Sacral Chakra Meditation for Healing and Creativity

If you feel that you are creatively stuck or are having difficulty in coming to terms with your sexual desires, you may be facing sacral chakra blockage. While there are multiple ways through which you can mend the chakra, meditation is one of the best ways to heal it

With meditation, you will be able to calm the chakra’s excessive energy and also bring about a healthy balance. 

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    Sacral Chakra Characteristics

    The sacral chakra, called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, is located below the navel. It is represented by the color orange and is associated with creativity, sensitivity, pleasure, sexuality, gut instincts, and emotional well-being.

    The bodily organs that are related to the chakra are your kidney, reproductive system, intestines, and bladder.


    An imbalance sacral chakra will cause you to experience symptoms like lack of inspiration and motivation, creative stagnation, addiction, obsession, and low self-worth. All these arise from fear of judgment, repressed emotions, lack of joy, happiness, and fulfilment. You will have trouble maintaining your relationships due to intimacy issues, high or low sex drive, and a poor sense of self-expression. Women may suffer from hormonal imbalances which may affect their menstrual cycle and reproductive organs as well.

    On the contrary, a balanced sacral chakra will make you confident in achieving your goals. You will build resilience to failure which will increase your morale. You will have better relationships with your loved ones and your lover/partner/spouse as you will now be able to express your love and feelings. Feelings of pleasure, happiness, contentment, empathy, compassion will come to you easily.     

    Sacral chakra meditation and its benefits

    For your sacral chakra to be balanced, meditation is one of the key tools. Once you acknowledge that your chakra needs some healing, it is best to get down to business and meditate to reduce the symptoms of blockages and imbalances.

    When your start meditating, you will get the following benefits:

    • When you meditate for the sacral chakra, you will automatically feel that you have now developed the confidence and strength to chase your dreams and goals.
    • With improved concentration and focus, you will be able to think creatively.
    • Meditation is a great form of healing. It will help you release feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, betrayal, and even aid in resolving heartbreak. 
    • Your thoughts will become positive, making you see the silver lining in any negative situation. You will have a positive attitude towards life.
    • As your chakra starts healing, negative patterns such as addiction and obsessiveness will also get reduced. This will promote a refinement in your behavior and longevity.
    • When your chakra is balanced, you also tend to become compassionate and empathetic towards others, which is also beneficial for better relationships.
    • Meditation aids in increasing one’s energy, thus, you will be able to express your creativity with effectiveness. 
    • One of the most identifiable benefits of meditation is that you can get a good sleep. This is due to a relaxed state of mind and clarity of thoughts.

    Tips to perform sacral chakra meditation correctly

    Performing meditation may come off as something very easy, as it is one of the cure-all methods that is told to anyone who is facing any difficult situation in life. However, the breathing technique and your surroundings have a lot of influence in making your meditation successful. Follow the below tips to make your meditation successful and relaxing:

    1. Pick a quiet space

    Meditation aims to get away from the world and reduce the chaos in your mind. Not only that, you need to get your chakra in balance and you will not achieve it amidst a setting of technology and noise. Hence, finding a quiet and comfortable space is important before starting your meditation. 

    You need to be connected with yourself and with the chakra energy for at least 20-30 minutes and not having sounds and technology near you will be extremely beneficial.

    2. Meditate in a comfortable position

    The position you have chosen will need to be maintained for 20-30 minutes so it is significant that you are sitting in a comfortable position. The most ideal meditative position is to be seated cross-legged on the ground or on a cushion. Some people also suggest laying down, however, you need to be cautious of the fact that you may feel drowsy.

    Also, slouching is a big no-no. Keep your spine straight and your shoulders back when you sit in a meditative position. This is to keep your mind awake, alert, and aware of your surroundings. And if your spine isn’t straight, you will be in pain, which is not the aim of meditation. 

    3. Healing music helps!

    A lot of people take the help of healing music during their meditative sessions as it helps them get into a calm state of mind. If you are one of those, you can look up any sacral chakra healing music to help you out. Each sound has a specific frequency that resonates with the chakra energy system. This music will stimulate your sacral chakra and support your meditative process in healing and balancing the chakra.

    4. Chant the bija mantra

    The bija mantra for the sacral chakra is VAM, pronounced as ‘vum’, as in ‘thumb’. The bija mantra is also a powerful means to stimulate and activate the sacral chakra. Chant the bija mantra in your normal tone, neither too high nor too low, for it to resonate with the sacral chakra energy to enhance the healing process.

    5. Acknowledge the thoughts but don’t dwell on them

    While in the early stages of meditating, a multitude of thoughts will arise when you’re sitting in a quiet space. However, what you do with those thoughts is what matters the most. You should acknowledge these thoughts but do not go deeper into their meaning and inferences. You have to learn to brush them aside and bring your focus back to your meditation.

    For focus, you can visualize a glowing orange orb or you can picture a vibrating lotus on the palm of your hands. You can create a point of focus based on the sacral chakra characteristics features. 

    6. Morning meditation is the best!

    Early morning is the best time to perform meditation. The air is fresh and the warmth of the sunrise is perfect for slowly awakening your senses and energizing you from within. However, going for meditation as soon as you wake up is not advisable. There is a high chance that you are drowsy and will not be able to concentrate. Take time to wake up properly and go through your morning routines such as brushing your teeth, having a cup of tea, or a morning walk. 

    Guided meditation for sacral chakra

    Svadhishthana or sacral chakra

    Find a quiet space and sit cross-legged on the ground. You can also opt for a cushion or a comfortable chair if due to any reason you are unable to sit on the ground. Your spine should be straight, chest open and shoulder pulled back for an upright position.

    With your palms open and facing upwards, keep them on your lap, right palm on top of the left. Your facial features and body muscles should also be as relaxed as possible.

    Slowly close your eyes and take deep breaths through your nose. Feel the rhythm of your breath that fills up in your chest and belly. Allow it to flow to the sacral chakra location and get aware of any sensation in the chakra location. 

    Visualize a warm orange light that originates 3-5cms below your navel or an orange clockwise spinning wheel. Imagine it growing in size with each breath you take. Allow its energy to cleanse the sacral chakra of any blockages. Let it grow to the size so that it engulfs your midsection.

    Allow this light to bathe your creative centre with its warmth and then slowly move this light to the other parts of the body such as the bladder, kidney, intestines, and lower vertebrae. Feel this light giving you healthy creative and sexual energy. Its warmth will flow in your relationships, making them flourish.

    This orange light is now bathing you in its warmth and the healing energy has surrounded you completely. 

    Gently, bring your breathing to a normal pace for a few minutes before getting on to chanting the bija mantra.

    To prepare for chanting, take 3-4 deep breaths from your belly and with the 5th inhale, chant VAM by extending the ‘M’ during exhalation. Do this for at least 2 minutes and slowly bring your breathing to a normal pace. 

    • If you want to say affirmations, you can recite them after you have finished chanting the bija mantra. While imagining the orange light surrounding the sacral chakra, recite the sacral chakra affirmations that you want.

    To end the meditation, sit silently for a few minutes while you feel all the sensation in your body, especially the lower abdomen. Take some time to feel your physical body by slowly wiggling your fingers and toes and moving your shoulders and arms. Open your eyes in a relaxed manner whenever you are ready and get on with your day. 


    The benefits of meditation are vast. The more you meditate, the more you will strengthen the energies of your sacral chakra. You will find that you have an infinite amount of creative talent hidden inside of you, which was somehow blocked or pushed back due to many internal and external factors. 

    Each chakra has a special part to play in maintaining a healthy life. And since sacral chakra is related to creativity and procreation, you need to take care of it to be in top form. 

    Although meditation doesn’t require much effort, the benefits you reap are priceless!

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