?

    • The heart chakra is located at the center of our chest, hence the best way to tap into the loving and energetic properties of the stones is by using them as jewelry. Long necklaces or brooch are an ideal form to keep them in close contact.
    • Using heart chakra crystals during meditation is another effective way to absorb their energies. Keep small stones in your palms or the larger ones around your meditation space. Place these stones and crystals on the location of the heart chakra for maximum effect.
    • Keeping them under or beside your pillow will calm your mind and balance your emotions.
    • Many stones and crystals can be used as Feng Shui by keeping them around your home or office space to keep the loving energy flowing.


    Any imbalances in your heart chakra will cause you to experience anxiety, trouble in forgiving, lack of trust, or disconnection from relations, using any one or a combination of the above stones and crystals will help in bringing your chakras in balance. The calm and soothing energies from them will instill self-love, compassion, and empathy, in you.

    A healthy heart chakra is a key to having better relationships and a better understanding of self!

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