Prithvi Mudra: How to Do, Benefits and Precautions

prithivi or earth element mudra

Among all five elements which constitute our physical body, the earth element is the most dominant when it’s about the proportion of different elements.

Earth element in our body is a representation of confident attitude, strength (physical & mental both), firmness & stability in life. It lies in our skin, tissues, hair, nose & bones.

Though earth element has many characteristics that make us grounded & remain healthy in life, it’s most imbalanced by our daily schedule work. Therefore, it is very important to maintain its balance.

In Yoga, through the practice of yoga mudras, we can maintain this imbalance arises due to different elements. Here we will see a mudra that balances the earth and fire element in the body, that is The Prithvi Mudra.

Prithvi Mudra: The Gesture of Earth

Prithivi Mudra is a simple hand gesture made up of ring finger & thumb to bring the earth element of the body in balance. By bringing the earth element in balance, you can connect with your individual self more easily.

In yoga, Prithvi mudra’s spiritual essence begins while meditation when it calms the seeker’s mind and makes them feel grounded.

Apart from spiritual essence, when the tip of the ring finger comes in contact with thumb in Prithvi mudra the pineal gland 1 of the brain stimulates that helps in healing mechanism of the body. In this way, Prithvi Mudra encourages ailments’ healing process of body & mind.

What Prithivi Signifies in Prithivi Mudra?

The literal meaning of Sanskrit term Prithivi is “vast one” that represents Earth or Goddess earth (In Hinduism). In this way, Prithvi mudra is a gesture of bringing a comprehensive approach of body or life into reality so we can feel grounded.

The thumb associates, the energy of the fire element and ring finger associates the energy of the earth element. As, this mudra includes the movement of thumb and ring finger, this mudra balances both elements in the body.

Because of its property to increase the Prithvi (earth) element in the body, it’s also known as Prithvi Vardhak Mudra. Besides, this mudra also decreases the Agni (fire) element in the body, there it is also called Agni Shamak Mudra. 

Why Prithvi Mudra Is Important?

In Ayurveda, it is believed that the major part of our body is made up of the earth element. That’s why the earth element plays a vital role in our physical and mental health.

Certain habits of our daily life decrease the earth element in the body and cause disorders in our body.

Prithvi mudra increases the earth element and decreases the excess of fire element simultaneously. Therefore, this mudra helps to cure various disorders caused by the imbalance of these two elements such as weight loss, hair fall, fatigue, dullness, nasal disorders, skin disorders, etc.

Now, let’s move forward and see how to perform this mudra.

How to Perform Prithvi Mudra

prithivi mudra finger arrangement

To perform Prithvi mudra, you need to bring the tip of your ring finger in contact with your thumb while rest three fingers extended. If you want to perform this mudra in a yoga session, follow the following steps.


To perform the Prithivi mudra, before you make the finger arrangement, you need to make a body posture as described below.

  • Firstly, sit in a yoga asana, such as Padmasana, Sukhasana, or Vajrasana. Get comfortable with the asana, because, without comfort, it is very hard to concentrate and meditate.
  • Now, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. This will make a flow of prana throughout your body.
  • Focus on the movement of breath through your nostrils. This will help you to relax and feel the Chitta.

You can also practice this mudra, standing in Tadasana or sitting on a chair.

After this body posture, the arrangement of the fingers starts. Let us know, how to arrange the fingers.

  • Firstly, curl the ring finger of your hand towards the thumb.
  • Now, touch the tip of your ring finger with the tip of your thumb.
  • Lastly, extend rest three-finger, as much as possible.
  • Do this with your both hands, simultaneously.
  • Now, place both of your hands on the upper thighs and start chanting OM. This will help you in removing all the thoughts, and focus the mind.


To get the best results out of this mudra, you need to take care of the following points:

  • Don’t force your fingers to be extended, just stretch them gently.
  • Don’t press the tips of thumb and ring finger too hard, else you will feel hard to concentrate.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. You might feel uncomfortable in too tight or too loose clothes.
  •  If you are wearing any jewelry, bracelet or watch on your hand, it’s recommended to remove them while performing this mudra.
  • This mudra also requires a deep concentration, so, try to practice it in a quiet place.
  • Turn off or switch your phone to silent mode, to prevent disturbance. Also, turn off other noising home appliances like TV, radio, etc.

Best Time to Practice

The morning time is the best time to perform any mudra or yoga exercise. At this time of the day, our mind is in its freshest state. Therefore you are much likely to get concentrated easily. So you should perform this mudra between 4 am to 6 am for the best results.

Still, if you find difficulty doing this in the morning time, you can perform this mudra in the evening also.


You should perform Prithvi mudra at least 30-40 minutes a day. It is your wish, whether you want to do it in a single stretch, or two-threes stretch of 10-15 minutes. According to research 2, you should do a mudra more than 20 minutes for best results of that mudra.

Prithvi Mudra for Hair Growth and Weight Gain

Prithvi mudra is very helpful in both, hair growth and weight gain. Let’s explore how:

1. For Hair Growth

As mentioned earlier, Prithvi mudra increases the earth element in the body. The earth element is a vital component in the formation of hair and tissues. Prithvi mudra considerably increases the earth element in the body thus practicing this mudra promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall.

If you are facing hair fall and premature greying of hair, you must do this mudra for preventing hair fall and better nourishment of your hair.

2. For Weight Gain

The fire element is mainly responsible for weight loss in the body. If you have an excess of fire element within your body, you will see a decrease in your body weight.

In the case of weight, this mudra is just opposite to Surya mudra (Agni mudra). Surya mudra increases fire element in the body, thus we lose weight, on the other hand, Prithvi mudra decreases the fire element in the body, as a result, we gain weight.

Hence, Prithvi mudra is the best recommendation for those who are trying to gain weight.

Other Benefits of Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi mudra is a therapeutic mudra that comes with many physical and spiritual benefits. Let’s discuss what are they.

  • Prevents the Loss Caused by the Excess of Fire Element in the Body

The fire element is responsible for the heat in our body and its excess causes extra heat in our body. Several disorders are caused by the excess of fire element in the body such as Ulcers in mouth and stomach, burning sensations (in eyes, face, hands, stomach, urine, anus and feet), acidity, inflammation, digestive disorders, and fever.

As Prithvi mudra includes movement of the thumb (represents fire), it decreases the overflow of the fire element in the body. Thus, the practice of this mudra prevents us from such disorders.

  • Make Us Energetic and Perky

Prithvi mudra includes stimulation of our Nadis that helps Prana to flow better through our spine to the other parts of the body. This flow of prana encourages energy distribution in all parts of our body. Thus the regular practice of this mudra keeps us energetic and prevents fatigue, weakness, and laziness.

Besides, Prithvi mudra also strengthens the body and increases stamina & endurance.

  • Best Mudra to Heal Body Tissue and Skin

Prithvi (earth) element is a major component of our body parts such as skin, bones, tissues, hair, flash, nails, etc. Even a slight drop in the amount of earth element in the body leads to many disorders in these parts.

The practice of Prithvi mudra maintains the balance of earth element in the body, thus, this mudra heals the body tissues and boosts the growth of tissues.

Along with this, Prithvi mudra heals cuts and wounds, dry and cracked skin, fracture in bones, the density of bones and brittle nails. This mudra also adds a glow in your face.

Earth is also a major component of the nose. Nasal disorders are caused by the lack of earth element in the body. As, Prithvi mudra increases the earth element in the body, so its practice prevents nasal disorders.

  • Helps to Stimulate the Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara chakra is located at the base of the spine, which represents the earth element. As the Prithvi mudra balances the earth element, the practice of Prithvi mudra helps to stimulate Muladhara chakra. This chakra is responsible for flexibility, humbleness, and confidence. This keeps us grounded, spiritual and humble.

Side Effects of Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi mudra is very beneficial for us only if it is practiced in the limit. If this mudra is done over the limit, it can show you some side effects.

  • The excess of Prithvi mudra leads to Kapha dosha. In Kapha dosha, the earth element is already present. If you are having Kapha dosha you should not do it at all because this mudra will increase the Kapha dosha within you and this can lead to an excess of mucus and high body weight.
  • Prithvi mudra is also not recommended for women in pregnancy. As, in this stage, the body becomes much sensitive, so even a slight excess of any element could cause a problem. So, during pregnancy women should not perform this mudra.


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