Rudra Mudra: Meaning, How to Do & Benefits

rudra mudra finger arrangement

Shiva in yogic tradition is known by many names. In some tradition of yoga, Shiva is known as Adi Yogi – the first yogi who’s the ultimate source of strength.

Shiva taught many practices in yoga that a seeker can use to gain or accumulate the whole power of the body in one place. Sometimes these practices are practiced in the form of yoga asana, sometimes in Pranayama, but the easiest method among all is mudras of yoga.

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    Here one such mudra of yoga is Rudra mudra, that is known to build element of fire & earth within the body. Thus increase the overall strength of the body.

    Rudra Mudra: The Gesture of Strength

    Rudra Mudra is a powerful healing mudra that gives a lot of energy to the body.


    Basically, the most dominant element in the human body is the Earth element. This element is the source of strength in the body. This mudra increases the earth element in the body. It results in a healthy, strengthen, and energetic body.

    Rudra mudra constructs by a connection of the thumb (fire element) index finger (air element) and ring finger (earth element). This connection leads to the powerful combination of fire, air and earth element in our bodies. Thus, this mudra keeps us mentally fit and physically fit.

    Rudra Mudra is the ruler of the third chakra (fire center)) in our body. As it rules the fire center in the body, the practice of this mudra enables the ultimate inner strengths of our body therefore this mudra is also called “The gesture of strength“.

    This mudra is also performed by many yogis to stimulate solar plexus and to gain their strength & self-control.


    Meaning of Rudra Mudra

    The word Rudra mudra is a Sanskrit word. Here ‘Rudra‘ means ‘howler‘ or ‘terror‘ and ‘mudra‘ means ‘seal‘ or ‘gesture‘. In Rigveda, the word Rudra is praised as “Mightiest of the mighty“.Rudra is the name of Hindu lord “Shiva” who is known for his destructive power cause of the excessive fire. As this hand gesture works on fire element in the body, it’s known by a synonym of Shiva that is Rudra.  

    How to Perform Rudra Mudra

    rudra mudra steps

    Rudra mudra includes movement of the index finger, thumb, and ring finger. To do this mudra, all you need to do is touch the tips of the index finger and ring finger, with the tip of the thumb. Leave the rest two fingers extended.

    To perform it, you need to follow the following steps.


    • First, sit in any comfortable yoga asana, such as Padmasana (lotus position) or Vajrayana (thunderbolt pose). If you are not comfortable to sit, you can practise it standing.
    • Now, close your eyes and focus on the ‘in and out’ movement of the breath. This will help you generate awareness.

    Finger Arrangement

    • Fold your index and ring fingers towards the thumb.
    • Now touch the tips of index fingers and ring fingers with the thumb.
    • Leave the remaining two fingers extended as much as possible.
    • Do this with both hands.
    • Now, without disturbing the posture of fingers, place both your hands on upper thighs.
    • For better concentration, chant Ram (pronounced Rahm).

    What Is the Ideal Time to Do Rudra Mudra

    There is no ideal time to perform Rudra Mudra, but it is always better to perform it in the morning time. You can concentrate better with a fresh mind in the morning.


    You should perform Rudra Mudra more than 20 minutes a day. You can also do it six times a day for 5 minutes.

    Research suggests performing a mudra for more than 20 minutes gives the best results.

    Precautions to Take

    You need to take the following precautions for better and safe results.

    • Keep the spine straight for better flow of prana.
    • Wear comfortable clothes. You will feel hard to concentrate with uncomfortable clothes.
    • Don’t press the fingers hard. Touch them gently.
    • If you wanna concentrate better, perform this mudra in a quiet place.
    • If you have Kapha excess, practice this mudra moderately.

    How does Rudra Mudra Works

    To control and avoid all type of tense states of mind and body, we need to get centred on our soul, we need to get closer to our Chitta.

    The power of centring us on our soul is associated with the earth element, because the earth element is the main source of energy in the body.

    In Rudra mudra, the ring finger (Earth element), comes in contact with the thumb (fire element) and index finger (air element). This leads to the perfect balance of earth element in the body.

    Benefits of Rudra Mudra

    The Rudra mudra comes with a lot of spiritual and physical health benefits.

    Spiritual Benefits

    • Helps to Stimulate the Third Chakra (Solar Plexus/ Manipura Chakra).

    Solar plexus is the centre of vitality and fire in the body. Rudra mudra is directly associated with the Solar plexus (third chakra).

    In this mudra, the contact of thumb (fire element) with the index finger (air element) and ring finger (earth element), regulates the flow of energy to the area of this chakra. Thus, this Mudra helps to stimulate the root chakra.

    The simulation of solar plexus/third chakra gives

    • Prolonge age.
    • Better willpower and self-confidence.
    • Good concentration.
    • Better eating habits and prevents eating disorders (food addictions)

    Physical Health Benefits

    • Avoid Dizziness and Dullness

    Due to the lack of earth element, the flow of elemental energies to the head area decreases. This decrease makes a person feel dull, weighed down and dizzy.

    Rudra mudra increases the earth element in the body, which prevents such signs of illness. This makes us energetic and refreshed.

    • Prevents Stomach Related Problems

    The earth element rules the energy of the stomach, spleen, and pancreas.

    The spleen filters the blood, and the pancreas makes the enzyme that digests food.

    Growth in earth element improves the function of these body parts. This helps to prevent disorders in the stomach, such as indigestion, high cholesterol, diabetes nausea and vomiting. 

    • Helps in Low Blood Pressure

    The proper flow of energies of the earth element in the body clears the blockage of our veins. This increases blood circulation in the body.

    Better circulation of blood makes the blood pressure normal. Thus, performing Rudra mudra helps in low blood pressure.

    • Helps in Burning Fat

    The practice of Rudra mudra produces heat inside the body. This helps in burning fat and removing the impurities from the body.

    If you wanna lose your weight, this mudra is very helpful to you, as it burns extra pounds of body.

    • Along with these all benefits, regular practice of Rudra mudra improves eyesight, maintains the good health of the heart and improves concentration power


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