Tse Mudra: Benefits and Practice Guide to Relieve Stress

Tse Mudra. Image: yoganrg_mindfulness_training@instagram

Tse Mudra is powerful hand mudra with a world of benefits at your fingertips. It works as a shield against stress, anxiety and depression.

Not only it’s good for your mental health, Tse mudra is one of the mudra for good fortune. It attracts positive energy and luck. Tse mudra harness the five elements within you, control your inner waters, and keep your kidneys healthy.

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    Tse mudra hands in Vajrasana. Image: lvcyau@instagram

    Tse Mudra, also known as the “Three Secrets Mudra” or “Adi Mudra,”. It’s formed

    The term “Tse” in Tse Mudra does not have a specific meaning in English but “Tse” signifies strength and power, akin to a dragon, emphasizing its ability to invoke courage and resilience. “Mudra,” a term in Sanskrit, refers to symbolic hand gestures used in yoga and meditation.


    Therefore, Tse Mudra embodies strength and serves to combat anxiety, depression, and stress, while attracting positive energies and good fortune. This makes it a valuable mudra for emotional and mental well-being.

    Cultural Significance of Tse Mudra

    Tse Mudra holds deep cultural significance in both Chinese and Indian culture. Rooted in the principles of Taoism, it is believed to possess the transformative power to change one’s fortune.

    This sacred Mudra is considered a harbinger of good luck and fortune, making it an ideal practice for those seeking to overcome misfortune and adversity in life.

    As per Kim Tawm, a recognized expert in the field of Chinese medicine, Taoist monks have passed down wisdom that attributes the Tse Mudra with remarkable qualities. According to tradition, Tse mudra is believed to dispel sadness, diminish fear, avert misfortune and bad luck, and conquer the depths of depression.


    Three Secrets Mudra

    Tse Mudra is also known as the “Three Secrets Mudra” due to its association with three secrets or principles in some interpretations. While the specific meaning of these three secrets can vary, they are often represented as follows:

    1. Body: The first secret is related to the physical body. Tse Mudra is believed to help in controlling and harmonizing the physical elements in the body, which is one of the secrets of health and vitality.
    2. Speech: The second secret pertains to speech or communication. It is thought that practicing Tse Mudra can help in promoting clear and positive communication, which is essential for harmonious relationships and personal growth.
    3. Mind: The third secret is associated with the mind. Tse Mudra is believed to enhance mental clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a sense of well-being.

    These three secrets encompass the balance and harmony of the body, speech, and mind, which are fundamental aspects of overall well-being and spiritual growth in various traditions. The practice of Tse Mudra is seen as a means to unlock and cultivate these secrets.

    How to Do Tse Mudra (Steps)

    Adi mudra aka Tse mudra. Image: Fitsri

    To form the Tse Mudra: Bend your thumb and place its tip at the base of your little finger. Now, gently curl your fingers around your thumb, creating this powerful hand gesture.

    Follow these steps to do Tse mudra meditation:

    • Sit in a meditative posture that allows mobility around your hip joints and provides extended comfort; for example Sukhasana, .
    • Keep your neck and spine straight to support proper energy flow during meditation.
    • Rest your palms on your knees with them facing upward.
    • Completely close your eyes to enhance focus and inner awareness.
    • Bend your thumbs and place them near the base of your little fingers on both hands.
    • Curl your fingers around your thumbs, repeating the gesture with both hands.
    • Inhale deeply, expanding your belly, and exhale while chanting “Om” to focus your awareness.
    • Concentrate on the vibrations created by the “Om” sound to attain a sense of calm and mental clarity.

    To conclude the practice, gently open your fingers and let go of any negative thoughts.

    Affirmation in Tse Mudra

    Tse Mudra is known for its ability to treat depression, anxiety, and help overcome stress. It can be enhanced by incorporating a positive affirmation during the practice.

    Here’s a suggested affirmation to use while practicing Tse Mudra.

    You can use this affirmation while holding Tse Mudra “I am filled with light. I am positive. Darkness recedes, and I am free from anxiety and fear.

    This affirmation is designed to align with the purpose of Tse Mudra, which is to bring about lightness, divine joy, and alleviate negative emotions. It reinforces the idea of dispelling darkness and negativity, replacing them with positivity and mental well-being.

    Time and Duration

    Ideally, Tse mudra can be held for a duration of 15 to 20 minutes during meditation or as a part of your yoga practice. This extended practice allows for a deeper connection with its potential benefits, such as stress reduction and enhanced mental clarity.

    The best times to practice Tse Mudra are during the early morning or evening when the mind is relatively calm. Many practitioners find it beneficial to incorporate it into their daily meditation practice, which can be especially effective when seeking mental peace and good fortune.

    However, it can also be used as a quick stress-reliever during the day. Ultimately, the choice of timing should align with your schedule and personal preferences, as the key to its effectiveness lies in regular and mindful practice.

    Tse Mudra Benefits

    1. Balances the Water Element

    An imbalance in the water element in the body can lead to negative mental states. Tse Mudra plays a vital role in controlling this element, which is believed to help in maintaining a balanced mental state and even addresses issues related to the bladder and kidneys. By regulating the water element, it contributes to emotional stability and overall health.

    2. Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

    One of the primary benefit of Tse Mudra is its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety. In a fast-paced, modern world filled with pressures, this mudra serves as a sanctuary of calm. It helps individuals find emotional balance, making it an invaluable tool for modern life’s challenges.

    3. Confronts Fear and Sadness

    Tse Mudra empowers individuals to confront their fears and manage feelings of sadness. It acts as a bridge to emotional healing, offering the strength needed to combat life’s emotional battles. It helps one face fears head-on and emerge victorious.

    4. Enhances Emotional Well-being

    Through the regular practice of Tse Mudra, practitioners report experiencing feelings of lightness and divine joy. It aids in improving emotional well-being, bringing a sense of happiness and tranquility. It allows individuals to radiate positivity and attract good fortune.

    5. Good for Meditation

    Tse Mudra’s incorporation of deep breathing and chanting makes it a wonderful addition to meditation practices. It enhances focus, concentration, and spiritual growth. It opens the doors to profound meditation experiences, allowing one to explore their inner self.

    Precautions and Contraindications

    Tse Mudra is generally considered safe for most people, but like any yoga or meditation practice, it’s essential to be aware of precautions and contraindications:


    1. Comfort: Ensure that you are sitting comfortably in a meditative posture before performing the mudra.
    2. Gentleness: When forming the mudra, apply gentle pressure. Avoid any forceful or uncomfortable hand positions.


    1. Avoid Tse Yoga Mudra if you have any injury in hand, wrist, or finger.
    2. If you have low blood pressure when practicing Tse Yoga Mudra, as it may impact blood pressure levels.
    3. Tse Mudra involves deep breathing and chanting, so beginners should avoid overexertion during the practice.


    Tse mudra holds the key to unlock many mental health benefits. It offers a path to mental clarity, stress reduction, and the attraction of good fortune. By practicing Tse Mudra, you open the door to a profound connection with your inner self, allowing you to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.

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