Yoga for Prostate Enlargement (BPH): 9 Best Poses that Benefits

yoga for Prostate Enlargement (bph)
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Prostate enlargement aka benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a serious health condition among men which causes difficulty in urinating. This could affect any healthy male individual with aging, however nowadays, men in their 40s have started developing prostate enlargement.

In prostate enlargement, the normal 20 grams of prostate gland increases up to 80-100 grams. Since, it is located in front of the rectum below the urinary bladder, hence, its abnormality often results in damaging kidney or urinary tract.

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    Estimating its severity, it’s inevitable to look for its cure which leads us to yoga for prostate enlargement. Yoga helps in combatting enlarged prostate major symptoms by strengthening the reproductive organs and glands.

    A case study conducted in 2017 recommends yoga to help patients with an enlarged prostate. The USG (Ultrasonography) report of this study shows after practicing yoga prostate size has reduced from 144 to just 37 cc.


    How yoga benefit prostate enlargement?

    Since the root cause of prostate enlargement is considered to be hormonal fluctuations with age having a genetic association or poor lifestyle. Yoga relieves these issues as well as targets on easing its symptoms which include:

    • Frequent urination and Nocturia
    • Urinary Incontinence
    • Experiencing pain or burning sensation while urinating
    • Urinary tract infection
    • Blood in the urine is also found in some cases
    • In severe cases, the urethra gets blocked.

    Yoga also takes care of obesity, lack of physical activity, erectile dysfunction, some other factors that increase the risk of prostate enlargement.

    Here, comes the role of yoga in relieving benign prostatic hyperplasia.

    • Certain yoga poses strengthens the pelvic floor muscles which help in maintaining bladder control, thus relaxes major symptom of BPH.
    • Yoga stimulates reproductive glands that regulate the optimum hormonal secretion, hence cuts the chances of growing prostate due to hormonal imbalance.
    • Yoga poses also helps in releasing stress that prevents the further deterioration of prostate enlargement and other symptoms associated with it.
    • Improved blood circulation with yoga is also required to ease its symptoms and all yoga poses for prostate enlargement targets the same.

    Yoga Poses for Prostate Enlargement

    Practicing the following yoga poses is intended to keep the prostate gland healthy and cures the symptoms arising from prostate enlargement. These poses work on activating the pelvic floor muscles to ensure proper flow of blood to the prostate gland and areas around it.


    1. Hero Pose – Virasana

    hero pose man
    Image: Canva

    Hero pose is a basic sitting posture for prostate enlargement that is practiced kneeling on the floor and keeping the buttocks between the legs on the floor. The toes of the point backwards and the back stays erect.

    This pose opens the thighs and releases tension from the pelvic region. Thus, practicing hero pose is one of the excellent yoga poses for prostate enlargement.

    • Come to your knees and lower the buttocks on the floor between the legs.
    • Keep your back erect and place your hands on the thighs with palms facing down.
    • Keep all weight on the hips and do no pressurize the knees to much.
    • Hold the pose for three to five minutes.

    2. Head-to-Knee Pose – Apanasana

    apanasana man
    Image: Canva

    As the name suggests, it is assumed by bringing the head to knee when seated extending one leg in front and bending the other at knee.

    This postures contracts the lower belly squeezes the pelvic floor muscles and opens the groins. This way, Apanasana enhances the flow of blood to the reproductive system and maintains the health of the prostate.

    • Sit extending the legs in front and keep the arms by the sides.
    • Bend your left knee to place the left foot pressed against the right inner thigh.
    • Let the left knee drop on the floor.
    • Lengthen the spine and extend your arms to reach forward to grab the right foot.
    • Bend forward to rest the head on the right knee.
    • Sty there for 10 breaths and then release to repeat switching the legs position.

    3. Bound Angle pose – Baddha Konasana

    butterfly pose man
    Image: Canva

    This is another seated yoga asana for prostate enlargement practiced by joining the soles of the feet and drawing the heels towards the pelvis.

    Practicing this pose opens the pelvis and rushes the blood towards the reproductive system. It helps in easing the symptoms of BPH as well as strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

    • Sit extending the legs in front and arms by the sides.
    • Flex your knees to bring the soles of the feet together opening the pelvis.
    • Let the knee drop to the sides on the floor.
    • Extend your arms to grab the feet and drag the heels closer to the groins as far as possible.
    • Hold the pose for 10 deep breaths and then release.

    4. Bow Pose – Dhanurasana

    bow pose man
    Image: Canva

    Bow pose is practiced balancing the body on the abdomen while lifting the head, chest, and legs off the floor.

    This pose aids in easing the discomfort arising from the prostate enlargement. It enhances the strength of pelvic floor muscles, abdominals, and lower back. Any pain or discomfort arising due to BPH can be treated with this pose.

    • Begin with lying down on your belly.
    • Bending your knees bring the feet closer to the buttocks.
    • Extend the arms backward to grab the corresponding feet with the hands.
    • Exhale completely and then inhale to raise your chest.
    • Simultaneously, pull your legs upwards balancing the body on the core.
    • Hold it for 30 seconds and keep breathing looking straight.

    5. Locust Pose – Shalbhasana

    Shalbhasana man
    Image: Canva

    It is practiced lying down in the prone position and raising legs from there indulging the spine into a back bend.

    Locust pose is recommended as a significant yoga asana for prostate by famous Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Practicing this pose rushes the blood towards the pelvis region. Also, it is an excellent stress buster that also aids in relieving the symptoms of prostate enlargement.

    • Lie down in the prone position resting the head on the floor and extending the arms by the sides.
    • Exhale to lift the head, chest, and legs simultaneously and raise the arms with fingers pointing backward.
    • Concentrate all your weight on the frontal abdomen and pelvis.
    • Gaze forward bringing the chin parallel to the floor and bring the legs and torso in a concave shape.

    6. Shoulder Stand – Sarvanagasana

    Sarvanagasana man
    Image: Canva

    For getting into shoulder stand, lie down on the back and raise the legs, hips, and lower back off the floor balancing the inverted body on the shoulders.

    Assuming this inversion pose stimulates the nerves of the reproductive glands and promotes overall blood circulation. This eventually relieves stress as well promotes strength of the pelvis. Thus, yoga for prostate enlargement must include Sarvanagasana into the practice.

    • Lie down on your back with arms by the sides.
    • Keeping the legs together raise your legs off the floor.
    • Continue lifting the until the hips and lower back rises from the floor.
    • Place your hands on the lower back to support the lift.
    • Only the head and shoulders remain on the floor.
    • Keeping the legs straight, hold the pose for up to two minutes breathing deeply.

    7. Reclining Big-Toe-Pose (using strap)

    supta padangusthasana practice guide
    Image Source: Canva

    Reclining on the back and extending one of the leg upwards while keeping the other on the floor. This stretch is further extended by opening the pelvis and dropping the raised leg to the side on the floor.

    This reclining posture opens the pelvic region and releases the trapped tension. It also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles due to facilitating increased blood flow to this region.

    • Lie down on your back with arms and legs extended.
    • Bend your left knee drawing the chest towards the chest.
    • Wrap a yoga strap around the left foot’s arch and then straighten the left leg upwards.
    • Open your pelvis dropping the left leg to side on the floor at right angle to the body.
    • Hold this pose for 60 seconds and then release to repeat it on the other side.

    8. Churning the Mill Pose – Chakki Chalanasana

    Chakki Chalanasana (Churning the Mill Pose)
    Image: janvidoshi@instagram

    Churning the Mill Pose is a seated yoga pose for treating prostate enlargement, where the legs are spread wide apart and torso is rolled over the pelvis in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

    This pose is an effective stretch for the inner thighs, groin, and pelvic muscles. Thus, aids in treating the prostate enlargement.

    • Sit on the floor extending the legs in front and keeping back erect.
    • Separate the legs wide apart and keep the feet flexed and arches active.
    • Extend your arms in front and interlock the fingers.
    • Lean forward at the hips to reach the arms to the left toes.
    • Roll around the hip joint towards the right foot and from there reach backwards as if drawing an imaginary circle with the arms.
    • Inhale again to reach forward and exhale as you reach back completing the circle.
    • Repeat about five rounds and then again practice the circles in anti-clockwise direction.

    9. Raised Leg Pose – Uttanpadasana

    uttana padasana (raised leg pose)
    Image Source: Canva

    Raised leg pose is practiced lying on the back and raising both the legs at 30° angle. The toes in the final posture point towards the ceiling.

    Uttanpadasana stimulates the reproductive system including the prostate gland. It also strengthens the kidney and bladder, thus, alleviates any discomfort or other symptoms of BPH.

    • Lie down on your back keeping the legs together and together on the floor.
    • Place the arms by the sides and palms facing the floor.
    • Inhale to lift both the legs together inclined at an 30-degree angle.
    • Hold it there or you can increase the angle of the raised legs from 30° to 45° or 60°.
    • Hold the posture as long as comfortably possible and then release, Repeat it for 3-5 times.

    Mudra & Pranayama for Prostate Enlargement

    If yoga poses seem daunting to perform due to the enlarged prostate gland, you can try mudra and pranayama yoga therapy to relieve BPH symptoms. Mudras are specific gestures of yoga that are practiced by keeping the body in a fixed position. And Pranayama is called to the breathing exercises of yoga.


    End all your worries, complaints, and troubles due to the prostate gland with this yoga for prostate enlargement sequence and improve the quality of your living.

    This is an organic method of treating this uncomfortable issue without any side-effect or harm. It naturally brings the prostate gland back to its normal state and ease all the difficulty and threat that it poses on one’s health.

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