Using Chakra Affirmations for Balancing Your Energy

Besides applying techniques of yoga and meditation for healing and balancing your chakras, saying positive affirmations are another effective way to enhance the chakra energies and keep them aligned.

And the best part of chakra affirmations is that you can recite them at any time of the day; in the morning when you’re getting ready in front of the mirror, while sitting in silent meditation, when you’re about to face a large audience, or just before sleeping. The positive vibes that you receive from saying affirmations are genuinely stress-relieving and uplifting.

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    What are Chakra Affirmations? And what is its significance in our daily life?

    Simply put, chakra affirmations are positive phrases used to cleanse, balance, and heal the blocked chakra by driving away the negative thoughts and emotions. Affirmation of a chakra contains the characteristics of its balanced state, which on reciting with full awareness bring forth those qualities into reality.

    It is no rocket science that affirmations, in general, instill positivity and confidence within yourself. A simple sentence like “I can do it” can give us the courage to overcome obstacles and stressful situations in life.



    In our daily life, the importance of affirmations can be understood from the fact that our ideas create our actions and our actions become our reality. If we continually immerse ourselves with negative thought forms, we will take steps in real life to self-sabotage, and create a painful reality.

    “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” ― Lao Tzu

    In a similar way, affirmation related to a specific chakra can help in giving a boost to the energies and work on improving the positive quality or reducing the negative quality of a chakra.

    The symptoms of blocked chakra can be specific to the chakra, however, if you’re feeling negative emotions like stress, anxiety, fear, anger, restlessness, lack of self-esteem, or any other kind of psychological or emotional imbalance, positive affirmations can aid in reducing or removing such negative energy.


    A chakra-specific affirmation will bring back the flow of energy to a balanced and healthy state.

    The science behind chakra affirmations

    There have been researches and scientific studies conducted to look into the effects of affirmations on the brain. And many of them agree that affirmations do have a positive impact. They essentially rewire our brain by inducing feel-good hormones and take us on the path to self-improvement. 

    A study published in 2015 [efn_note] Self-affirmation activates brain systems associated with self-related processing and reward and is reinforced by future orientation [/efn_note] proves the above fact. The MRI evidence in this research shows that when the participants were given positive affirmations, the reward-centres of their brains were activated. This is the part that provides pleasurable experiences when we perform an activity of our liking such as winning a medal or performing well in an exam.

    Hence, reciting affirmations for chakra balancing can greatly affect the way we think and activate our subtle energy centres. It will provide you a nudge in the right direction and thus help you in looking at yourself in a positive light!

    How to use affirmations for chakra cleansing?

    It is widely known that affirmation can be repeated when standing in front of the mirror, however, below are a few tips you can follow when saying chakra affirmations: 

    • Chant chakra affirmations for at least 3 minutes, twice a day. Start by dedicating a few minutes every day and slowly increase the time as per your comfort and availability. You can chant these affirmations as soon as you get up in the morning or when you’re preparing to sleep.
    • Each affirmation should be repeated at least 8-10 times. Each time, you should focus on the words and make yourself believe in them.
    • Self-esteem is the key for any affirmations to work so make sure your self-esteem is high while reciting affirmations. For high self esteem, look inward within yourself and be nice to yourself.
    • Make chanting affirmation your daily habit. Affirmations take time and patience to show effect, hence you should inculcate saying these chakra affirmations in your regular schedule.
    • If you do not find a mirror comfortable or saying affirmations by yourself, take help from someone. Ask them to say a chakra affirmation and you can repeat after them. 

    There is a high possibility that chakra affirmations may not work for everyone. People who have deep-rooted emotional issues or have experienced extreme traumatic situations may find it difficult to see any positivity in life. Moreover, psychological issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc may hinder this process [efn_note] Positive Self-Statements [/efn_note].

    In such cases, it is beneficial to consult an expert or a therapist to help you navigate through them while using positive affirmations as a booster.

    Affirmations for healing 7 major chakras

    Your body consists of 7 chakras and each chakra, with its specific qualities, has different positive affirmations that target those qualities.

    We have listed some of such affirmations for each chakra that you can imbibe in your daily life.

    Root Chakra Affirmations

    root chakra affirmation

    The root chakra is the 1st chakra found at the base of our spine and is considered the foundation of all chakra. It is associated with our connection to the earth.

    If your root chakra is blocked, you will feel lethargic, and feelings of anger and worry may crop up often. Apart from mental problems, physical problems like constipation, lower back pain, haemorrhoids, or menstrual cramps may also occur. 

    When balanced, you feel grounded, stable in emotions, finances, mental health, energetic, safe, sense of community, enhanced willpower and endurance, and passion. 

    To overcome root chakra blockages, you can say the following affirmations:

    1. I am deeply and safely connected to my body and the Earth.
    2. I feel the ground firmly beneath my feet.
    3. I’m open to life’s opportunities.
    4. I am committed to fulfilling my life’s purpose.
    5. I am a physical being and I value my physical body.
    6. I am at home in my own body.
    7. I have everything I need.
    8. I am at peace with the material world in which I live in.

    Sacral Chakra Affirmations

    sacral chakra affirmation

    The 2nd chakra is known as the sacral chakra and is found just below the navel area. This chakra is related to sexuality, sensuality, emotions, sociability, creativity, joy, happiness, and energy.

    An imbalance sacral chakra can cause loss of control, fear, jealousy, obsessions, disconnection, and no sexual desire.

    For sacral chakra healing, the following affirmations can be useful:

    1. I am passionate about my life.
    2. I am in touch with my feelings and emotions.
    3. I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.
    4. I use my energy for creative expression.
    5. I’m free to express my emotions in a healthy way.
    6. I value and respect my body.
    7. I belong to the universal oneness, and I create with love
    8. I am both sensitive and strong.

    Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

    solar plexus chakra affirmation

    Located above the sacral chakra around the stomach, the solar plexus chakra, aka Manipura in Sanskrit, is the 3rd chakra. This chakra is concerned with personal power.

    In case of an imbalance solar plexus chakra, you will experience hopelessness, controlling behavior, unhealthy obsessions, unclear direction of life, and resentment.

    However, a balanced chakra will enhance your determination, self-esteem, personality, mental abilities, decision-making abilities, confidence, and balanced emotions.

    To heal the solar plexus chakra, recites the below affirmations may be beneficial:

    1. My boundaries are respected and upheld.
    2. I act with courage and strength.
    3. I am confident in all that I do.
    4. I honor the power within me.
    5. I commit to my direction in life.
    6. I am open to possibilities.
    7. I am empowered to live my best life.
    8. I accept myself completely. I accept that I have strengths, and I accept that I have weaknesses.

    Heart Chakra Affirmations

    heart chakra affirmations

    As the name suggests, the heart chakra is located near the heart and is the 4th chakra of the body. This chakra resonates with unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and physical wellbeing.

    Symptoms like jealousy, antisocial behavior, guilt, shame, grudges, rejections, or any physical ailments related to the chest area point toward a blockage in the heart chakra.

    Whereas, feelings of harmony, wholeness, compassion, empathy, joy, happiness, love, wisdom, and acceptance are a result of a healed and well-balanced heart chakra.

    The following affirmations can help you achieve a healed heart chakra:

    1. I allow the love to fill me up and guide me in all my actions.
    2. I have the strength to follow my heart.
    3. I am open to giving and receiving love.
    4. I nurture my inner child.
    5. I am grateful for all my blessings.
    6. I am grateful for all challenges that helped me to transform and open up to love.
    7. I accept things as they are.
    8. I am filled with courage.

    Throat Chakra Affirmations

    throat chakra affirmations

    This 5th chakra is located near the throat and neck area and represents clear communication and self-expression.

    Confusion, embarrassment, gossiping, lying, lack of creativity, are some of the symptoms of an imbalanced throat chakra.

    A balanced chakra will give you the courage to speak the truth, self-expression, elegant speech, clarity, creative expression, clear voice, and a balance between speaking and listening.

    Some affirmation that can help clear the blockage in the throat chakra are:

    1. I am learning, and I am growing. We are all learning and growing.
    2. I listen to my own inner knowing.
    3. I trust my conviction and act on my truth.
    4. I speak with authenticity, grace, and courage.
    5. I am expressing myself with clear intent.
    6. My voice matters.
    7. I live in the truth. I communicate my truth. I am the truth.
    8. I express myself creatively through speech, writing, and art.

    Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

    third eye chakra affirmation

    The 6th chakra is located between the brows and is known as the third eye chakra. Anything that deals with intuition, clarity, spirituality, dreams, thoughts, and psychic abilities are related to this chakra.

    An imbalanced third eye chakra will cause a lack of vision, feelings of stagnation, lack of imagination and perspective, insensitivity, delusions, and sometimes hallucinations.

    On the contrary, if you keep your third eye chakra balances, you will experience increased psychic abilities, strong intuition, good memory, wisdom, mental clarity, emotional balance, spiritual knowledge, and lucid dreams.

    Third eye chakra affirmations should be saying whenever you are not busy or something requires your attention or just about any time of the day. Some affirmation that can help clear the blockage in the third eye chakra are:

    1. I am connected to the spiritual world.
    2. I am connected to the divine within.
    3. I am open to and trust the universe.
    4. I am a conscious creator of my own reality.
    5. All that I need is within me.
    6. I am aware of my dreams, and they guide me.
    7. I nurture my spirit.
    8. I am constantly expanding my awareness.

    Crown Chakra Affirmations

    crown chakra affirmations

    The last of all chakras, the crown chakra is the seat of spirituality, our connection to the universe, and enlightenment. It is located directly at the top of the head or better known as the crown has violet color.

    If the crown chakra is imbalanced, you will be closed-minded, disconnected from your spirit, confused, rigid, materialistic, feel apathetic, and have excessive attachment.

    A balanced crown chakra will give you wisdom, intelligence, open-mindedness, self-realization, universal awareness, take you to a higher state of consciousness, make you optimistic, and a connection with the universe and your spirit guides.

    To attain balance in the crown chakra, you can chant these affirmations:

    1. I am connecting to spiritual consciousness
    2. I am connected to the wisdom of the universe.
    3. I trust my intuition.
    4. I let go, and I trust the process of life.
    5. I surrender myself to the divine.
    6. I am aligned with the highest aspect of my being.
    7. I seek to understand and learn from my life experiences.
    8. Everything is working out for my highest good.

    Create your own chakra affirmation

    Although there is no harm in leveraging the many chakra affirmations available online, however, based on your needs, you can create an affirmation that targets a specific need or quality.

    Chakra affirmations are very easy to construct and will also be personable.

    However, if you have difficulty in phrasing your affirmations, here are some tips that you can follow:

    • Use the pronouns ‘I’, or ‘My’ and start with ‘I am’. By using these pronouns, you are indirectly commanding your subconscious brain and creating a positive influence.
    • Use present tense when creating affirmations. This will trick your brain to start working immediately on the positive qualities that you are targeting. 
    • Check the specific chakra characteristics you want work on and write them down. Negative aspect related to a chakra can be overcome by creating affirmations based on the things you want to work upon, such as confidence, love, courage, wisdom, etc.
    • Be realistic and positive while creating your affirmations. There may be certain things that you are unhappy about and things that you cannot change after a certain age, such as your height. Convert this negative aspect into positive, such as ‘I am happy in my body and I love myself’.
    • Be short and precise. You do not have to pack a sentence with all the qualities of a chakra or write an essay. Take one step at a time and use one quality or chakra aspect in the phrase. Also, don’t use heavy words that may cause you to forget the affirmation in the future. Simple words are more effective!
    • Make the affirmation personable. Create it in a way as if you are talking to yourself and giving a morale boost. Also remember to link them to your core values, such as kindness, honesty, dedication, respect, etc that make you see the broader picture of life.

    Be aware that you should be realistic and not create affirmations on aspects that you don’t believe in. Your mind is bound to counter your beliefs if you subconsciously don’t believe in them. For example, saying ‘I love everything about my spouse’ will be rejected by your mind if you inherently do not like your partner or have negative feelings towards them.

    Positive affirmations will work only when you view the world realistically and practically.  


    While the above are only some of the affirmations that you can use to strengthen your chakras, making them a part of your routine will reap positive effects. You will be able to rewire your brain to think positively in any stressful situation. 

    With scientific evidence backing the effects of positive affirmations, it is also good to be cautious of the fact that they may not work for everyone. This doesn’t mean that you should stop chanting them if you do not see their effects immediately. Sometimes the changes can be very subtle.

    The key is to believe in the words and the power those words hold. Repeat them every day and feel the way your life changes!  

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