Root Chakra Stones: 10 Powerful Crystals for Healing and Grounding Yourself

Stones and crystals are known to contain special healing properties and have been used since ancient times to align the chakras. Using healing crystals during meditation and yoga sessions have been in trend in recent times.

Each chakra, with specific blockage issues, needs special stones to heal and balance its energies.

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    In this article, we will explain root chakra stones and how to use them for healing.

    Root Chakra and its characteristics

    Also known as the Muladhara, the Root chakra is located in the base of your spine. Because of its location, it’s closely associated with the Earth. The root chakra serves as the powerhouse of energy that regulates the entire body and all the other chakra energies.


    The main function of this chakra is to provide stability, comfort, safety, survival instincts, security and grounding energies.

    An imbalance in the root chakra can cause psychological problems like hopelessness, anxiety, distrust, attachment issues, loss of sense of physical identity and insecurity, anger and depression. While the physical issues range from feet problems, constipation, to bone and muscle issues, kidney problems and obesity. It can often affect your sex drive as well.

    On the contrary, a well-balanced root chakra keeps you grounded and you experience prosperity, an increase in strength and physical energy. You feel a purpose in life and will remain stress-free. Feelings of excitement, motivation, confidence, passion, self-esteem, courage, etc. are linked to a balanced root chakra.

    Hence it becomes extremely important to keep this chakra balanced at all times.


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    What are chakra healing stones?

    Technically speaking, stones are fossilized minerals that are naturally extracted. The molecules that make up these stones and crystals vibrate at a certain frequency. These frequencies and energies aid in the overall wellness of our mind, body and soul by complimenting the chakra energies.

    Crystal healing of the chakras has been followed as an alternate therapy method. The crystal vibrations set in motion the stimulation and healing of the chakra energy. They will help in cleansing and removing the negative energy from the body for positivity to seep in. 

    What stones or crystals are good for the root chakra healing?

    Some good stones for root chakra healing come in red colors. The vast majority of the stones we use for chakra healing have the same color as the corresponding chakra center! It’s based on the fact that 7 chakras are associated with 7 colors of the visible spectrum, and root chakra has red color.

    The stones of red color compliment the grounding energy and provide a sense of protection, therefore, helps in healing root chakra.

    However, earthy browns and black colored stones, which are associated with stability and protection, are also helpful in healing the root chakra. The black stones hold the earthly qualities thus promotes better grounding of the overactive root chakra.

    Let us look at some stones and crystals that are beneficial in healing the root chakra.

    1. Hematite

    hematite stone
    • Focus – willpower, courage, survival instincts, grounded
    • Color – It generally comes in black and red colors 
    • Known as – Stone of Mind

    Hematite stone derives its energy from the earth. Akin to a magnet, this stone pulls the root chakra energy towards the earth to keep you grounded, helping you make logical decisions. Logical thinking, in turn, will help you in decision making regarding your career, finances, business or life in general. Thus grounding energies keep you away from any drama making you feel more secure and less anxious.

    The black color of hematite stone transforms negative energy into a positive by absorbing negative energies from your aura and filtering them through the root chakra, effectively neutralizing any harmful effects of negativity. This positivity will keep you close to reality as well as increase your vitality.

    By stimulating your root chakra, Hematite boosts your willpower and courage to leave addictions such as smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. Your survival instincts also get activated which aid in reducing overspending, cravings and over-indulgence of any bad habits.

    By aiding in detoxifying the liver, blood and kidney, hematite stone’s energy is also extremely useful in the proper functioning of the body.

    2. Red Jasper

    red jasper
    • Focus –  courage, grounded, stability, confidence, energy flow, cleansing
    • Color – Red
    • Known as – Stone of Endurance, Nurturer’s Stone

    Commonly known as Nurturer’s Stone, Red Jasper is an excellent stone to ground your root chakra energies. The soothing vibrations and energies of this stone can be used to maintain emotional balance and stability as it cleanses the root chakra. Known to reduce stress and anxiety, it brings forth a sense of calm and builds confidence, and patience. 

    Red Jasper builds a sense of self-belief by helping in overcoming challenges and making peace with the past. It gives you the courage to deal with life’s challenges and obstacles without fear. This red stone is ideal for aura cleansing and stabilizing the root chakra thereby increasing physical strength, stamina and vitality. 

    It instills personal power and encourages us to curb issues related to such as drugs and alcohol, provides support in emotional abuse, or eating disorders. This stone is the go-to stone for awakening the Kundalini serpent which opens the central energy channel i.e. Sushumna Nadi.

    How to use

    • Place the Red Jasper between your feet to stabilize the root chakra energy.
    • Keep one stone on each palm during meditation to experience a calm state of mind.

    3. Bloodstone

    • Focus –  strength, courage, grounded, protection, clarity, decision-making, confidence, energy flow, self-esteem
    • Color – dark green with red spots
    • Known as – Stone of courage and bravery 

    Bloodstone is traditionally used to cleanse and balance the root chakra. The green and red color spots in this stone resonate with strength and fearlessness, which acts as shields from negative energy and threats.

    This stone is also closely associated with the heart chakra hence it helps in aligning both the chakras and providing you with emotional and physical strength. You can overcome your fears, reduce stress and improve patience by using the healing powers of this stone. 

    With its regular usage, you will notice an increase in your resilience and determination to deal with any difficult situations in life, which mostly a person with blocked root chakra lacks. With new perceptions, vitality, passion and improved self-esteem, Bloodstone helps you thrive by tapping into your personal strength and ensuring improvement of your well-being.

    On meditating with the Bloodstone, you will get the insights to deal with difficult situations by enhancing your resilience.

    4. Obsidian

    • Focus – courage, grounded, protection, clarity, decision-making, confidence, energy flow, self-esteem
    • Color – usually available in black, brown, green 
    • Known as – Mirror Stone, Stone of Union, Stone of Protection

    Obsidian stone is effective in providing emotional healing, spiritual growth, grounding and protective energies to a person with the overactive root chakra. It has powerful cleansing and balancing properties that help ward off any negative energies and emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety, and fear. Your root chakra will be cleansed of these negativities and effectively healed to keep you stable and productive.

    The Black Obsidian acts as a mirror to our souls, making us explore our truths and giving us the clarity to move forwards. Thus, it is one of the ideal stones for emotional healing and spiritual growth. It will help us with building better connections with the people and open us to receive positive energy and light.

    It is one of the stones that help with past life and karmic healing by breaking ties with any toxic or past traumas.

    5. Garnet

    gernet crystal
    • Focus – grounding, self-confidence, energy-flow, strength, intimacy, passion, protection, stability
    • Color – deep red, brown, black, pink, green, orange 
    • Known as – Stone of Health and Commitment

    Aptly named as Stone of Heath, Garnet stone is the solution to physical problems associated with the root chakra. It has unique properties of revitalizing and regeneration.

    Garnet works as an energizer of the root chakra and provides restorative energy when you’re feeling low. It helps in removing any toxins from the body and thus improving overall health. 

    This stone also purifies the root chakra energy by converting the negative energies into positive ones and healing the chakra in the process. You will be able to let go of any addictive or destructive patterns and experience emotional balance. By instilling courage and strength when you’re facing a hopeless situation or are feeling insecure, it will give you the confidence to move forward.

    Garnet also helps in stimulating the Kundalini and improving the intimacy and commitment between lovers.

    6. Smoky Quartz

    Smoky Quartz
    • Focus – grounding, protection, energy flow, overcoming traumatic events, let-go attitude
    • Color – light to dark grey or brow
    • Known as – Stone of Cooperation 

    The Smoky Quartz is widely known to neutralize any negative energy by providing grounding and protective energies and transferring it to the Earth. It is a powerful stone to heal your root chakra from any emotional blockages that may be creating an imbalance. Hence, it reduces the feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, fear.

    Smoky Quartz crystal is also a powerful tool to assist us in letting go of any unimportant matters, unnecessary attachment to material things or recover from traumatic events by cleansing and balancing the root chakra energy. 

    Any physical or bodily issues such as congestion or discomfort in the lower part of the body, hands and feet, can be reduced by this crystal’s energy. If you are recovering from a severe illness, the smoky quartz helps in restoring your energy levels to help you recuperate faster.

    How to use –  Keep the crystal between your feet, facing away from the root chakra location to release any negative energy.

    7. Black Tourmaline

    Black Tourmaline stone
    • Focus – protection, grounding, security, energy flow, confidence, clarity, detoxification, release tension
    • Color – Black, but tourmaline stone can have all the other colors in the spectrum

    The pitch-black color of this crystal makes it one of the powerful root chakra balancing crystals by providing protective and grounding energies. It transforms any negative energies into positive energy, effectively aligning the root chakra. You are also protected from any misfortunes, accidents, evil energies from people or the environment. 

    It is also a great source of empowering energies, which improves your attitude, instills happiness and attracts good luck. This stone is often used while performing cleansing and purifying rituals. 

    Black Tourmaline assists in the detoxification of colon, muscles and adrenal glands. Another unique property of black stone is that it removes harmful electromagnetic energies from gadgets.

    8. Carnelian

    Carnelian stone
    • Focus – willpower, confidence, courage, creativity, passion, strength, balancing energy, vitality
    • Color – Red and orange
    • Known as – Stone of Creativity, Motivation, Endurance, Leadership and Courage

    Having a blocked root chakra comes with fear, low motivation levels and various forms of trauma.

    Red carnelian is a powerful balancing crystal for root chakra to boost your willpower and self-confidence so that you can build trust in yourself and your perceptions.

    This stone especially can be used during the time of low motivation levels, morale or while facing your fears to uplift your motivation, passion and inspiration to enhance your creativity.

    Moreover, with the use of carnelian stone, you can overcome procrastination by deriving strength and courage to make better life choices. It is also known as the stone of Leadership as it instills such qualities and attributes to make you successful in life. Lastly, it helps you to stay grounded and promotes patience in times of difficulty.  

    9. Red Tiger’s Eye

    red tiger’s eye
    • Focus – grounding, motivation, balancing energy, protection, self-love, vitality
    • Known as – Survival Stone

    The Tiger’s Eye stone is said to have very soothing energy. Thus, it gently stimulates the root chakra and boosts our emotional and physical strength. It works as an energizer and calming stone simultaneously. The soothing energy of this stone grounds yet connects you to your higher consciousness.

    Tapping into its powerful energy, red tiger’s eye stone can instil feelings of self-love and self-care, attain a deeper connection with your partner and help solidify friendships. 

    Although it resonates with the lower chakra, its energy flows through the lower body part improving your blood flow, metabolic activities and reducing anemia. The stone’s energy is also said to improve one’s sexual drive.

    10. Onyx

    Onyx crystal
    • Focus – protection, strength, balancing energy, spiritual awakening, safety, self-discovery, self-transformation
    • Color – Black

    The Black Onyx is said to be one of the best root chakra stones to invoke the sense of self-discovery and self-transformation by centring your energies. Once you start using Onyx, you will find it easier to understand yourself and see yourself with new perceptions and insights. By healing your root chakra, onyx promotes better mental wellbeing and allows you to stay upbeat.

    Just like other stones and crystals, it also helps in protection against negative energies. You will be able to manage your stress and overcome fear and self-doubt in a better way. It provides balancing and centring energies and invokes spiritual awakening.

    How to use root chakra stones?

    All the stones and crystals for root chakra healing can be used in several ways.

    • Place them on tailbone or groin – Come into prone position and place red stone on your tailbone (lowest end of spine) at the location of root chakra. Or otherwise, while facing up, you can place stones centered on your groin area or on your feet.
    • Wear them as jewelry – The most common way to use the stones and crystals is by making them into jewelery such as necklace, bracelet or earrings.
    • Put them in personal / sacred place – Another effective way to take advantage of stones healing abilities is by placing them in spaces that are often used by you such as in your prayer room, meditation space, bedroom, office space, etc..

    It’s best to be patient when using chakra stones. It can take time for the stone’s energy to reduce root chakra issues.

    After using stones for healing root chakra, you should cleanse them with running water and then expose them to sunlight. Stone cleansing is important to get rid of any negative energies that stone may have absorbed during the healing process.


    There is no scientific evidence to prove the effects of the healing powers of stones and the medical fraternity also doesn’t believe in its ability to cure physical ailments. However, people who have been using them for years swear by their healing powers. These crystals induce relaxation within the body as well as the environment.

    You can also use root chakra crystals as a form of alternative healing therapy to ground yourself. Based on the type of blockage you are experiencing, choose a crystal to take advantage of their healing energies and balance your root chakra.

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