Root Chakra Healing: 10 Easy Ways to Balance Your First Chakra

muladhara or root chakra

The root chakra, also known as the Muladhara, is the first of 7 chakras located at the tailbone. It governs our feelings of safety and security, including basic needs such as food, water, and shelter, as well as emotional needs.

Root chakra healing comprises the practices of giving the chakra system a firm foundation that promotes a sense of grounding. Healing your root chakra makes you feel secure about your daily life choices and empowers you to confidently face whatever life may bring.

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    Why root chakra healing is important?

    Like a building cannot face a storm without a strong foundation, no other chakra can be balanced until the root chakra is balanced. When the root chakra is functioning optimally, you feel grounded, secure, and at ease with the world. It promotes a natural balance in all other chakras that lie above it.

    The need for root chakra healing takes place when the negative signs associated with its imbalanced state start showing up. However, why your root chakra gets blocked in the first place, could have many causes including childhood trauma, fear of a person, toxic relationship and an overthinking habit.


    Your root chakra is in need of healing when over a long time you feel the following problems;

    • Feelings of insecurity
    • Aggressiveness
    • Sexual dysfunction
    • Anger
    • Restlessness
    • Eating disorders

    A balanced root chakra helps individuals feel comfortable in their own skin. Individuals with a balanced root chakra are content with what they already have, confident about themselves and feel that they belong in the moment and to the people around them. A blocked and unbalanced root chakra, on the contrary, incites negative emotions like fear, jealousy, insecurity and powerlessness. Thus it is important to balance your root chakra to realise your self-worth and esteem.

    10 Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

    1. Include More of Red Colour in Your Day to Day Life

    balancing root chakra
    Image: Canva

    Each of the 7 chakras is associated with a specific colour. The frequencies of these colours match the rotational frequencies of the chakras, therefore in order to bring chakra’s energy on track, these colours can be a handy tool. The root chakra is associated with red colour.

    Red is a powerful colour that represents physical energy, passion, confidence, strength and stability. If you are constantly feeling insecure about your existence, relationship with the family, and work, then chances are your root chakra is not balanced. Wearing red can bring passion and strength to your relationships, your life and your work.


    However, when using red colour clothing for root chakra healing, make sure you are wearing them daily (say for a week) and only using natural fibres clothing like silk, cotton, yarn or flax. Natural fibres are used in colour therapy because they align with your energy frequencies.

    The best time to incorporate red clothing for root chakra healing is when you walking in the open sky, do exercises like yoga and meditation or while resting, but not sleeping.

    2. Prefer organically red or root vegetables in your diet

    Image: Canva

    Colour therapy also applies to what you eat. red coloured fruits and vegetables help regulate blood circulation and fight cancer. The root chakra is responsible for many blood-related illnesses. Thus including more red coloured food items in the diet like tomato, raspberries, pomegranate, beets and apples can help in healing blocked root chakra.

    Root vegetables such as carrot, potato, turnips, onions, ginger, garlic also help in balancing the root chakra. As they grow beneath the ground, they promote strong grounding. They acquire vitamins and rich nutrients from the soil which can help overcome physical symptoms associated with the blocked root chakra.

    3. Use gemstones to heal your root chakra

    Image: Canva

    Each chakra is associated with some specific gemstones. It is believed that the stone’s energy stabilizes the chakras.

    Root chakra healing stones are generally red in colour. They bring strength, stability, safety, nourishes earthly connections and cleanses the aura. Root chakra also resonates with black colour stones. Black gemstones create around us an exceptionally powerful protective and grounding energy.

    Garnet, red jasper, bloodstone, black tourmaline, hematite and cuprite are some of the best stones for healing the root chakra. To use these stones, you can place them between your thighs, just near your groin while meditating. Or you can wear them as jewellery or carry them with you in your purse or pocket, or even use them as decor in your home.

    4. Make Meditation a part of your daily routine

    Meditation promotes grounding, thus helps in healing root chakra. Image: Canva

    Meditation is a mindful practice to enhance focus and awareness. By concentrating all your energy on one object, you become able to strengthen your will and stamina.

    Because meditation promotes grounding and calms overstimulated thought patterns, it is a powerful technique to heal the root chakra. Meditation for root chakra reduces stress, anxiety and depression, as well as works on relieving chronic pain physically.

    Meditation for root chakra healing can be simply done sitting in a cross-legged comfortable position in a well-ventilated room. Sitting on the floor directly connects your body to the ground. This stimulates better grounding and rooting to the land.

    Once getting comfortable in sitting, bring your attention to the last tip of your spine, to the place of root chakra. Visualize the red coloured square in this space to keep your attention unscattered. Chant seed mantra “LAM” with deep inhale & exhale.

    The sound of “LAM” resonates with the root chakra and helps it reach its natural frequency. It cleanses the impurities around root chakra. It ensures belongingness, prosperity and security.

    You can choose to play root chakra healing music while meditating. There are many chakra healing music videos available on the internet. While playing music, you can prefer the musical note G. Musical note G helps balance the root chakra as the frequency of the note matches the frequency of the chakra. Thus, it resonates with the chakra and brings it back to balance.

    5. Connect yourself with the earth

    Walking barefoot on earth can open up blocked root chakra. Image: Canva

    The root chakra is associated with the universal element Earth. In order to feel grounded, you must re-establish your connections with the environment. Proper grounding helps you feel safe and secure. Union with the land provides stability and heals your root chakra.

    Walking barefoot on grass, gardening, and red flowering plants are good for root chakra grounding. Grounding yourself naturally heals your root chakra. The connective energy with the land empowers the souls. It heals all physical, mental and emotional ailments. A strong relationship with the land instils love and belongingness.

    6. Involve yourself in physical exercise (espcially in morning)

    imbalanced root chakra signs
    Image: Canva

    The root chakra is associated with the earth element and the earth in itself symbolizes activity. Therefore root chakra demands physical activity to be in a state of balance.

    Hip opening yoga poses are a great option for healing the root chakra. In your morning yoga session, you can try Warrior 2, Butterfly pose, standing forward bend, and pigeon pose to better ground yourself.

    Hip opening yoga poses eases the tension in the spine. They relax the mind and the body. The person is able to open up about his emotions. Yoga builds up the confidence to face our fears and accept the love of people around us. As the root chakra suffices our primitive needs, it is closely associated with the “fight and flight” hormone. Yoga poses like the warrior 2 pose ground our energy and help us feel safe and secure.

    7. Do actively interact with people

    Engaging actively with people help heal psychological trauma associated with blocked root chakra. Image: Canva

    People who have a blocked root chakra feel disoriented and lack affinity. They feel insecure that they do not belong to this earthly place or to people around them. Making an effort and initiating healthy conversations can build positive relationships. A sense of security and belongingness heals the root chakra.

    The root chakra is linked to the primary security needs of a person. Social relations and belongingness are essential for survival. Society is divided into various divisions. One has to be part of a family, an association, a city or a country. And feeling the utter need to be a part is inevitable.

    Thus, we must make an effort to move beyond our self-raised boundaries. To be accepted, we must be acceptable too. We should keep an open mind, be reassuring and create a comfortable aura around us. When people are able to find comfort in us and want us to be a part of their society, we feel secure. A secured mind is a sign of a healing chakra.

    8. Avoid financial debts and possessions

    Root chakra governs our feeling of being financially stable or not. And money is related to security. Therefore, root chakra has the ability to make us feel secure or insecure as though we live in abundance or scarcity. Thus, financial stability and security are essential for healing the root chakra.

    The problem of money arises due to both insufficient and excess money. Financial instability and debts wreck the emotional psyche of a person. They feel a lack of proper grounding and have low self-esteem. On the other side of the beam are people who suffer from anxiety and depression, due to excess money and materialism.

    The root chakra is responsible for strength, stability and grounding. Financial instability or greed for more money disrupts the natural frequency of the root chakra and leads to an unstable mindset.

    Contentment, or Santosha (in yogic terminology), is the key to feeling secure and satisfied. To heal your root chakra, you must give up your superficial and materialistic needs. You should find a way to earn money that gives you inner joy and fulfilment. Even if your job wouldn’t pay as much, you will at least be happy with what you do. A healthy mind follows a healthy life.

    9. Apply Essential Oils

    Image: Canva

    When it comes to balancing chakras, using essential oils can be a holistic practice anyone can do to overcome negative symptoms associated with them.

    Some essential oils are extracted from plants through the process of steamed distillation. Therefore they are able to regulate a sense of smell and flight or fight responses to balance the root chakra.

    As root chakra is the foundational energy centre in the body, to heal it you need essential oils which promote grounding, a sense of stability, and emotional strength. Having these qualities, red spikenard and vetiver are the best essential oils for root chakra healing. You can apply these essential oils on your skin as usual oils or add them to your body wash items such as soap, shampoo or moisturiser.

    10. Chant Positive Affirmations

    Affirmations are reassuring phrases that can be repeated to ourselves. They promote self-reliance and confidence.

    Affirmations have proven exceptional in balancing the root chakra. They help build self-worth by breaking through the previously formed opinions about ourselves.

    Mentally chant these affirmations while doing yoga or sitting in meditation to heal your root chakra;

    • “I am content”
    • “My family loves me”
    • “This is where i belong”
    • “I love myself”
    • “I am capable of doing this”

    Affirmations can be anything that resonates with your mind. There is no such necessity to choose from the internet. You can make your own phrases and use them to heal your root chakra.


    Beginning something new, something as positive as balancing your chakras is hard, but you must try. Balancing all seven chakras will help you reach universal enlightenment. Healing your root chakra alone will help you face your past traumas and hardships, your weaknesses and ensure a feeling of immense joy and security.

    Balancing your root chakra can take years or just one session, it depends on your personal willingness and motivation to learn. If you are able to balance your root chakra, you will be able to achieve great heights in life and stand strong because of your strong rooting. All you have to try is to become a better person and the rest will happen by itself.

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