Asthma Mudra: Working, How to Do, Benefits

asthma mudra
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Asthma is the most common breathing disorder affecting people regardless of their age groups. It involves both physical and psychological factors. The environmental, emotional, and viral infections are equally capable of triggering asthma attacks.

Asthma mudra, as the name suggests serves as an aid to all asthma sufferers and survivors. It clear the impurities lies within our nadis, remove any blockages to the lungs, hence better facilitate the respiratory system in asthma.

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    However, hasta mudras like Pushan, Bronchial, Varun, Uttarabodhi, and Ling mudra are equally beneficial in respiratory diseases but asthma mudra is most beneficial for asthma.

    Asthma Mudra is practiced by both hands; bring your palms closer bending the middle fingers to join their fingernails together. All the other fingers remain extended and slightly apart.


    This post is prepared for revealing the working and benefits of asthma mudra that you came looking for in order to approach better health.

    Working of Asthma Mudra

    As per Ayurveda, an increased intake of Vata and Kapha aggravated food restricts the airways. It interrupts the flow of air in the lungs leading to difficulty in breathing.

    For this, asthma mudra is performed by pressing the fingernails of middle fingers against each other.

    The middle fingers represent the Akash element (space or ether). This space is present within the tubes and channel inside the body, viz. energy channels (Nadis), blood or lymph vessels, etc.


    Thus, asthma mudra promotes nadis working by clearing these passages and by allowing the flow of prana. Also, the root of the middle fingers is stimulated which are connected to the lungs, bronchial tubes, and chest.

    It helps in expanding the lungs and setting them free from any infections. This alleviates the blockages in the air passages preventing or even curing asthma attacks.

    How to Do Asthma Mudra

    Image Source: Shutterstock
    Image Source: Shutterstock
    1. Sit in a relaxed posture keeping the spine and head erect.
    2. Bring both hands closer with both the palms facing each other and extending all the fingers.
    3. Bend the upper halves of middle fingers and press both the fingernails against each other.
    4. You can keep the wrists and middle fingernails joined while the palms and all the fingers are kept extended and slightly apart.
    5. While pressing the fingernails, feel a deep stretch at the base of the middle fingers.
    6. Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply through the nostrils holding the mudra.
    • The practitioner must hold asthma mudra for 15 minutes in one sitting.
    • Alternatively, you can also practice it 3-5 times per day.


    • Follow a strict diet plan if you are practicing asthma mudra.
    • Consume only the fresh Satvik food including ginger, clove, turmeric into the diet to strengthen immunity.
    • Restrict the consumption of meat, eggs, wheat, milk, dairy products, chilled, sour, or preservative foods.
    • Prohibit smoking habits.
    • Stay away from harsh environmental conditions or food habits that irritate the lungs or windpipe.
    • Avoid the consumption of antibiotics.
    • Do not breathe via mouth especially during winters.

    Tips to enhance the practice

    • Combining ujjayi pranayama, anulom-vilom , nadi shodhana, and kapalbhati along with asthma mudra aids in opening the nasal passage.
    • Include some yoga poses while holding this mudra that enables the muscle opening.
    • Practicing Shavasana with asthma mudra leaves soothing effects on parasympathetic nerves.
    • Also, practice Bronchial, Prithvi, Linga, and Surya mudra along with the asthma mudra for getting fast relieving effects from asthma.

    Asthma Mudra Benefits

    1. Improves the respiratory system

    Asthma mudra activates the points in the palms and fingers which corresponds to the lungs and chest. By opening the chest and expanding the lungs it aids in improved breathing.

    Therefore asthma mudra is also known as the mudra for shortness of breath.

    2. Prevents asthma attacks

    The activation of points in the middle fingers relaxes the respiratory muscles. It reduces the symptoms of asthma or heavy breathing. Thus, prevents asthma attacks.

    3. Eliminates blockages

    Asthma mudra has a relaxing effect on the bronchial tubes. It helps in getting rid of all the bad toxins. It removes the mucous or congestion facilitating the flow of prana in and out.


    Asthma mudra is easy and very less time-consuming as compared to its results. Therefore, practicing it is beneficial in all aspects. It balances the Vata and Kapha doshas in the body.

    Thus, it is a must-try hasta mudra to experience healing effects on chronic breathing disorders. Asthma mudra actually works as a mudra therapy for curing asthma.

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