Kundalini Mudra – A Powerful Mudra to Awaken Sexual Energy

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word which in yoga is believed latent feminine energy represented by two coiled serpents. Because it sits at the base of your spine (at the location of root chakra), it’s strongly connected to the sexual energy in the body.

With an increased busy lifestyle bringing in stress and tension due to everyday challenges, the sexual drive of many people has suffered tremendously. It is a well-known fact that if your sexual life is suffering your mood and overall mental health also get negatively impacted.

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    By practising Kundalini mudra, you are essentially awakening your sexual power.

    What is Kundalini Mudra?

    As the name suggests, kundalini mudra is a hand gesture that will help in activating and awakening the kundalini energy. This mudra can be easily made by joining fists of two hands in a way that the right comes over the left.


    To make kundalini mudra, take the index finger of the left hand and place it through the right fist from the bottom and touch the pads of the right thumb. Place the right-hand thumb on top.

    The way this mudra is done is symbolic of joining the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. It is also a union of the feminine and masculine energies within the body. 

    Kundalini mudra will help in eliminating any sexual tensions from the body which have occurred due to stress such as lack of interest, early orgasm, reproductive problems, etc. It increases libido, vigour and helps to conceive the women. Hence, in recent times, practising Kundalini mudra has been on a rise to tap into the sexual energy within our bodies.

    The connection between kundalini awakening and sexual energy

    The Kundalini energy is represented by 2 coiled snakes residing at the base of the spine, which is near the genital area. For most of the time, it lies dormant and the power of the energy is often experienced during orgasm.


    However, did you know that you are not fully tapping fully into this sexual and spiritual energy? This is mostly because subconsciously you have been suppressing and neglecting your kundalini energy because you have been chasing your life’s goals too fiercely. The best way to activate this dormant energy is through yogic practices such as pranayama, mudras, asanas, mantra chant and meditation, etc.

    Kundalini mudra by working on root chakra triggers the dormant serpent energy at the base of the spine. When kundalini starts rising up with its regular practice, you will feel extremely lively. Its awakening will trigger pleasure and power in all your chakras.

    You suddenly become aware of the energetic bodies and feel a tingling sensation crawling up and down your spine. You will feel as if your hands are radiating electric energy, your dreams and visions will be more vivid, a shudder will be felt throughout your body – it is more or less like an explosion of energy.

    Most often, these symptoms are also referred to as the cosmic orgasm because you suddenly feel the change and everything becomes different.

    How to Do Kundalini Mudra?

    Kundalini mudra is generally performed during your meditation sessions. In a single sitting, you can hold your hands in this mudra for 15 minutes. Keep your focus on the joining point of both fists.

    Let us have a look at the steps of practising the mudra.

    • Start by sitting in a lotus pose or Sukhasana. You can sit on a blanket, yoga mat, or carpet. It is advised to avoid sitting directly on the floor as it is said that certain vibrations of the ground will hamper the effects of the mudra.
    • You can either close your eyes or keep them open and focus on a particular point. However, keeping your eyes closed will help in concentration.
    • Place your hands near your belly in a loose fist.
    • Take the index finger of the left hand and place it through the right fist from the bottom and touch the pads of the right thumb. Place the right-hand thumb on top. 
    • The rest of the fingers of the right hand should be completely curled around the left index finger.
    • Keep this mudra for 15 minutes.

    Since Kundalini also represents the combining of the individual soul to the universe, in relation to it, the index finger represents the individual soul, the outside world is symbolized by the fingers wrapping the index finger and the thumb is the sacred power.

    Guidelines to achieve maximum benefit

    • Make sure that the fleshy part of the thumb is touching the tip of the index finger in a way that you feel the energy flow and not an uncomfortable pressure.
    • Your breathing should be smooth and constant, just like in any other meditation.
    • Stop practicing the mudra after you have reached your goal as it means that the energy has been balanced.
    • Perform the mudra with both hands for equal time.

    Benefits of Kundalini Mudra

    • Practicing Kundalini mudra will help you in regaining your sexual desires and healthy sex life. It can help eliminating the sexual difficulties which may arise due to stress, anxiety or other physical problems.
    • The mudra stimulates regeneration and creativity as an awakened kundalini will help in healing the reproductive system.
    • Kundalini awakening will effect all the chakra as it moves through the spine where the 7 chakras are located, hence, it is a great way to activate your sexual energy and force within yourself.
    • With an active kundalini energy, any anxiety in your sexual life will be eliminated.


    The Kundalini mudra’s benefits have been recognized by many schools of yoga and martial arts. Practising this mudra regularly will help in enhancing your sexual health as well as your healthy reproductive system. It can be quite rewarding if you’re facing any sexual difficulties with your partners. With an improved sex life, a lot of your psychological and relationships problems can also be solved.

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