Ushas Mudra: Meaning, How to Do, Benefits

ushas mudra
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Ushas mudra is a hand gesture that can give a spark to your creativity and energy levels. If you’re finding ways to have a restart in your life then Ushas mudra is all that you need to tap on.

You can practice this mudra in a seated, standing, walking, or even reclining in a prone position. In either way, the body must be relaxed and symmetrical.

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    However, practicing it while meditating is recommended to get the most benefits. Ushas mudra is attained by clasping the hands with interlaced fingers and joining the thumbs at the tips.

    Find out how men and women practice this gesture differently in the following description.


    Meaning and interpretation

    In Sanskrit “ushas” refers to “dawn and “mudra” refers to “seal or gesture”. This mudra is practiced during meditation mostly when people are trying to bring forth new beginnings and set intentions, hence the name.

    The mythology behind Ushas mudra

    It is named after the Goddess of dawn, Ushas, who is known for bringing light into the world every morning. She was mentioned in the Rig Veda as the most sacred and exalted Goddess.

    Goddess Ushas was the daughter of heaven and the sister of night. She is portrayed in the ancient traditional texts as a beautiful woman who has a golden chariot. She rides on it every morning in the sky and makes a way for the Sun to bring a new day into our lives.

    As Goddess Ushas provides us a new opportunity every day to conquer the previous dark phase, so is the benefit of holding Ushas mudra. Therefore, the symbolic representation of Ushas mudra is bringing life changes and resolutions.


    It is also popular by its English name, “the break-of-day mudra”.

    How to Do Ushas mudra

    1. Sit in a comfortable meditative posture.
    2. Keep your eyes closed or open as per your convenience.
    3. Clasp your hands so that the fingers are interlaced and palms are facing towards you.
    4. For Men: Keep the right thumb on top of the left with the right thumb exerting gentle pressure on the left.
    5. For women: The position of thumbs differ. Here, the right thumb is placed between the left thumb and index finger.
    6. Place your hands as such in your lap and visualize the serenity and calm of the dawn with a rising Sun.
    7. Shift your awareness towards positive changes that you are going to make in your life.
    8. Enhance the practice by chanting “Om Ushase Namaha” silently or loudly.

    Duration of the practice

    • Practice Ushas mudra in the morning hours, usually first thing as soon as you wake up.
    • You can hold this mudra as long as it feels comfortable.
    • However, it is important to hold it for at least 5-15 minutes to observe a positive difference.

    Benefits of Ushas mudra

    1. Promotes mental alertness – Ushas mudra is performed clasping both the hands symmetrically. It balances or synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Thus, helps in bringing clarity to the mind and promotes awareness.

    2. Benefits endocrine system – Ushas mudra is a boon to all who suffer from hormonal imbalances. Patients of PCOD and thyroid derive benefits from holding this simple hand gesture. It regulates the proper hormonal flow and provides benefits in long run.

    3. Regulates irregular menses – By regulating proper hormonal flow, this gesture is beneficial to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. Therefore, it provides a permanent solution to your irregular periods.

    4. Stimulates Sacral chakra – Ushas mudra helps open the sacral (Swadishthana) chakra. This helps the individual in various forms. It enhances social life, sexuality, creativity, and brings pleasure.

    5. Uplifts energy level – This gesture is usually performed early in the morning. This is so because it provides energy to lead the day ahead. It eliminates the lethargy and brings enthusiasm to have a day and life full of spark


    Now, you might be wondering that you are already doing Ushas Mudra without even knowing since forever. It is when you wake-up in the morning with a stretch and yawn.

    So as you know and understand its significance you do not have to wait for new year’s eve to transform your life by setting intentions and resolutions.

    Just try sitting holding Ushas mudra for a few minutes the next morning you wake up to lead a more energetic and determined life.

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