Udgeeth Pranayama (Chanting Breath): Steps & Benefits

udgeeth pranayama - om chanting breath

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The Sanskrit word Udgeeth literally means ‘deep and rhythmic chant‘. Udgheet Pranayama involves chanting of ‘OM’.

While reciting OM there isn’t any interference of lips and tongue. Hence OM is an untouched syllable. Udgeeth Pranayama is the purest form of silence, which is considered the source of all the Yoga Asana & Pranayama.

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    Udgeeth Pranayama: The Omkara Chanting

    There are many common names of Udgeeth Pranayama like Omkari jap, Om chanting, Omkara chanting. While performing this pranayama, Omkara sound connects you with silence within you. In this silence, our brain gets vibrations to tune in a natural frequency.

    Maharishi Patanjali, the author of yoga sutras, says that one who chants Om receives all the divine powers of the world. Om is a natural sound. As there are different types of people speaking different languages. But there is one sound that comes from the depth of the throat and that is Om. When your lips and tongue collide then it produces different kinds of sound. Om is a natural sound that comes without any collision.


    Benefits of Udgeeth Pranayama

    practising this pranayama may give you many physical and spiritual benefits as well:

    1. It helps to deal with anxiety, guilt, fear, and sadness.
    2. This pranayama helps to increase strength as well.
    3. It gives a divine shine as well as a stunning aura to the face.
    4. This pranayama can be best if you wanna connect your body and soul with spirituality.
    5. This pranayama is effective against Hypertension [efn_note] High blood pressure (hypertension) https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/high-blood-pressure/symptoms-causes/syc-20373410 [/efn_note].
    6. This Pranayama also cures acidity.
    7. It also helps to remove tension, anger, and anxiety.
    8. It cures problems related to sleep (Insomnia) and bad dreams.
    9. Even a small child of 4/5 years can perform this Pranayama, as it is easy to do.

    The Essence of OM Chanting

    udgeeth pranayama practice

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    The essence of Om Chanting is actually hidden behind the syllable Om.

    OM as ‘A’, ‘U’, & ‘M’

    When Om is studied in the English language, it comprises 3 letters: A, U, and M. There is a traditional way of chanting OM.

    • The first letter ‘A’ sounds like a a a a……
    • The second letter ‘U’ sounds like o o o o….. 
    • & the third letter ‘M’ sounds like  m m m m….. Connectively it is to be pronounced as a a a o o o o o o m m m…..

    This is not just a combination of these three letters only. All these three letters have a specific role in this pranayama. There are some indications that each of these words depicts and those are as follows:

    • A’  indicates the awakening state or Jagrat Awastha. This Pranayama includes the awakening of Kundalini, as a result, it gives sensations to the brain. When the brain and the mind start feeling those sensations, then the mind reaches the state of concentration.
    • U’ indicates The Dream State or Swapna Mudra. After the awakening of Kundalini, your mind starts revealing the entire stress out of your brain. Hence this Pranayama calms the mind and connects the divine energy to your body.
    • M’ indicates the Deep Sleep State or Sushupti Awastha. Your mind starts revealing stress from your body. As a result, your body and your mind start to be in a relaxing mode. Likewise, your brain is at the level of calmness and now. This state converts the mind and the body towards the sleeping state.

    Steps of Udgeeth Pranayama

    • Sit in a comfortable meditative position. You can use Padmasana, Siddhasana, Swastikasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana or you can sit on a chair as well.
    • Keep your spine erects and aligned in the head’s position. Put your hands on your thighs in Gyan Mudra.
    • Take a deep inhale through your nose, till your diaphragms get filled with air completely.
    • Then slowly exhale the breath from your nose in a very slow manner. With the exhalation chant the word ‘OM’.
    • While chanting the OM sound of O should be longer than M.
    • Your sound should be audible to you & concentration should only be on your breath.

    Pranav pranayama is another breathing technique that revolves around OM chant. You should definitely give it a try!

    Udgeeth vs. Brahmari Pranayama, What Is the Difference?

    Udgeeth pranayama has a quite similar mechanism as Bhramari pranayama (bee breath) has.

    In Udgeeth Pranayama, we chant ‘OM’ whereas in Brahmari Pranayama we used to produce humming sound of a bee (which resemblance like the sound of om).

    The similarity is that both of the pranayamas can be used as an expiratory exercise for bronchial Asthma [efn_note] Bronchial Asthma https://www.medanta.org/bronchial-asthma/ [/efn_note] and Pulmonary disease [efn_note] COPD https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/copd/symptoms-causes/syc-20353679 [/efn_note] curing.


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