Throat Chakra Stones: 8 Healing Crystals to Clear Blockage from Vishuddha

throat chakra stones

The 5th chakra in the line is known as Vishuddha or throat chakra. This chakra assists in expressing the energies, making this chakra the centre for communication and self-expression. It is located at the throat and around the mouth & jaw and is represented by blue color.

A well-balanced throat chakra will let you articulate your thoughts and express your feelings and emotions. Through this chakra, you can also be connected to the spiritual realm, angels, and guides, giving you a tranquil and peaceful aura.

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    Using stones & crystals for throat chakra healing

    Stones and crystals which have high vibration frequencies are helpful in healing or balancing the throat chakra. Its association with sacral chakra helps in encouraging the expression of creativity.

    The stones will aid in boosting confidence, improving relationships, reducing self-judgment, happiness, and better communication, which are all signs of a balanced throat chakra. The way you interact with yourself and others will be positively affected by the use of crystals. 


    What stones or crystals are good for throat chakra healing?

    Any stone and crystal that are in shades and tones of blue greatly help in healing the throat chakra. The stones having high vibration frequencies are extremely effective in stimulating the throat chakra. 

    We have listed some of the best stones that you can utilize to clearance, heal and balance your throat chakra effectively. 

    1. Aquamarine

    • Focus – public speaking, self-confidence, courage, communication, meditation, mental clarity, good luck
    • Color – light blue, blue, green-blue
    • Known as – Stone of Courage 

    Aquamarine is considered to be the most significant and beneficial stone for opening and cleansing the throat chakra. The wearer of this stone will find it easy to have honest communication with increased confidence and courage.

    The soothing vibrations of this stone help in overcoming your fear of public speaking and reducing any stress related to it. In addition to this, it also helps in clarity of mind and lets you discover yourself. To balance your throat chakra will improve your relationships by creating harmony and trust and reducing manipulation, abuse, overreactions, and ego.


    With a clear mind and enhanced self-awareness, you will be able to connect to your higher self as well as spiritually.

    How to use – Best worn as jewellery such as necklaces and rings. 

    2. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli
    • Focus – self-awareness, honest communication, creativity, expressiveness, enhance friendship, knowledge, mental clarity 
    • Color – Deep Blue with gold flecks
    • Known as – Stone of Friendship, Truth and Total Awareness, The Wisdom Keeper

    Alternatively known as the stone of wisdom, lapis lazuli stone enhances your knowledge, intellectual understanding, intellect, and ability to seek the truth. This stone assists in letting go of any suppressed anger by stimulating and removing blockages of the throat chakra.

    The energizing capability of this stone is especially beneficial for writers, journalists, and executives as it encourages honest speaking abilities. You will enjoy a healthy relationship as it enhances harmony and balance through peaceful communication. 

    Lapis Lazuli is great in providing emotional support and you can express your emotions and feelings with courage and confidence. The stone boosts your creativity, problem-solving abilities, and instills compassion. It is one of the ideal stones to balance your throat chakra and help you in your journey of self-discovery.  

    How to use – Lapis Lazuli can be worn as jewellery near the throat to get the best effects.

    3. Turquoise

    • Focus – self-expression, communication, wisdom, hope, friendship, leadership skills, protection, luck
    • Color – light blue, sky blue, blue, blue-green, gray-green
    • Known as – Stone of Communication

    Turquoise is one of those stones which has been used for decades for its subtle gentle energies and is the most common accessory in jewellery. The soothing and gentle vibrations of this stone are beneficial to enhance better communication and connect you to spirituality.

    It purifies your soul by protecting you from negative energy. Called a master healer, Turquoise can be used to heal all the chakras through stimulating and balancing their energies. Along with attracting good luck and fortune, it aids in forming great friendship bonds. By encouraging forgiveness and self-acceptance, you will be able to let go of past hurt. 

    This stone of communication will open your blocked throat chakra and facilitates clear and honest expression qualities.  If you’re experiencing mood swings or unwanted behavioural patterns, Turquoise stone is best to support you to express yourself calmly. 

    How to use – Keep this stone near you for longer periods as it has a very gentle frequency.

    4. Blue Lace Agate

    Blue Lace Agate
    • Focus – self-confidence, communication, mental clarity, public speaking, loyalty, intuition, 
    • Color – Pale Blue
    • Known as – Stone of Articulation

    This light blue stone has soothing energies that help to curb anger in your voice and express your thoughts or emotions with clarity. Moreover, it also helps calm your mind, by letting go of your fears, shyness, and insecurity as this stone’s energy will heal the throat chakra.

    Yet another stone that is ideal for connecting you to spirituality, it activates the throat chakra and enhances intuition, clear expression, and reduces stress and anxiety. Your aura will become calm and tranquil, all the while paving a way for easy communication and self-expression.

    This agate stone can also cure any past or present physical ailments such as broken bones. It keeps all the chakras in balance and this energy flow will help in the outflow of positivity and generation of new and creative ideas.

    How to use – If you are about to face a large audience, it is recommended to keep this stone with you in your pocket.

    5. Blue Apatite

    Blue Apatite
    • Focus – personal growth, knowledge, energize, communication, confidence, creativity, public speaking, self-expression
    • Color – Deep Blue
    • Known as – Stone for Personal Power

    This stone is known as the stone of personal power as it helps in achieving your goals and dreams. The stimulating properties of blue apatite help in letting go of any confusion and increases your thirst for knowledge and intellect.

    It is ideal for mental wellbeing as it clears negative energy and assists in putting forth your points. The wearer of blue apatite will feel a surge in confidence, self-expression, and problem-solving abilities. 

    By removing any emotional blockages of the throat chakra, blue apatite heals you from your past traumatic experiences and emotional wounds. Thus, you will feel more aware of your true self and open in communication. It is one of the go-to stones for opening the throat chakra, thus aiding in your connection to the higher consciousness.

    How to use – By using Blue Apatite with other crystals, you can increase its effects.

    6. Sodalite

    • Focus – harmony, tranquility, self-expression, confidence, self-awareness, rational thinking, creativity, focus, communication 
    • Color – Blue with white flecks
    • Known as – Harmonising Stone, Stone of Intuition and Logic

    Just like Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite is another ideal stone for writers, artists, and performers. It stimulates the throat chakra and encourages clear expression and articulation of thought and creativity.

    For people who are prone to panic, and are impulsive, the calming and soothing energies of Sodalite stone will stabilize the mind, reduce stress and aggression towards people.

    Sodalite is a harmonizing stone that will support your friendships in business and balance your emotions. Its positive effect on hormones is also a result of the harmonizing energies as it helps during menstrual pain, menopause, and metabolic functions.

    How to use – Keep the stone on your desk to enhance your creativity and draw inspiration.

    7. Blue Kyanite

    • Focus – self-expression, harmony, communication, self-discovery, relationships, calmness, loyalty
    • Color – blue with white streaks

    This stone is best known for aligning all the 7 chakras. Once all your chakras are aligned, your energies will have a free flow and an open mind. It helps in preventing destructive behaviours and encourages loyalty, trust, communication in your relationships.

    Kyanite will assist in opening your throat chakra and guide you to connect to your inner spirits and induce healthy dreams. Its high vibrations will clear all blockages in your throat and aid in self-expression, inspire loyalty, and mend any broken or problematic relationships.

    People from the creative and performance fields, kyanite’s high vibrations will be beneficial in bringing out your inner talents.

    How to use – Use this stone during meditation to align your chakras.

    8. Angelite

    • Focus – communication, self-expression, compassion, peace and tranquillity, forgiveness, connection with higher self 
    • Color – blue and white
    • Known as – Stone of Awareness

    By balancing your throat chakra, Angelite helps you speak the truth with love and compassion. It removes energy blockages and creates a path for a better connection with the angels and spirits and increases your telepathic skills.

    Due to its special association with spiritual connection, it is the go-to stone for spiritual healers and teachers.

    It cleanses any negative energy in your aura and induces peace and tranquillity in the mind.

    You will be able to express yourself freely and establish better communication. The powerful energies emitted from this stone aids in higher self-awareness. Healing of thyroid and parathyroid glands will be stimulated by this stone.

    How to use stone and crystals for healing throat chakra?

    • Wear jewelry, especially necklaces, that are close to the throat for maximum effect.
    • Large stones that can be kept around your office space such as desks will help in letting your creative juices flow. It can also be kept around in the house to enhance the flow of communication and self-expression.
    • Some of the stones can be kept under your pillow to induce healing dreams.
    • As these stones do not have any harmful chemicals, they can be used as elixirs to better absorb their energies.
    • Use these stones during meditation by holding them close to your throat or in the palm of your hands.

    Many stones have significantly higher vibration frequency than others. Hence it is recommended that you start with using stones and crystals with low frequency. 


    Crystals and stones are some of the best ways to aid in balancing the throat chakra. Emotional imbalances like timidness, frustration, impulsive behaviour, inability to express oneself, being overanalytical, etc can easily be overcome by the powerful energies of the above-mentioned stones.

    Having better communication, better self-expression methods, compassion, self-awareness is important to maintain healthy relationships with others and yourself. With a healed throat chakra, you are better connected with your higher self and inner spirits, which will help you spread positivity around you.

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