Purna Gyan Mudra: How to Do and Benefits

purna gyan mudra

We know the mind lies in different stages. Every single sensation in our body is only because of the mind. All your desires, lusts, greeds, emotions, thoughts are compassions of the mind, therefore, it is important to control it.

But, it is not easy to control the mind and thoughts, if you’re not experienced enough with yogic practices!

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    Yoga includes a number of practices and yoga mudras is one of that practice that helps us getting control over our mind. One such mudra is Purna Gyan Mudra.

    Purna Gyan Mudra: Full Knowledge Gesture

    In simple words, Purna Gyan Mudra is the variation of Gyan Mudra. It is a part of Hast (hand) Mudras.


    When it comes to its literal meaning, it is derived from Sanskrit. Here the word Purna means complete, Gyan means knowledge or awareness and Mudra means gesture or symbol.

    As its name suggests, it is a gesture for acquiring full knowledge or awareness. It is like obtaining a complete awareness of the world inside us.

    As a variation of Gyan Mudra, it is pretty similar to Gyan Mudra, but, its effects are a lot different than Gyan Mudra.

    Many belives, Lord Buddha was is Purna Gyan Mudra when he got the wisdom, therefore, we also call it the provider of wisdom. Moreover, Lord Krishna is also said to be in this mudra while providing the knowledge of Gita to Arjuna.


    How Is It Different From Gyan Mudra

    The main difference is about the position of hands and this is the thing that creates the difference between the benefits of both.

    Gyan Mudra comes for an overall balance of air element on the body. This helps in meditation and comes with many therapeutic effects. But, when it comes to a deeper level of awareness or knowledge, Purna Gyan Mudra comes into practice. We perform it for the next level of meditation than Gyan Mudra, in spiritual progress.

    How to Perform Purna Gyan Mudra

    buddha in purna gyan mudra

    Purna Gyan Mudra is easy enough to perform. Here you have to arrange the fingers in the same ways as Gyan Mudra, but with different hand positions. Let’s see the whole practice of this mudra in detail with the help of the following steps


    • Sit on a comfortable Yoga Asana such as Padmasana or Sukhasana.
    • Keep your spine straight and slowly close your eyes.
    • Now, take a couple of deep breaths and bring your focus to the ‘in and out’ movement of breaths. This will make a flow of Prana throughout the body and help you to concentrate on your Chitta.

    This was about preparing your body. Now, let’s move towards the finger and hand arrangement

    Hand Arrangement

    • Curl the index finger and thumb of both hands towards each other and touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of index finger. Leave the rest three fingers extended normally.
    • Now, place your left hand on your left kneecap, palm facing upwards.
    • Slowly move the right hand towards your chest and place in near to your right chest, palm facing forwards.
    • Now gently take breaths and hold this position. Release the position when you are done.

    Additional Tip- Performing Pranayama in conjunction with Purna Gyan Mudra, gives better results than normal breathing.

    As for any other yoga practice, the best time to perform Purna Gyan Mudra is the Morning time. You should practice it for at least 30-40 minutes a day, whether you do it in a single stretch or 3 stretches of 10-15 minutes.

    How does Purna Gyan Mudra Works

    The thumb and index finger are associated with the fire and air element respectively. When these two touch each other it creates a closed-loop. This doesn’t let the energies associated with these fingers to diffuse in nature.

    Thus, the air element gets increased and balanced in the body. The balance of air element in the body leads to good mental health.

    The hand placement near the chest in Purna Gyana Mudra is in such a way that, it creates some electrical changes in the electromagnetic function of the brain. In this mudra, the practitioner feels like the electric waves are flowing within his/her body. This helps to function the deeper levels of mind.

    Thus it aids in deeper concentration and awareness. Here the practitioner experiences knowledge and spiritual satisfaction.


    • Purna Gyan Mudra opens the deeper levels of the mind. This helps in understanding things in a better way.

    Moreover, it aids in your memory, and thinking power to a good extent. In the yogic path, it offers wisdom and awareness on the practitioner.

    • As, Purna Gyan Mudra relaxes the muscles of the brain, it has a soothing effect on its function. It calms the mood swings and temperaments.

    Along with this, it has a very soothing effect on negative emotions like anger. It also helps you in mental clarity and decision making power.

    • In the subtle level, it cleanses the aura and prana. It brings the spiritual sensation in the mind.


    Like Gyan Mudra, people having Vata dosha should not perform Purna Gyan mudra. This can increase the Vata dosha in you so avoid performing it.

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