Matangi Mudra: Yoga Hand Gesture to Evoke Self-Confidence

Goddess Matangi is ninth of the Ten Tantric Cosmic Wisdom Goddesses.

Mata means “a thought”, which changes into words when spoken hence Matangi gives potency to the thoughts that occur in the mind. Her power works on the “uttered words” or audible speech, helping in the manifestation of desires. She helps in winning the opponent, attracting people to oneself with art & knowledge.

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    In Sanskrit, Matangi means a female elephant. This tantric goddess is also known as having the power of the elephant. She is worshipped like lord Ganesha to remove obstacles. The Matangi mudra shows the direction ahead and not focus on obstacles in life.

    Matangi Mudra

    Matangi mudra is a yoga hand gesture to evoke the tremendous power of Goddess Matangi by tipping up the middle fingers of both hands.


    Lord Shiva’s power or shakti is called Matangi. It is said once Lord Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi visited Shiva and Parvati. While the deities had food, some food got dropped. Matangi was born out of that food. She in many ways is the most unique goddess who also denotes being “egoless” as she was created out of leftover food. Lord Shiva said whoever will chant the Matangi mantra will get all their desires fulfilled.

    Goddess Matangi asks her devotees to offer her polluted substance and they need not take bath to worship her. Worshipping her one gets all the desires fulfilled and gets control over the enemies. She enhances the attraction powers of her devotees.

    Significance of Matangi Mudra

    Matangi Mudra serves as a potent tool for harnessing inner harmony and grounding the energies within the practitioner. Through this transformative practice, individuals can experience relief from anxiety, stress, and depression, while rejuvenating both mind and body.

    Matangi Mudra works by directing the energy towards your solar plexus chakra which is located two inches above your navel. It functions on this chakra which is the center of energy and the place where ego resides. It’s the channel of power, confidence, and self-esteem.


    This mudra removes all the blockages which are around the solar plexus chakra. It’s the place the digestive system is placed in the body, which is the generator of power source to human life.

    Matangi Mudra Performing Guide

    Matangi Mudra Practice Guide
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    You can easily practice the Matangi Mudra by following these steps given below:

    Firstly get yourself an open and calm place to perform this meditative posture with a hand gesture. Begin with sitting in a comfortable posture such as Sukhasana (easy pose), Padmasana (lotus pose).

    Relax your body and prepare for the Matangi Mudra. Center your attention toward your heart. Close your eyes and bring your eyeballs towards your Third Eye (between your eyebrows). Take a moment or two. Take deep breaths and relax.

    • Bring your palms to touch in the Anjali Mudra. Focus on your fingers when they touch to feel the integration of the left and right side of the body.
    • Bring the hands in front of your solar plexus (in front of your navel).
    • Now clasp your fingers. Raise the middle fingers of both the hands and join the tips of both middle fingers in total alignment.
    • As your hands are in front of your solar plexus, notice the movement of the diaphragm and abdomen when you take a long breathe, inhaling.
    • While exhaling, feel the light entering your head and filling your body, hands, stomach, thighs, and leaving from your toes.
    • Focus your attention on your Navel chakra. Keep breathing in and out directing your energy towards your solar plexus.

    You can also change the direction of the fingers pointing forward keeping the hand in front of the navel area.

    Remain in this mudra for 4 to 5 minutes. You can practice this mudra 4 to 5 times a day for optimum results. For pain relief, you can do this mudra for 15 minutes in a stretch.

    You can place a blanket or bolster to give you additional support while doing this mudra. You can bend your pelvis a little forward.

    Precautions for Matangi Mudra Practice

    To ensure optimal results and safety during your Matangi Mudra practice, it’s important to observe the following precautions:

    1. Attire: Wear loose and comfortable cotton clothing to facilitate unrestricted movement and breath.
    2. Distraction-Free Environment: As you’ll be in a meditative posture, minimize distractions by switching off mobile phones and electronic devices.
    3. Gentle Hand Gesture: While bringing the middle fingers together, be mindful of any discomfort in the wrist area. Listen to your body’s cues and adjust the pressure accordingly. Avoid forcing the hand mudra; it should be performed with ease and fluidity.
    4. Post-Practice Silence: After completing your Matangi Mudra session, take a moment to remain in silence. This allows for integration of the practice and enhances its effectiveness

    Matangi Mudra with Mantra Chant

    Goddess Matangi is the goddess of manifestation as she resides in the tip of the tongue and the Agya Chakra (Third Eye).

    Chanting the following mantra can help in the manifestation of desires and wishes while doing this mudra.

    Om Hreem Aim Bhagawati Matangeshwari Shreem Svaha

    Aum is the sound of the universe. Hrim is everything that can be known through intuition, conceived by the senses, mind & thoughts. Aim is the energy of desire and creation. The Shreem mantra aligns your energy with unlimited resources in your meditation. Saying this mantra grants you your desires.

    Om Matangayi Namah

    Maa Matangi Mantra is considered the main mantra to attain everything positive one desire to have in life for a comfortable as well as luxurious life. This mantra gives mental, physical, and financial stability.

    Visualizing the joyous Goddess Matangi playing the veena (a musical instrument) smiling while reciting this mudra can help in attracting positivity and removing all obstacles. Let your beautiful wishes become reality!

    Matangi Mudra Affirmation

    The spoken words become real with the blessings as Goddess Matangi resides in our throat chakra. While performing Matangi Mudra, use the following affirmations:

    While bringing your hands in Anjali mudra in front of your heart chakra say the following “I love who I am. Thank you universe ”

    When you bring both the middle fingers together, while touching the tip say “I am the owner of a healthy beautiful body.”

    Focusing on your solar plexus say “ Money comes to me easily.”

    Benefits of Matangi Mudra

    Practicing Matangi Mudra brings good health, inner peace, self-confidence, joy, and many other benefits. The practitioner will witness the following benefits once they start practicing Matangi mudra regularly over a period of time.

    1. Improvement in the Nervous System

    Matangi Mudra works on the hypothalamus. It strengthens the nervous system of the practitioner. It helps in improving the blood circulation in the body.

    2. Improvement in Digestion

    Matangi Mudra sends energy to the Manipura Chakra (solar plexus), which is located at our navel. As the middle finger in this mudra gets connected to each other, it stimulates the fire element which is linked with the digestive system.

    Practicing this mudra is really good for the digestive system of the practitioner. It improves the overall health of the stomach, liver, duodenum, heart, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, and pancreas.

    3. Relaxes the Jaw Muscles

    Matangi mudra gives relief from the pain in the jaw. It relaxes the jaw muscles. Those who are suffering from pain due to the onset of wisdom tooth, they will find this mudra beneficial from giving relief from the pain.

    4. Rejuvenates the Mind and Body

    One who practices this mudra feels stress-free after practicing this mudra. This mudra helps in releasing the locked up tension in the body. The practitioner feels calmness of heart and mind. One can easily take out time and practice this mudra while working in the office to release work-related stress and soothing the mind.

    5. Helps in Achieving Goals in Life

    This mudra helps on focusing on goal as the middle fingers of the hands held together to show the determination of achieving the goals, making the path ahead, and showing the direction to move ahead in life.

    This mudra stops the mind from wandering and brings one back to the goals one wishes to achieve in life.

    6. Gives Relief from Gallbladder Pain

    Matangi mudra helps those who are suffering from gallbladder pain. One can perform this mudra to get relief from the pain attacks.

    7. Helps in Insomnia

    Those who face difficulty in sleeping, they can do this mudra to get relief from insomnia.


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