Vajroli Mudra: Procedure, Steps, Benefits & Precautions

vajroli mudra
Locking the pubic area muscles in Vjaroli mudra. Source: Canva

Vajroli Mudra is one of the advanced practices of Hatha Yoga that works on the principle of semen preserving. This practice takes care of urinary disorders and reproductive system.

Meaning & Interpretation

The term ‘Vajroli’ is derived from the root word Vajra which can be interpreted in 2 means:

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    1. Vajra – A weapon of the Hindu God of Indra which is hard and intense having characteristics of a thunderbolt i.e. Indestructibility & Irresistibility.
    2. Vajra – A Nadi that begins at the genitals and control the urogenital system.

    Both these meanings of Vajra combines to make sense of Vajroli Mudra.

    On practicing Vajroli mudra, the practitioner’s muscles around genitals become hard enough to control the urogenital system. This intensifies the genital organ, like a Vajra to prevent orgasm or sexual desires. Hence, Vajroli mudra is also called ‘thunderbolt gesture’.


    Sahajoli mudra, is the similar practice as Vajroli mudra made for women. Here, efforts are drawn to pull back and up female genitalia part.

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    What Happens in Vajroli Mudra?

    In Vajroli Mudra, by different means, awareness is cultivated to the genital organ and with full effort, the muscle around it is contracted. This contraction reduces the semen tendency to flow out, thus it’s preserved. When it’s preserved for a long time over this area, then with further efforts it pulled up to Chakras and known as Kundalini energy.

    Vajroli Mudra Procedure

    There are 5 levels of practicing Vajroli mudra. A practitioner has to master each preceding level before attempting the higher level. Each preceding level transforms practitioners into an expert in controlling their fluids through the urogenital passage.

    Level 1 – Normal Movements

    In this level, we try to cultivate awareness around the pubic area region and with cultivated awareness, bring some normal movement in it.


    Practice 1 – Pulling Up of Muscles

    • Begin with a seated posture, Padmasana, Siddhasana, or Sukhasana, and lengthen your spine.
    • While breathing normally (Very Important), bring your attention to the pubic area through which the root of the penis is attached.
    • Now with an exhalation, start pulling the muscles of the ‘pubic region’ or more precisely the ‘root of the penis’ back and upwards to the navel. (Your lower belly would also come back with this pull, that’s fine!)
    • Hold this pull as per your ease and then release it. This counts the one round.
    • Repeat the process for 15-20 rounds and as gradually your holding capacity improves then increase these rounds.

    Practice 2 – Rotation of Muscles

    • After this, fetch your attention to the base of the penis. Now, try to rotate muscles around the base in clockwise and then in an anti-clockwise with the same number of rounds.
    • Practice it 10 to 15 rounds per go. One can gradually increase the number of rounds.

    Level 2 – Movements with Breath Retention (Kumbha)

    This level of practice demands the external retention of breath (bahya kumbhaka), after arriving into the seating position.

    Practice 1 – Pulling Up of Muscles

    • Perform Uddiyana bandha – by up and inside pulling of abdominal muscles towards the spine.
    • Now, go for Jalandhar bandha or chin lock, which assists in the external retention of the breath. Make sure not to breathe throughout the practice.
    • Focus on the root muscles of the penis or around the urethral sphincter. Now, pull those muscles upward and hold for a few seconds or minutes and then release gently.
    • Practice as long as it remains comfortable. Then release the uddiyana & then Jalandhar bandha one by one and breathe normally.

    Practice 2 – Rotation of Muscles

    • Concentrate on the base of the penis. After exhalation, perform uddiyana and jalandhara bandha. Now, try to rotate the vicinity muscles of base of the penis in clockwise and then in an anticlockwise, as in level 1.
    • Begin with 10 to 15 rounds per go and gradually practice as many rounds possible. Without overstraining the practice, release both locks gently and breathe normally.

    Level 3 – Movements with Naukasana

    Due to the advancement in practice, practitioners with mastery over the first and second levels can perform this level.

    Naukasana or boat pose needs to be acquired to proceed with this practice. By lying down in Shavasana breathe normally and relax. Bring your legs into a specific angle to the ground, keeping legs straight. Now, raise your thorax upward and form a V-shaped pose. Lifting of legs and thorax put immense pressure on the abdominal muscles. Use your hands to support the pose and breathe normally.

    Now, from here perform the PRACTICE 1 and PRACTICE 2 as stated in the FIRST level. Perform as long as it goes and gently releases to come back in lying position, then relax.

    Level 4 – Drawing Water Through the Catheter

    If you are interested in performing this practice you must have had an accomplished history of the previous level. This level is strictly suggested to the yogi or advanced practitioners, as it involves a critical process. The improper practice could cause serious damage to the organs concerned with the urinogenital tract. So, it’s better to practice under the guidance of a skilled master.

    This practice involves the insertion of a catheter (thin medical tube) through the urethra into the urinary bladder in order to suck the fluids into the bladder. A medical catheter with a size of 14 to 18 inches long would be enough for this practice. Later on, the practitioner can use a special S-shaped catheter made of gold, silver, or copper.

    After insertion, the practitioner tries to suck the air through the catheter, which could be done by complete exhalation with uddiyana bandha along with Madhya nauli.

    Getting good in the above practice via the same techniques made the practitioner suck the fluids like water, oil, ghee, honey, and mercury (→ ascending viscosity). Sucking up to honey is possible but mercury is toxic, don’t add it to your practice until or unless you find a safe way of using it. This activity is strictly performed under the guidance of a well-educated master.

    Level 5 – Drawing Water Without Catheter

    Last but not least. There is a microscopic number of practitioners who can do this. Only a yogi with unimaginable capabilities can perform this activity.

    This level involves sucking up of liquids directly through the penis into the bladder, no use of catheters. This can be performed with the help female partner. A yogi can suck his semen back if it is ejaculated accidentally while performing the activity.

    This level of practice is mentioned in the Shiv Samhita, Hatharatnavali, and is concerned with tantra. It is said that a yogi can able to suck the vaginal fluid of his partner through the penis, which further has its spiritual benefits. Due to improper details or evidence of this practice in ancient texts, it does not hold much attention.

    Vajroli Mudra Working

    As per the Shiv Samhita,

    Vajroli mudra is “the secret of all secrets” which enables even a householder (not just a yogi only) to maintain his/her sexual potency by controlling the ejaculation during the course of sexual intercourse.

    Vajroli mudra insists upon the semen preservation, either by not releasing it or pulling up if released by mistake through the urogenital opening (male/female) of the practitioners.

    Practicing vajroli mudra stimulates the Vajra Nadi, which is the first layer of subtle nadis located within the Sushumna Nadi (central channel). It also governs the urogenital organs, over which Vajroli mudra manifests its overall effect, in order to sublimate the vital energy upward. This further with appropriate yogic practices awakens kundalini energy.

    Mastery over semen retention through vajroli mudra results in sexual intercourse without losing any drop of semen.

    Vajroli Mudra Benefits

    Numerous benefits come with the practice of Vajroli Mudra. Appropriate practice under the guidance of well-renowned yogi leads to the dive into the ocean of pleasurable health benefits.

    • Vajroli mudra cures pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). On the better function of the pelvic floor, symptoms of urine or stool leakage, frequent need to pee, and straining to defecate is relieved.
    • It helps to preserve the vital or sexual fluids. This leads to sexual potency even in old age.
    • A study has shown just 5 minutes practice of Vajroli mudra daily prevents premature ejaculation.
    • Due to the influence of vajra Nadi in the digestive system, it improves digestion.
    • Activation of vajra Nadi by this mudra sublimates the sexual energy to the upward to the brain, which further improves the vigor.
    • Vajroli mudra helps in the perfection of Khechari mudra for the advanced yogis, which further helps in the awakening of Muladhara Chakra, the place of Kundalini energy
    • Sahajoli and amaroli are the variations of Vajroli mudra along which sexual energy sublimates into Ojas and kundalini energy.
    • It helps to clear all the sexual blocks in men. Due to mental preconditioning or improper control over sexual energy, men are unable to uplift kundalini shakti beyond the Sacral chakra. So, vajroli mudra helps in clearing those blocks and also helps in the spiritual evolution of men.
    • It cures various disorders concerned with the sexual urinary bladder and enlargement of the prostate gland.
    • Mastery over this mudra gives immense control over the sexual fluid retention which further leads to an intense orgasm.

    Precautions & Contraindications

    However there is no physical or physiological side effects of Vajroli Mudra, but still it needs to practice with precautions.

    • Do not pull your abdominal muscle too much inward as it lay pressure on the bladder.
    • In level 3, the Static boat pose demands a strong core. So, try not to stress the pose if unable to proceed.
    • In level 4, the insertion of a catheter should be done under the guidance of well-experienced yogi, as it deals with the critical internal organs.
    • In level 4, catheter a medical thin tube must be sterilized before inserting it into the urethra.
    • In level 5, try not to reach this activity as it is near to the impossible for a normal practitioner.
    • Bahya Kumbha or external retention of breath should be done properly.
    • Any medical condition related to the urinogenital tract must consult to the doctor prior to the practice.


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