Uttarabodhi Mudra (Enlightenment Gesture): How to Do, Benefits

Uttarabodhi Mudra (enlightenment gesture)
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When fear dispels, the craving and attachment of worldly desires disappear which leads to enlightenment.

Uttarabodhi Mudra is a Buddhist hand gesture that dispels fear and leads to enlightenment, hence it is known as the “mudra of enlightenment.” This mudra fuels energy and refreshes the practitioner, helping to eliminate the sense of fear.

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    It is performed by entangling all the fingers together. Only the index fingers and thumbs are extended and joined together at the tips pointing upward and downward respectively.

    Try practicing Uttarabodhi Mudra anytime using these instructions to gain the maximum benefits.


    Uttarabodhi Mudra Meaning

    Uttarabodhi” is a composite Sanskrit term where “Uttara” refers to “upwards” and “Bodhi” refers to “closer to awakening.” Hence, Uttarabodhi Mudra means a gesture of moving energy upward to reach a higher state of awakened intellect, i.e., enlightenment.

    Symbolic and Mythological Aspects

    Uttarabodhi Mudra is practiced as a spiritual exercise to develop a sense of unity within oneself. It helps form a connection with the divine supreme power, leading to ultimate enlightenment, hence its name.

    This mudra has deep roots in Buddhism and is often depicted in images of Vairochana, one of the five Transcendent Buddhas of Vajrayana Buddhism.

    The specialty of Uttarabodhi mudra is the Buddhist belief behind this practice. It states that “there is nothing wrong or frightening in the world and you need not fear anything other than Godwho will take care of everything in the long run.” Hence, Uttarabodhi mudra has a great significance in Buddhism.


    Due to the involvement of all the fingers, it stimulates all the five elements and majorly targets achieving happiness and energy. Uttarabodhi mudra is also sometimes referred to as “best-perfection” mudra.

    How to Do Uttarabodhi Mudra

    Uttarabodhi Mudra practice
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    1. Sit Comfortably: Sit comfortably in padmasana (lotus position).
    2. Close Your Eyes: Close your eyes and hold your hands near the navel.
    3. Interlock Your Fingers: Interlock the fingers of both hands together, keeping the thumbs and index fingers extended.
    4. Position Your Fingers: Point the tips of the extended index fingers upward and the thumbs downward. You can also keep the left thumb crossed over the right.

    Once your hands are positioned in Uttarabodhi Mudra, start moving your hands from the diaphragm, rising upward through the central channel to reach the heart.

    This upward ascent creates an energy circuit that brings forth depth and richness.

    Awareness and Duration

    • You can practice Uttarabodhi Mudra at any time of the day or in any place as needed.
    • Aim to practice it for at least 15 minutes, one to three times each day.
    • It’s completely acceptable to perform Uttarabodhi Mudra while lying down. Ensure that in this reclined pose, the tips of the thumbs rest on the lower end of the sternum.
    • Focus your awareness on the tips of the index fingers pointing vertically up and the flow of your breath.

    Uttarabodhi Mudra with Yoga Poses

    • Practice Uttarabodhi mudra while performing Warrior poses I, II, and III. This combination represents strength, empowerment, and directs energy forward to other beings respectively.
    • Meditating holding this mudra helps to promote spirituality by enriching a deeper relationship with the divine.
    • You can also hold this mudra while performing Anjaneyasana.
    • It is best to combine Uttarabodhi mudra with standing backbends to feel energized, rejuvenated, and recharged.

    How it works

    It is important to understand how does this hand gesture uplifts the energy levels. This is so because Uttarabodhi mudra strengthens the Metal element.

    According to Chinese philosophy, the Metal element is associated with the lungs and large intestine. Also, it affects the nervous system and is related to energetic impulses.

    The metal element allows the Universal force chi or prana to enter from outside to the inside of the body. It replenishes the internal energy reserves of the body.

    Chakras and Panchatattva

    All five fingers are involved in holding Uttarabodhi mudra. These correspond to the following elements and energy chakras to benefits accordingly:

    In this way, all the energy chakras are balanced and synchronized holding Uttarabodhi mudra. Hence, it promotes the energy levels within the practitioner.

    Benefits of Uttarabodhi Mudra

    1. Calms the mind This mudra is known to provide soothing effects on excited nerves. It enables the practitioner to face overwhelming situations with calmness.

    2. Boosts confidence Holding hands in Uttarabodhi mudra stimulates the Manipura chakra. Its activation evokes self-confidence, enables decision-making skills. It also helps in getting rid of insecurities.

    3. Inculcates fearlessness This hand gestures also activates the root (Muladhara) chakra. This helps in overcoming fears and facing challenges. The issues like stage fright or fear of public speaking can be easily resolved.

    4. Enhances energy levels The breathing pattern while holding Uttarabodhi mudra fortifies the inhalation. It gets revived within the lungs and heart region, thus making the respiratory and circulatory systems efficient.

    Therefore, by enhancing the flow of prana within the body, uttarbodhi mudra also enhances energy levels.

    5. Promotes optimism – This mudra also protects the body and mind from negativity. Any physical or psychological stress can be easily drained when uttarbodhi mudra practiced consistently. Thus it brings clarity of mind and improves concentration power.

    When dealing with a difficult task or feeling nervous, practicing uttarabodhi mudra calms the nervous system and promotes positivity in mind.

    6. Spiritual benefits – Meditating with Uttarbodhi mudra develops an ultimate sense of completeness within oneself. Therefore it serves as a gateway to attain supreme enlightenment and connection with the divine.


    Keeping all the benefits in mind, practicing Uttarabodhi Mudra is a must-try gesture.

    Life can seem rough at times and present us with many challenges. However, by spending a few minutes holding this simple hasta mudra, you can face anything head-on with confidence and calm.

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