Bhu Mudra (Mother Earth Mudra): How to Do and Benefits

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‘Bhu’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘earth’ and ‘mudra’ means ‘hand gesture’.

The Bhu Mudra is a hand gesture that signifies our connection to mother earth. The word ‘Bhu’ is also derived from Bhumi Devi or Bhudevi who is the Goddess of Earth in the Hindu religion.

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    This mudra is a grounding mudra that is also known as ‘the gesture of the Earth’. It’s practised in the cross-legged sitting position. By performing this mudra in a sitting position, you will be connected to the earth and nature.

    Bhu mudra for Root Chakra

    Yoga mudras for 7 chakras work perfectly from the fact our hands contain main nerve endings that are connected with chakra centres.


    The root chakra is the first chakra of the energy system present in our body which is responsible for grounding and stability. Hence while doing meditation for balancing root chakra, you can perform the bhu mudra for building the connection. Also, while in this mudra, you can chant the bija mantra for root chakra-LAM 

    How to do Bhu mudra?

    • Sit in a comfortable meditative posture, like lotus pose or easy pose
      • It is recommended that you sit directly on the ground for the enhanced effect of this mudra. However, if due to any reason you are unable to do so, you can always sit on a chair or any comfortable seat.
    • Gently join the ring finger, little finger, and the thumb by the tips. The index and the middle finger should be straight and relaxed. 
      • Make sure to not put pressure on the tips to the point of it being uncomfortable. 
    • With your palms facing down, gently touch the ground with your index and middle fingertips.
      • For people sitting on the chair, make sure your feet are firmly placed on the ground and your index and middle finger will be placed on the thigh, slightly above your knees. Your palms should be facing downwards.

    You can practice the bhu mudra while performing Pranayama or chanting the bija mantra for the root chakra.

    How long should practice Bhu Mudra?

    Ideally, most hasta mudras or hand mudras should be performed for 45 minutes a day. As bhu mudra is one of the hasta mudras, you should practice it daily for 45 minutes at a stretch or for 15 minutes, 3 times a day.

    The best time for meditation or yoga is early in the morning when the air is fresh and the world is just waking up. The calmness of the dawn will be beneficial for a relaxed and fresh mind and you will be able to concentrate.


    Benefits of Bhu Mudra

    • As the bhu mudra is also relevant for the root chakra, it helps in activating the chakra and grounds the person practicing the mudra.
    • Practicing the bhu mudra also provides stability, consistency, security and patience. This is because when placing your index and middle finger to the ground, you are transferring the excess energy in your body to the earth. It will even aid in correcting your posture.
    • By providing stability, you will also be able to let go of anxiety and stress. Facing any situation without fear will become easier. Through this, your confidence will also get enhanced.
    • You will feel connected to nature and the planet as a whole. When you practice bhu mudra amidst nature, you become aware of your surroundings such as birds, insects, grass, or even the people. This awareness helps in building a connectivity to life and will help you build trust and compassion.
    • Spiritually, you will also be able to nurture the energy of Goddess of the Earth, Bhudevi.


    Remember these precautions when practicing Bhu mudra

    • Wear comfortable clothes when performing a mudra and avoid distractions such as mobile, TV, radio, music etc.
    • Do not stretch your index and middle finger excessively. If you are unable to keep your fingers straight, keep them a little curled. The point is to avoid any discomfort which may cause you to lose any distractions.
    • Since the bhu mudra is associated with the earth element, people with excess Kapha dosha should practice this mudra in moderation one of the main elements of this dosha is earth.


    Mudras help in directing the energy into different parts of the body for the betterment of physical and mental features of the practitioner. It activates your root chakra which will help you become stable and grounded. By bringing awareness to your environment, you will feel a sense of solace by taking you away from the fast-paced and technological world.

    Start practising the bhu mudra and feel the excess energy drain off from your body and let mother earth build you up and nurture you from the base and throughout your body.

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