Solar Plexus Chakra Stones: 9 Crystals for Healing Your Navel Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra, also called Manipura in Sanskrit, is the third chakra and the powerhouse of the ‘fire’ energy. Depicted by yellow, the energy from this chakra helps in discovering and healing your sense of self.

It is responsible for providing confidence, enthusiasm and the correct amount of ego to drive you towards your goals. With a balanced solar plexus chakra, you can get rid of any blockages which are affecting your mental and emotional balance.

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    Importance of stones and crystals for solar plexus chakra healing

    Solar Plexus Chakra crystal and stones have special vibrations and energies which will help in keeping your chakra in balance. They will assist in spiritual and emotional healing. 

    As this chakra is located just above the navel, many bodily and physical issues such as digestive problems and weight gain can also be healed. The positive energy provided by these stones will enhance your self-worth, personal power and willpower.


    Stones of these chakra not only help in emotional balance but also help bring forward your creativity. Hence you can get the benefit of physical healing as well as improved lifestyle.

    Many stones for this chakra are in shades and tones of yellow, which means they have derived their energy from the sun. Their warm vibration helps in providing positivity and thus controlling extreme and dominating behaviours. This benefits in seeing the world in a different light as you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

    What crystals are good for the solar plexus chakra?

    The main color of this chakra is yellow, thus any stones which are in the same color or have tones related to yellow and golden are beneficial. It also extends to stones and crystals having a yellowish-green tone.

    These colors are associated with solving physical, spiritual and emotional issues. Most of the stones can be used for both the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra. Such stones will have tones that are closely related to green and yellow.


    The stones and crystals that resonate with the solar plexus chakra have been listed in this article to help you select one as per your need and requirements

    1. Citrine

    • Focus – empowerment, confidence, optimism, success, positivity, happiness, wealth, creativity, clarity 
    • Color – yellow, orange, earthy brown
    • Known as – The Stone of Success, Merchant’s Stone

    This stone is used for both sacral and solar plexus chakra. The alignment of the two will help you become more flexible in your life and let go of unwanted things.

    Citrine stone assist in building self-confidence to fulfill your goals and dreams. It attracts love and happiness which can aid in strengthening your relationships.

    The yellow hue of this stone will unblock your solar plexus chakra and instill positivity by reducing feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, or any other negative feelings. People suffering from depression can take advantage of the healing powers of this stone as its warmth will increase happiness and optimism towards life, and boost self-esteem. 

    Citrine will balance your solar plexus chakra and instill feelings of empowerment which will help in decision-making with a clear mindset. The stone’s warm and sunny appearance will aid in cleansing your chakra by removing any accumulated negative energy and attracting success and prosperity.

    Issues related to skin, hair, digestive system, urinary tract, kidney, and menstruation can also be healed with this stone.

    2. Pyrite

    • Focus – vitality, energizing, willpower, determination, strength, grounding, protection, communication, success
    • Color – brass-yellow, brown-black
    • Known as – Fool’s Gold

    Due to its resemblance to gold, pyrite is often referred to as Fool’s Gold. However, its healing properties surpass its nickname.

    This crystal helps in blocking the negative energy that is negatively affecting your mood. Through stabilizing the chakra, you will experience a positive emotional balance. 

    Pyrite stimulates your solar plexus chakra and provides courage to make decisions and move forward with life. Additionally, it helps in attracting success and prosperity by acting as a good luck charm. It radiates positivity and stimulates logic, memory, and intelligence. When your solar plexus chakra is activated, you will also experience a surge in enthusiasm, passion, courage, and self-expression.

    This crystal brings mental clarity through which you can make decisions regarding your finance, investment, and your career. Your communication and persuasion skills are also improved by this crystal.

    How to use – Having a beautiful gold-like appearance, it can be used as Feng Shui and incorporated in sculptures, interior designs, light fitting, etc.

    3. Tiger’s eye

    • Focus – confidence, protection, grounding, balancing emotions, strength, courage, focus, good luck 
    • Color – golden, brown, red-brown
    • Known as – The Stone of Mind

    Being a protective stone, Tiger’s Eye open your solar plexus chakra and brings in courage, strength, willpower and confidence. It is also advantageous for people who experience mood-swings, low energy or emotional imbalance. Tiger’s eye is a versatile stone that can be used to bring good luck as well!

    The stone gives grounding energy and stability, helps you in having a positive approach to life. It acts as a powerful shield against any negative forces thereby removing any negative thoughts and fears from your mind. The stone also helps with issues related to the digestive system and reducing food cravings.

    4. Yellow Jasper

    Yellow Jasper
    • Focus – positivity, happiness, confidence, tranquility and peace, self-esteem, protection, enthusiasm
    • Color – yellow
    • Known as – The Stone of Protection

    Yellow Jasper is one of the most ideal stones for healing your solar plexus chakra. It has the quality of absorbing any negative energy. Since it taps its energy from the sun, it radiates positivity, making you happy and keeping your emotions in check.

    This stone carries softer masculine energy, hence, activating the solar plexus chakra through this stone will promote enthusiasm, courage, self-expression, and self-esteem. The stone is well known to provide a healthy balance between the body and mind which helps in calming our minds and encourages positive thinking. 

    It effectively removes emotional blockages by shielding you from jealousy, gossip, and other negative energies that may come from other people or the environment. This stone also helps in building stamina and reduces any misunderstanding in your relationships.

    How to use – Yellow Jasper has low vibration frequencies hence it should always be kept in very close contact to the solar plexus chakra. Also make sure to cleanse and recharge the stone regularly.

    5. Lemon Quartz

    Lemon Quartz
    • Focus – happiness, creativity, clarity, optimism, self-worth, confidence, empowerment, inner peace, metabolism, good luck
    • Color – yellow
    • Known as – The Stone of Optimism

    Lemon Quartz is known to have very strong vibrations hence it is ideal for people suffering from a prolonged illness, undergone surgery, or any other bodily ailments. It reduces your food craving and addictions.

    As it is associated with optimism and empowerment, it reduces negative thoughts, instills self-confidence, self-worth, and cleans any emotional blockages from the solar plexus chakra. It also attracts good luck and wealth.

    The warmth derives from the sun activates and balances the solar plexus chakra and improves your mood by making you happy, bringing joy and vibrance in life. The cleansing properties of the stone also bring clarity to the mind, making you optimistic and connected to spirituality.

    How to use – It can be used as Feng Shui and incorporated in sculptures, interior designs, light fitting, etc.

    6. Amber

    • Focus – self-confidence, decision-making, emotional balance, patience, focus, clarity, positivity
    • Color – yellow, orange, brown-red, and often in green, blue, or black
    • Known as – The Stone of Healing

    This fossilized tree resin taps its energy from the sun and the earth thus making it one of the powerful stones to activate the solar plexus chakra. This benefits in eliminating mood swings and providing emotional balance, grounding, and stabilizing energies to the navel chakra. 

    The warmth from this special stone boosts self-confidence and patience to deal with your relationships. It is also a highly protective stone as it absorbs negative energies from the environment, hence, make sure to cleanse Amber regularly after use. 

    The stone focuses on healing your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing to remove any solar plexus chakra blockage. Amber also balances your chakra energy thereby increasing your strength and vitality by keeping you away from many diseases and helping in longevity.

    How to use – Hold Amber in your non-dominant hand during meditation for a positive mindset.

    7. Golden Topaz

    Golden Topaz
    • Focus – willpower, self-confidence, courage, creativity, joy, positivity, metabolism, good fortune and luck.
    • Color – brown, yellow, or gray in natural state 
    • Known as – Crystal of Potency, True Love & Success

    Golden Topaz, also known as imperial topaz is a bright and warm crystal for solar plexus chakra that radiates happiness, strength, vibrancy, and friendship. By removing negative thoughts, it brings forth brightness and joy in your life. 

    In ancient times, it was used to remove black magic spells and ward off evil spirits, and rightfully so. Through its healing properties, Golden Topaz helps in reducing nightmares and calms your mind during stress. 

    The stone instills in you feelings of forgiveness, compassion, and hope. It attracts like-minded people and aids in making life-long friendships and fulfilling relationships. It also stimulates your blocked solar plexus chakra by removing depression and fear and promoting self-love, optimism and willpower to move forward in life.  

    How to use – Golden Topaz is best used in jewellery due to its elegance and during meditation for its flow of energy.

    8. Peridot

    • Focus –  energizing, forgiveness, positivity, confidence, self-worth, balancing energy
    • Color – green
    • Known as – Study Stone, Stone of Compassion

    Peridot stimulates the heart, mind and spirit hence it also has its association with the Heart Chakra. The warmth exuded from this stone cleanses your solar plexus chakra and induces self-worth, peace, clarity and aids in the enlightenment of the soul.

    Its gentle yet reinvigorating tendencies aids in fighting depression, fear and stress and warding off negative energies as well. Peridot teaches you forgiveness, taking responsibilities, increases your intelligence, instills confidence and makes you independent. 

    Whereas by energizing the chakra, it brings luck, health, wealth and prosperity to the wearer. You can also use this stone to increase intellect and gain independence.

    How to use – Best used in jewellery to bring good luck and positivity.

    9. Golden Heliodor

    Golden Heliodor
    • Focus – clarity, restoring energy, decision-making, confidence, self-worth, motivation, calming energy, emotional balance
    • Color – Golden Yellow, Yellow, Green-Yellow
    • Known as – The Stone of New Beginnings, Hope Stone

    For people suffering from an overactive solar plexus chakra, the golden heliodor is the perfect stone for healing its symptoms of restlessness, irritability and anxiety. It has calming energies, hence the nickname Hope Stone. This stone attracts positive energies, especially related to employment and finances.

    It is also associated with the stimulation of crown chakra helping you in attaining mental clarity and divine insights. Through mental clarity, you will also gain confidence and trust in yourself to make the right decisions. The energies of this stone motivate you to work towards achieving your goals and succeed in your career.

    Heliodor also aids in soothing your nervous system and relief from emotional stress and pressure through a clean and balanced solar plexus chakra. It promotes self-love, optimism, compassion, sympathy, and hope.

    How to use – Due to traces of uranium in the stone, it is not recommended to wear it as jewelry.

    How to use stone and crystals for healing solar plexus chakra?

    For some stones and crystals, there are specific ways and methods that can be applied to gain the maximum advantage. However, in general, the most common ways to use them are as follow:

    1. During meditation or yoga sessions, you can create a crystal grid to absorb their special healing powers. Keep stones in your palm for enhanced effect.
    2. Many stones and crystals are worn as jewelry or accessories such as amulets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or rings.
    3. You can create a crystal elixir for better absorption of their energies.
    4. It is also often recommended that the stones and crystals be kept in pocket, purse or wallets to keep it in close contact with the solar plexus chakra.
    5. Use them as Feng Shui and imbibe them in your interior decoration, sculptures, fixtures, etc.
    6. Keep them under or near your pillow during the night to avoid any nightmares.

    However, you also have to be cautious of the fact that a few stones may contain harmful chemicals or elements. Make sure to know the details of the stones and apply the usage methods accordingly.


    Although there are many ways to balance and heal your solar plexus chakra, using crystals and stones can complement the process. With a healed chakra, you will experience an increase in willpower, self-confidence, optimism, and self-awareness. 

    The above stones will help in curbing the blockages by soothing your chakra and making sure that your true self comes forward. You will be able to take on life with a satisfied and confident approach!

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