Back Mudra: How to Do, Steps and Benefits

back mudra finger arrangement

One of the main causes of physical sickness nowadays is the lack of movement in the spine. Noble prize winner Dr. Roger Sperry says [efn_note] Breathing & your spine[/efn_note], our 90% stimulation of the brain is generated from a movement in the spine. So, the proper movement of the spine is important for a healthy body & mind.

But what if there come some blockage in spine & handling daily routine activities become unbearable?

Yoga exercises and yoga mudras mainly cure health issues and make you fit and energetic. There are a lot of yoga exercises and mudras you can perform to deal with physical and mental sickness.

Here I will tell you about a yoga mudra that relieves back pain i.e. Back Mudra.

Back Mudra – Hand Gesture for Back Pain

Back mudra is a simple hand gesture having many healing properties. As its name suggests, this mudra helps to get relief from both acute and chronic back pain.

This mudra is quite different from other yoga mudras as it involves fingers of both hands entirely in a different-different arrangement. In back mudra, finger used in this manner:

  • Right Hand’s – Thumb, Middle finger, and Little finger
  • Left Hand’s – Thumb and Index finger

By involving both hands, it helps in balancing the energies in the body and resist pain in our back.

This mudra strengthens our back, thus, works effectively for those having a week back.

When fingers of both hands come in contact with each other, energies associated with respective fingers also get balanced. With thumb fire element, with index finger air element, with the middle finger earth element, and with little finger water element get balances.

What Causes Back Pain & How Back Mudra Relieves From It?

back mudra for back pain

Back mudra is a simple hand gesture that cures all the problems related to our back. Because of its healing property on the lumbar region of the spine, this mudra is called Back mudra.

There are many reasons for pain in our back. Let’s discuss what are some daily habits that cause backache.

  • In our work, we often sit for long hours in the same posture. Lately, this causes back pain.
  • Sometimes we lift more weight than our capacity, this produces high tension on our spine and causes back pain.
  • While cleaning the floor, we make a declined position that creates a strain on our back muscles, results in back pain.
  • Sometimes while sleeping, we came in some wrong postures, that cause pain in back after we wake up.
  • Driving a car or bike for a long period increases pressure on our spin. As a result, we suffer acute back pain.
  • In our daily activities, we perform some bad postures ( such as sitting too straight for long, standing straight and looking at the phone), that affects our back.

Now, you have ample information about Back mudra, let’s move towards performing this exercise.

How to Do Back Mudra

Back mudra simply includes gesture of both hands. In this mudra, the gestures with both hands are different. Let me show you all the steps to perform this mudra.


Try to sit on a yoga mat for better comfort and balance.

  • Now close your eyes to avoid visual interactions with the physical world. After that, take some deep breaths for the flow of prana to your body.

This will make you closer to your Chitta. Still, there is no problem doing this with open eyes.

So this is the sitting posture you need to maintain to perform Back mudra.

Finger Arrangement

However, the finger arrangement in this mudra is different for both hands, so let’s see them one by one.

Right Hand’s Finger Arrangement

back mudra right hand finger arrangement

  • At first, fold the thumb towards the little finger.
  • Now, you have to touch the tip of the little finger and middle finger with the tip of the thumb. Meanwhile, keep the rest of the finger extended.

Left Hand’s Finger Arrangement

back mudra left hand finger arrangement

  • Firstly you have to bring your index finger towards the thumb and touch the middle line of the thumb with the tip of the index finger.
  • Now, bend the thumb from the middle line toward the nail of the index finger, and gently touch the nail with the upper part of the thumb. Meanwhile, keep the rest three fingers extended.

You have to do this arrangement with both hands simultaneously.

After that, put both hands on your upper thighs palm facing upwards.

Now, visualize a relief from back pain in mind and keep this mudra progressing. In addition, you can chant OM, for better concentration and vibration in the body.

Additional Method to Do Back Mudra

If you have a problem to perform this mudra on sitting position or in any yoga pose, you can perform it laying your back on the floor. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Firstly, bring a chair near to you, and lay down on the floor with your back.
  • Now place your calf and heels on a chair in such a manner that angle between thighs and spine is 90 degrees and the angle between calf and thighs is 90 degrees.
  • After that, pull the chin to stretch the neck.

The finger arrangements of both hands are the same as in sitting position.

This position gives the best results of Back mudra.

Best Time to Perform Back Mudra

Back mudra is a healing practice, so you can practice this mudra anytime throughout the day. Still, morning is the best time to perform any mudra, so it is always good to perform this mudra in the evening time.


You should perform this mudra at least 20 minutes a day. It is best to perform this mudra 4 times a day for 5 minutes.

You can perform this mudra anywhere. Whenever your hands are free you can do this mudra.


Back mudra might take time to heal your back. Do not expect a quick result from this mudra.

You should not leave this practice in between. It will give you results, not immediately but definitely.


Here, I will tell you some precautions you need to take to perform Back mudra safely.

  • Keep your spine straight while performing this mudra, This will encourage the flow of energies into the spine.
  • You should keep yourself lose. Do not force your body to do this mudra for longer. Else, you will end up hurting yourself.
  • If you have pain in knees, you should not sit in vajrasana pose. This will hurt you a lot. Still, you can sit in another yoga asana.
  • You should not replace this mudra with your physical and medical treatment of the back. Do this mudra along with other therapy for better results.

Benefits Of Back Mudra

Back mudra is healing mudra comes with many benefits in back, especially for pain in the lower back. Let me explain the benefits of this mudra.

  • Reduces Back Pain

Back mudra is specially designed to heal the pain in all parts of back (lower, upper and middle)

Performing Back mudra, on lying position, is most beneficial for our back. This mudra primarily nourishes the invertible discs and also increases the metabolism. This increases the flexibility of the back and makes it strong.

Thus this mudra helps in reducing back pain.

  • Reduces Muscle Tension

We face muscle tension when our body muscles shrink a bit for some time [efn_note] muscle tension [/efn_note]. This is caused by the irregular flow of blood and stress. In this mudra, the finger arrangement is in such a way that it makes a good flow of blood, and reduces stress.

Muscle tension often results in back pain and can be easily prevented by regular practice of Back mudra.

  • Prevents Muscle Cramps

A muscle cramp is a condition when there is a sudden reduction of muscle in your body [efn_note] muscle cramps [/efn_note].

This might cause pain. This might look like muscle tension but still a way different from muscle tension. This is caused by the squeeze of nerves as well as by the inadequate blood supply in the spine.

Back mudra improves the flow of blood and energies especially in the spine and heals the nerves. Thus Back mudra helps cure muscle cramps.

  • Reduces Negative Emotions from Back

It is believed that negative energies in any part of our body are also a cause of pain in that particular part.

Back mudra makes a better flow of prana and positive energy in our back. This eliminates the negative energy in our back.

Thus, this mudra reduces negative emotions from our back.

  • Balances Energies in Our Bodies

The proper balance of every energy is the most important thing for our health. By the right arrangement of fingers, this mudra makes a proper flow of energies throughout our body and helps to balance them.

This was all about the Back Mudra.  I hope I made everything clear. Still, if you have any problem or doubt about this mudra, you can mention it in the comment section.

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