10 Best Sacral Chakra Stones for Creativity, Playfulness & Pleasure

sacral chakra stones

The Sacral Chakra, also known as the Svadhisthana or Sex Chakra, is the second of 7 major chakras and is located just 2-3 inches below the navel. Orange is the prime color of this chakra which indicates a healthy flow of energy throughout the body.

The main characteristic of this chakra is to provide playfulness, passion, pleasure, and maintain emotional balance in the body. It is also linked to femininity and a driving force behind boosting our creative talents.

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    The Importance of stones and crystals in sacral chakra healing

    The healing properties of the stones and crystals are a great way to align blocked or overactive symptoms of 7 chakras. The sacral chakra stones stimulate the area which can help in curbing any negative emotions that range from anxiety to fear and jealousy.

    Many physical ailments associated with the sacral chakra, such as issues with the digestive system and kidney, can be cured by the healthy vibrations of the stones. Also if you are facing any problems in your relationships, the healing powers of the crystals can help in providing positivity and creating a healthy emotional balance.


    The orange color of sacral chakra is mostly associated with femininity, hence many orange-colored stones can help with feminine issues related to menstruation, menopause, reproductive organs, etc. Moreover, any issues related to self, identity, or inferiority complex can be resolved if you take advantage of the vibrations and energies of the stones.

    With regular usage of stones and crystals, you will have an easier time finding the joy in life, having a positive outlook, attracting wealth, and will also be financially stable.

    What stones are good for sacral chakra?

    As the color of the sacral chakra is orange, the crystals and stones that are closely associated with orange or similar shade colors like yellow, brown, or a mixture of them are considered effective. The unique vibrations of the orange are extremely helpful in amplifying and transforming the creative energies within us.

    On the other hand, stones and crystals with darker or opposite to orange color are great for grounding and stabilization energies of the overactive sacral chakra.


    Many stones can be used for the first (root chakra) and the third (solar plexus) chakra simultaneously as the sacral chakra is located between the two. Those stones will mostly appear in reddish-orange or orange golden-yellow tones. 

    In this article, we have listed 10 such stones and crystals that are effective in healing the sacral chakra.

    1. Carnelian

    • Focus –  clarity, protection, love, passion, spiritual awakening, creativity, fertility, sexuality, balancing energy, confidence  
    • Color – Orange and red
    • Known as – Stone of Creativity, Motivation, Endurance, Leadership and Courage

    Carnelian is one of the best stones for healing the sacral chakra. With its history of being associated with the Goddess of Fertility, known as Aphrodite in ancient Egypt, this is an ideal stone for women during pregnancy, menstruation, and when they are trying to conceive. The warm energy of Carnelian provides a boost in confidence, intuition, joy, and self-belief. 

    If you are feeling bouts of anger and fear, this stone of motivation will heal your overactive sacral chakra and provide confidence, endurance, and passion to follow your dreams. Carnelian also deflects negative energies and thus effectively reduce the symptoms of blocked sacral chakra like feelings of rage, hatred, jealousy, etc.

    Carnelian stone is revered to bring prosperity and success. You can use this stone to awaken your creativity and spirituality. It does so by providing soothing energies to pathways of the sacral chakra.   

    2. Sunstone

    • Focus – positivity, happiness, clarity, ambition, strength, confidence, self-love, happiness, vitality, protection
    • Color – Orange, yellow, reddish-brown
    • Known as – Stone of Leadership

    When your Sacral Chakra is strong, you feel joy in all aspects of life. Sunstone is called the “stone of happiness” that aligns sacral chakra energy and therefore best for inducing joy, enthusiasm, endurance, and kindness within yourself.

    This emotional balance will also let you experience better intuition capabilities, improved confidence, and better leadership qualities.

    Moreover, Sunstone has protective powers that act as a shield against any negative energy and helps you deal with phobias and face the struggles of life. It is extremely effective in healing the sacral chakra by removing any emotional blockage promoting self-care and self-love for ourselves further assisting in mental healing.

    How to use – You can use sunstone in tandem with the other to enhance the positive energy.

    3. Orange Quartz

    • Focus – creativity, self-worth, understanding, inspiration, passion, curiosity, balancing energy, sexuality, protection, manifestation
    • Color – Red and orange
    • Known as – Stone of Perseverance and Strength

    Also known as tangerine quartz, this crystal is widely believed to improve beliefs about ‘self’ and past experiences of trauma or abuse. As it is a stone of perseverance and strength, it instills in you the confidence to move forwards in life and face life’s obstacles. Thus, it also improves your sense of self-worth and promotes self-understanding.

    Orange quartz crystal activates your sacral chakra by realigning your aura and making you more grounded. It has metaphysical properties, which are beneficial for connecting with your higher self and expanding your mind. It helps in creating a balance between giving and taking, which improves your relationship with people. 

    The crystal is also helpful in encouraging curiosity and infuses joy, playfulness, and youthfulness into your life. You can use this crystal to energizes and activates the sacral chakra encouraging emotional balance, sexuality, creativity, and passion.

    4. Citrine

    • Focus – Wealth, clarity, motivation, creativity, happiness, and manifestation  
    • Color – yellow, orange, earthy brown
    • Known as – The Merchant’s Stone, The Stone of Healing

    Citrine is one of those stones that deflect any negative energies and converts them into positive ones. It’s the second stone in this list that stores the sun’s energy; its warm and comforting energy heals the sacral chakra, effectively bringing clarity, increasing motivation and creativity, joy, and positivity in your life.

    Citrine also helps balance the solar plexus chakra along with the sacral chakra, thereby aiding in increasing wealth along with attracting success and prosperity, hence the name Merchant’s stone. By removing emotional blockages from the sacral chakra, the cleansing properties of Citrine will assist in letting go of the past issues and inspiring love for your life.

    Physically, this stone helps in the proper working of the kidney, urinary tract, and digestive system. Women can also experience relief during menstrual pain and menopause.

    How to use – Keep the citrine crystal in a place where it can reflect light. This will help in deflecting any negative energy.

    5. Orange calcite

    • Focus – Sexuality, vitality, happiness, self-awareness, creativity and optimism
    • Color – colorless in its pure form, however, can be found in other colors as well
    • Known as – Stone of Creativity

    Orange Calcite is yet another crystal that is effective in opening and balancing the sacral chakra. It acts as multivitamins for the soul and helps in boosting confidence, vitality, spirituality, mental capacity, and inner peace. It is great for filtering negative energies around converting them into positive energies. 

    By filtering the negative emotions and energy, this stone reduces the feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, and helps in creating an emotional balance. It also improves fertility, sexual and creative energies in men and women. 

    The nurturing and warm properties of Calcite stimulates the sacral chakra which keeps us motivated and gives us the courage to go after what we want. It heightens our feelings of self-worth, self-love, and willpower which helps in lowering lethargy, apathy, sadness, and fear. The crystal’s energizing power will cleanse and charge your sacral chakra, awakening your creativity and encouraging you to make your dreams a reality. 

    How to use – Orange calcite in its natural form can be easily used as jewellery or can be placed directly on sacral chakra location.

    6. Aragonite Star Cluster

    • Focus – motivation, patience, environmentalism, self-reliance, grounding, stabilizing emotions
    • Color – pink, brown, white, yellow, blue, light orange
    • Known as – The Stone for Conservationists

    This delicate crystal’s source of energy is Earth, hence it is a tool for grounding and stabilizing your emotions. A balanced sacral chakra will allow you to feel more connected with your surroundings.

    The grounding energies of this crystal will help in connecting you to nature and making you aware of environmental conservation. Once you start taking care of nature, it will also teach you the effects of reliance, self-care, and creating a good balance. 

    Its grounding energy will help you in getting centred and reducing stress. Just like other crystals and stones, it also helps increase positivity by reducing anger, fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions. 

    For people having difficulties with concentration, lethargy, laziness, or overwhelming feelings, this crystal will provide patience and a feeling of acceptance which creates a balance in the sacral chakra.

    How to use –  The Aragonite gemstone can be placed behind your pillow to ward off any nightmares. Using it as jewellery can help balance all your chakra. It is a good crystal to use during meditation.

    7. Goldstone

    • Focus – confidence, ambition, intelligence, optimism, joy
    • Color – red-brown, blue, orange
    • Known as – The Stone of Ambition, Red Sandstone

    Even though Goldstone is a man-made stone, its significance in cleansing the sacral chakra cannot be ignored. You can be assured of a safe future due to its amazing protective powers. 

    The appearance of this stone, red with freckles of white, presents us with the notion of light in the darkness. This means that you will surely get to experience a rejuvenated sense of vigour, confidence, motivation, which are essential for achieving your life’s purpose.

    The copper content in this stone is a great conductor of energy, hence it will reduce any feelings of lethargy and restlessness and aid in grounding, spiritual awakening, stabilizing your emotions, and personal development.

    This stone is also a great source of positive energy, happiness, and good luck! Use this stone with other crystals to enhance your creativity.

    8. Amber

    • Focus – love, protection, confidence, wisdom, patience, decision-making, creativity, protection
    • Color – yellow to golden brown
    • Known as – The Stone of Decision Making

    Amber is ideally a fossilized tree resin, however, it is still classified as a healing stone that purifies the mind, body, and soul. It reduces depression, increases confidence, and stabilizes our emotions through healing the sacral chakra.

    It is a protective stone that absorbs the negative energies from our surroundings, hence it needs to be cleaned regularly. For the elderly, this stone is especially advantageous as it promotes longevity.

    Amber taps its energy from the sun and water hence it is extremely effective in clearing any emotional blockages in your sacral chakra. It also acts as a love crystal and can help you with your relationships of love. As this is a soft stone, it is symbolic of beauty and tenderness. The stone also assists in enhancing creative talents and decision-making.

    How to use – A genuine piece of Baltic amber can be kept in your pocket at all times to enhance the sacral chakra energies. 

    9. Tiger’s Eye

    • Focus – decision-making, success, prosperity, protection, creativity, balance energy, grounding, good luck, motivation, sexuality 
    • Color – yellow to dark-brown with stripes
    • Known as – The Stone of Mind

    The Tiger’s eye specialized in stabilizing the yin-yang and the emotions, hence this stone is of great use for emotional balance and finding release from mood swings and fear. In the earlier years, people used them as amulets to ward off the evil spirits or any negative energies due to their highly protective capabilities, which are still relevant to date.

    Another important function that this stone performs is that of grounding and stabilizing. It derives its energies from the sun and earth making it a great sacral chakra healing stone. This stone is ideal for attracting wealth and success

    With ‘Tiger’ in its name, you can be assured that you will get a surge of confidence and enhance decision-making capabilities. You can use this stone to improve your willpower, motivation, strength, sharpening of your senses, and getting rid of any addictive habits.

    It also helps in stimulating the kundalini energy. Tiger’s eye is a versatile stone that can be used to bring good luck as well! Moreover, it is known to aid with reducing food cravings, improving fertility and hormone balance.

    10. Orange Moonstone

    • Focus – balance energy, fertility, creativity, freedom of expression, self-love, self-worth, stability of emotions
    • Color – orange
    • Known as – The Stone of New Beginnings

    This rare stone is best suited for women due to its close association with the lunar cycle and femininity. It opens and soothes the sacral chakra aiding in relieving anxiety and stress. Once these imbalances are removed, it will improve your sense of self-worth, enhance your freedom of expression, and keep your emotions in balance.

    Dark or negative thoughts that stem due to eating disorders or weight issues can be removed as this stone as it promotes self-love and self-worth. The orange color of this moonstone improves your love in a relationship and enhances your creativity and intuition.

    How to use sacral chakra stones and crystals?

    • Most crystals and stones are used as jewelry accessories such as amulets, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. 
    • They can be kept near your pillow to avoid getting any nightmares or getting a calm mind for inducing sleep
    • Some sacral chakra stones are also used as elixirs. You can either soak water-resistant stones in water or surround a water bottle with it. The water will absorb the energy and vibration for these stones or crystals which can be consumed and stimulate your sacral chakra.
    • Keep crystals in your purse or pocket for close contact with the sacral chakra.
    • Place the crystal or stone on the sacral chakra location and leave it there for 10-15 minutes. For grounding, point the crystals towards the earth.
    • During meditation, you can hold the stones or crystals in your hand or place the larger ones around the meditation room.
    • Always remember to cleanse those crystals and stones regularly which absorb the negative energy from the environment.


    Sacral chakra blockages and imbalance can cause a range of problems. By using any or a combination of the above crystals and stones, you can remove these blockages and start the healing of the sacral chakra. 

    The sacral chakra stones mentioned in this article are greatly effective in balancing the chakra and bringing in excitement, joy, creativity, and passion in your life. Have confidence in the power of crystals and let them guide you to a higher and better purpose in life!

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