Mushti Mudra (Fist Gesture): Meaning, How to Do, Uses

Mushti Mudra
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Mushti mudra is one of the simple hand gesture that we all come holding on to the earth. As a newborn baby’s hands remain clenched with folded fingers, the same is done while performing mushti mudra.

Besides this, humans generally form this hand gesture subconsciously whenever respond to negative emotion.

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    Practicing mushti mudra even for 5 minutes helps to chuck the concealed anger, irritation, or aggravation out of your system.

    However, this gesture provides other benefits that we take advantage of without even recognizing them. So let’s dive into mushti mudra and its benefits in detail today.


    Mushti Mudra Meaning

    Mushti is a Sanskrit term that refers to “fist” or “closed hands”. It is practiced by clenching the fingers and wrapping the thumb around them to form a fist, hence also named fist mudra.

    The fist Mudra denotes anger and it consistently decreases the emotional anger. The human body reacts to the emotion like anger and fear or pain by clenching the fingers into the shape of a fist. Mushti Mudra helps to get rid of such emotions. A sense of dissimilarity can be felt in 5 minutes.

    Besides being a yogic hasta mudra, mushti mudra is also an asamyukta hand gesture practiced in Bharatnaytam.

    Symbolic representation

    Symbolically, mushti mudra represents strength, force, or attack. It also signifies the following:

    • Grasping objects
    • Combative position of the wrestlers
    • Steady fastness of a person.

    However, in a Hindu text Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu is shown using Mushti mudra hand gesture to fight with the demon named Madhu. Here, it’s the symbol of force or releasing emotions.

    Mushti mudra stimulates all five basic elements (panchatattva), i.e. Agni, Vayu, Akasha, Prithvi & Jala. It is a fusion of Vayu Mudra, Shunya Mudra, Surya Mudra & Jalodara Nashaka Mudra.

    As the thumb is placed over the fingers to reach the ring finger just like in the Surya mudra. Hence fire (Agni) dominates over the other elements, therefore, mushti mudra generates heat and energy into the body.

    Mushti Mudra Practice Guide

    Before heading to this mudra, perform the following hand as preparatory yoga mudras. They will prepare the hand and fingers to be held for mushti mudra.

    • Muladhara mudra
    • Merudanda mudra
    • Wrist joint rotations

    How to Do Mushti Mudra

    • Sit in a relaxed pose laying the back of the hands on your thighs.
    • Focus your vision on a particular point and maintain the steadiness in the body.
    • Take a few long deep breaths accompanied by the feeling of letting go and sticking to saying “no”.
    • Clench the fingers of both the hands towards the palm and put the thumb over the first three fingers.
    • Exert mild pressure over the fingers.
    • Observe the physical sensation in the hands and emotional changes while inhaling and directing the prana towards the Manipura Chakra.
    • Hold mushti mudra with deep breathing for 5 to 15 minutes.

    Duration of practice

    • One can practice this mudra at any time of the day. It can be performed in seated, standing, prone, or even walking postures, as long as body is kept relaxed.
    • To get most of its benefits practice this mudra for 15 minutes three times everyday.
    • Practicing mushti mudra after taking meals for 10 minutes is also beneficial to improve digestive health.

    Counter gestures for mushti mudra

    After attaining mushti mudra for the recommended time, practice following mudras to get enhanced effects:

    Mushti Mudra Uses

    Holding the hands simply in a fist is beneficial for various health conditions as a therapy. The major health benefits of mushti mudra are;

    1. You can use mushti mudra to relieve negative emotions, viz. anger, fear, and frustration.
    2. Mushti mudra stimulates the liver and uplifts the energy of the stomach thus elevates the digestion process.
    3. Practicing mushti mudra also cures constipation and lack of appetite.
    4. This mudra relaxes trapped tensions in the body.
    5. It is also helpful in lowering blood pressure.
    6. It decreases the excess amount of four elements in the body- Vayu, Akash, Prithvi, and Jal. Thus prevents various ill-health conditions.
    7. It soothes the mind by clearing worries and unwanted thoughts.
    8. Performing mushti mudra is beneficial in curing mental issues like depression, frustration, etc.
    9. This mudra generates heat in the body therefore it cures excessive shivering due to cold, cough.
    10. It fuels enthusiasm into the body and eliminates laziness, lethargy, and lack of efficiency.


    Mushti mudra is your go-to mudra stay fit, energetic, and relieved.

    So next time whenever you feel overwhelmed with the pent-up emotions, mold your hands position to attain mushti mudra.

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