Vajra Mudra (Gesture of Fiery Thunderbolt): Steps & Benefits

vajra mudra
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Vajra mudra is a very simple yet powerful hand gesture in yoga practiced to imbibe the quality like a fiery thunderbolt.

Indeed, Vajra is said to have the quality of both ‘diamond like indestructible’ and ‘thunderbolt like irresistible force’. As its qualities are, on practicing Vajra mudra you will get rid of laziness and feel the surge of pranic energy in your body.

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    Meaning & Interpretation

    A Tibetan vajra
    A Tibetan vajra. Image Source: Canva

    In vajra Mudra, the index finger is extended straight while rest 3 fingertips pressed against the thumb. The extended index finger denotes the fiery thunderbolt weapon or Vajra. It is a weapon with which ignorance can transform into wisdom. Therefore, this Mudra is also known as Bodhiyangi Mudra.

    Another meaning of Vajra is ‘firmness of spirituality’. This make it as the mudra of supreme knowledge.


    Apart from yoga, Vajra Mudra is a part of rituals and mythical symbols in different religion but hand gesture is the same in every tradition.

    • Vajra is called to the weapon of the Hindu God Indra. Vajra mudra emulates the quality of the Vajra weapon and destroys the toxic traits of a person.
    • In Vajrayana Buddhism, the index finger in Vajra Mudra represents the union of male and female principles.

    How to Do Vajra Mudra (Steps)

    • To begin the procedure; firstly come in a sitting yoga pose like Sukhasana, Padmasana, or Vajrasana. If not able to sit in these postures, you can also sit straight in a chair or against wall support.
    • Close your eyes and bring both your hands on the lap or kneecap.
    • Now, while palm facing up, bend your middle, ring, and little fingers so all three fingertips can be touched against the tip of the thumb.
      • Here, the middle and ring fingertip will apply basic pressure on the thumb tip while the minor pressure will be applied by the little finger.
    • Extend the index finger straight pointing outward.
    • Now hold the hands in this finger arrangement and bring your awareness to the mouth.
    • Roll your tongue back & up so that the tongue tip can be pressed against the palate.
    • Combining finger and tongue position makes Vajra Mudra. keep breathing gently and be in this position for 3 minutes.

    After 3 minutes, slowly release the tongue lock first and then gently unfold the fingers one by one. Rest your hands, extend all fingers straight, and palm facing up on your lap.

    Points to Remember

    Vajra mudra is totally safe to practice and has no side effects, but few precautions should remember;

    • Vajra mudra should not be practiced for an extended period as it may cause dizziness or buzzing sound in the head.
    • For people with high blood pressure, limit your practice each session to 2 to 3 minutes – 3 times a day/ maximum 10 minutes a day.

    How Does It work?

    In Vajra Mudra, the index finger which is a carrier of Air element in the body gets exposure from nature. On getting exposure, the air element fans the fire energy in the body. It is the energy of the fire element which strikes on the body as a thunderbolt and makes you super active.


    Apart from this, Vajra mudra works over the weaknesses of the earth element. When the air element mix with the weak earth element by doing this mudra, it removes toxins from the body. Also, the air element is known to enhance the working of the Vajra Nadi and circulatory system.

    The Vajra Nadi

    Vajra Mudra also helps in detoxifying the subtle energy channels aka Nadis in our body.

    When this mudra performed consistently, it clears the blockages in Vajra Nadi, which is responsible for urogenital disorders. As the Vajra Nadi lies inside the Sushumna Nadi, this mudra helps in creating an obstacle-free path for Prana (life force) to flow through Chakras and helps in Kundalini awakening.

    Vajra Mudra Benefits

    • Since air is the governing force in Vajra Mudra, it stimulates the circulatory system in the body. Vajra mudra is very beneficial for individuals who usually have low blood pressure.
    • This mudra removes tiredness and stiffness in the body that comes after sitting long hours in a desk job.
    • Vajra mudra is also a detoxification gesture which increases the body’s toxic elimination process. By deep breathing through nostrils and exhaling through the mouth, this mudra detoxes the lungs and purifies the Nadis.
    • Stomach disorders that usually arise due to weakness in the earth element also get cured by the practice of Vajra mudra. It strengthens the stomach, spleen, and pancreas.
    • Practicing Vajra mudra is really helpful when you lost interest in things, feeling sleepy, need motivation. This mudra lets you jump start things with enthusiasm.
    • Vajra mudra also strengthens the heart and increases its intake capacity. As the heart keeps pumping all time, practicing this mudra relieves heart functioning and regulates better blood circulation.
    • Vajra Mudra cuts down the stimulants like tobacco, tea, and coffee.


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