Sacral Chakra Healing: 9 Simple Ways to Balance Second Chakra

The sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, is the second chakra and is placed four fingers below the navel in your spine. It is in charge of your sexuality, creativity, excitement, happiness, and self-expression.

Healing the sacral chakra awakens the soul to all of life’s events. It is the chakra of unrestricted flow. It gives you exposure and the courage to let go of your fear. If you want to experience life to its fullest while also staying grounded, you should try healing your sacral chakra.

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    How does it feel when your sacral chakra is blocked?

    You will feel emotionally and cognitively unstable if your sacral chakra is blocked. It will be difficult for you to communicate your emotions. Sexual desire is influenced as well. Either you’ll be overly active or completely idle.

    The thought of always having a plan, being a “control freak,” being excessively impulsive, or having great rage are all signs of an overactive (unbalanced) sacral chakra. Other indicators include a lack of sexual desire, difficulties expressing emotions, and issues communicating feelings.


    If you feel like nothing makes you happy and everything around you is “okayish,” there’s a probability you’re depressed.

    The sacral chakra is a place where energy flows freely. Its purpose is to make you aware of and accepting of all situations. It is a symptom of imbalance if you are unable to feel so.

    9 Ways to Balance Sacral Chakra

    1. Include a greater amount of orange tone in your way of life

    Similarly as the 7 chakras are related to a specific color, the sacral chakra is related to orange. As blocked sacral chakra is inexpressive, including orange color in your life energises it and fills it with enjoyable purposes. Orange is a color of bliss, innovativeness, opportunity, interest and sexuality.

    To balance your sacral chakra, you can incorporate bright orange for strong emotions and transparent orange to get the ability to socialize and explicitly. Wear orange garments and extras regularly for at least one week. Paint your dividers and brighten the house with orange artwork and puppets.


    If you choose to wear orange, you must prefer natural fibres like silk, cotton and lyocell over artificial synthetic fibres. A study [efn_note] Chakra healing by color clothing [/efn_note] suggests that right choice and use of color in clothing strengthens the positive attributes and flourishes natural genuine potential of a human. 

    2. Eat Orange Coloured, Protein Rich Foods and Products with High Water Content

    In spite of the fact that there is no actual proof of the presence of chakras, they also need the energy to help themselves. Food supports their ideal recurrence levels. Eating orange shaded food, pungent food, protein-rich or hydrated food things balance the sacral chakra. 

    Fishes have anti-inflammatory properties that regulate the energy flow in the sacral chakra. Water is the element of sacral chakra, therefore eating hydrated fruits as orange, tomatoes and cucumber help in healing the sacral chakra. Almonds, beans and coconut items too have a moistening effect. They help in better blood and energy flow throughout the body. 

    As sacral chakra is related to innovativeness, you ought to be imaginative with your eating regimen as well. Try not to have a similar dinner regular. You can have a go at making new dishes. You can likewise have a go at adding beverages and juices to your eating routine as they have exceptionally high water content.

    3. Use Gemstones to Activate Your Sacral Chakra

    Gemstones are organic mineral rocks that are used in jewellery and other accessories. These stones have great influential power over chakras. They interact with the vibrations of the chakras and stabilize them.

    The sacral chakra is associated with mostly orange and yellow-tinted stones. Sacral chakra stones instil a sense of confidence, power and enthusiasm in the individual. 

    Using chakra healing stones is a great way to create harmony and open your sacral chakra. The Tiger Eye stone stimulates low libido and encourages sexuality. Gemstones release emotional anxiety and fight past traumas. They promote self-confidence and care. If you are unable to express your emotions, sunstone and carnelian can heal your sacral chakra by embracing creativity and self-expression. 

    4. Stay Close to Water

    Water is the element of sacral chakra. The Sacral chakra is free-flowing creative energy just like water is. Staying close to water promotes fluidity in actions and emotions. Water heals the sacral chakra by embracing a sense of freedom and adjustability in the individual.

    To heal your sacral chakra with water, you can take up swimming classes. You can take satisfying baths and burn scented essential oil candles alongside. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times can also improve the condition of your sacral chakra.

    5. Meditate Daily to Build Self-Confidence and Acceptance

    Meditation is a mindful exercise to activate the senses. It helps you focus on a single object. However, at the same time, Meditation also helps you to be aware of every movement in your environment.

    Sacral Chakra healing meditation reinforces creativity, confidence and intimacy. Imbalance in the sacral chakra causes one to lose confidence in oneself. Meditation helps to focus on the present. It reduces negative “self-talk”.

    Do open-monitoring meditation to activate your blocked sacral chakra. In this meditation, one brings their awareness on the present moment rather than on mental distractions. Practitioners should accept their stray thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations without judgment. It stimulates divergent thinking, a key approach to creativity and thus leads to opening of sacral chakra. 

    To meditate, sit crossed legs on the floor in a well-ventilated space. Direct your attention to your spine, four fingers below the navel. Continue with deep inhaling and exhaling. Repeat the sound “VAM” continuously to stimulate the healing of your sacral chakra. 

    “VAM” is the seed sound and Mantra for healing the sacral chakra. The vibrations of “VAM ” resonate with the sacral chakra and heal it. Use the sound “VAM ” in your natural pitch. The mantra will not resonate with the sacral chakra if you use a higher or a lower pitch.

    6. Practice Hip-Opening Yoga Poses

    To heal your sacral chakra you must be able to express your feelings. 

    Hip opening yoga poses are responsible for maintaining emotional equilibrium in the body. These poses stimulate the emotional dependence on others. They help one open up about his or her feelings.

    Our emotions are stored in our hips [efn_note] The Remarkable Link Between Tight Hips and Your Emotions[/efn_note]. Stretching and relaxing the hips melts these emotions and desires away. This way practitioners are able to express their inert emotional and sexual desires better. Yoga also embraces the creativity of the practitioner and heals the sacral chakra. 

    Practice these hip opening yoga poses to heal the sacral chakra are: 

    7. Use Essential Oils

    Essential oils are organic liquid extracts of valuable plants. These are used in naturotherapy and aromatherapy. Taking in the aroma of essential oils is an effective practice in chakra healing.

    Sacral Chakra essential oils relieve stress and anxiety and are beneficial in menstrual conditions. Essential oils like Jasmine, sandalwood and neroli have a healing effect on the sacral chakra. They relieve stress and alleviate pain in the lower back.

    Menstrual and intestinal gas problems can also be relieved using essential oils. These can be applied with bathing products, hair and body lotion oils or by simply burn & inhale.

    8. Loosen Up and Explore

    Persons with blocked sacral chakra are very restricted and “choosy”. They do not allow their creativity to flow. A balanced sacral chakra thrives on the desire to feel and explore everything. Loosening up allows your imagination to grow and heals your sacral chakra. 

    By loosening up, we mean mentally as well as physically. If you choose to dine at the same restaurant every time, or buy the same kind of clothes, then there is a chance that your sacral chakra is imbalanced. You have to let go of your singular choices. Move out to explore more of what the world has to offer. 

    You should take up dancing and singing. The two activities unconsciously embrace your self-expression. You are able to forget your worries. But then you also dive deeper into your life. Expression is a great way to heal your sacral chakra. 

    Finally, you should let go of your past and begin trusting. You should not lose faith in people and situations. Be aware but also vulnerable. You have to let people in and explore them. Warming yourself is the best way to heal your sacral chakra.

    9. Chant Affirmations to instill confidence while yoga practice

    Affirmations are positive phrases that aim to motivate the subconscious and the unconscious mind. You can heal your sacral chakra by using affirmations that encourage your creative mind. Sacral chakra healing affirmations should be energizing and should instill confidence. 

    Some affirmations aiming at healing the sacral chakra are: 

    • “My emotions are free-flowing”
    • “I don’t stick to one thing”
    • “I am sexually balanced”
    • “I am happy”
    • “I am not boring”
    • “I love my life as it is”

    Affirmation is anything that one believes in. You can heal your sacral chakra by affirming yourself with anything that helps you explore yourself and the world. Whatever you choose, it should carry happiness and self-esteem. 

    How to know if you’ve balanced your sacral chakra

    A balanced sacral chakra is free, flexible and rejuvenating. It is linked with embracing and enjoying life. It make you feel romantic and platonic intimacy. Healing your sacral chakra will bring you close to yourself. 

    Sacral chakra ensures balance in the reproductive organs. It is the source of pleasure, procreation, creativity, joy and emotional let out. An unblocked sacral chakra makes you feel satisfied and helps your life an eventful life. 


    There are many ways to heal your sacral chakra. Including meditation and Yoga as a part of your daily life will greatly influence your well-being. Colour and sound therapy are also historically acknowledged methods to heal the chakras. While all these are ways to an end, your main focus should be acceptance of yourself and those around you. 

    You must let go of your restricted choosing and let your energy flow in all directions. You must embrace things as they are to heal your sacral chakra. 

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