8 Yoga Mudras for Healing Wounds and Wellness

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Healing is the recovering power of body and mind from a physical injury, ailment, or emotional trauma.

Mudras are the easiest healing exercises of yoga that you can do anytime, with very little effort.

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    Sometimes healing begins automatically within the body and sometimes you need an external source or practice to absorb the energy surrounded you. To absorb something from outside, one requires to have an empty space within themselves.

    What happens when people open their hearts?
    They get better.

    Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

    Here’s how healing power comes by doing simple finger yoga mudras;


    Yoga Mudras Healing Power

    Mudras are symbolic gestures of yoga that create a closed-loop or seal to channelize the energy within the body in harmony. Energy patterns within us are continuously in movement and when some disease arises, these energy patterns get distracted from their balanced track.

    The healing mechanism of mudras is based on bringing an off-track energy pattern (which causes disease) to its balanced state of movement.

    Did you know that the human hand contains 2500 nerve receptors per square centimeter?

    We know the nerves are signal transmitter in our body that transmits a signal from certain part of our body to the brain. Fingertips in our body are the richest parts in terms of having the maximum number of nerve endings. In our hands, there are 2,500 nerve receptors per square centimetre .

    A higher number of nerves implies a tremendous amount of energy is transmitting through our hands only. Through hand gestures of mudra, by holding fingers in a fixed arrangement, we can rewire the nerve signals transferring to the brain.

    Finger crossed reduces pain feeling. Source: unsplash.com/@dtopkin1

    Through nerve rewiring, our brain continuously receives a positive signal about a disease and the healing mechanism of the body begins automatically.

    A very common example of mudras healing power is when we cross the finger to reduce the feelings of pain, even science has proved it.

    Also, touching is the process of letting the brain to be aware of those parts of the body which don’t come in contact generally (chest, back, etc.). Any energy blockages in these parts may arise a physical ailment. In this case, yoga has Sparsha Mudras (touch gestures) that can work great to heal the body.


    1. Prana Mudra

    prana mudra for healing
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    Prana is the vital energy and the core medicine behind any healing takes place in the body. When somehow Prana’s deficiency occurs in the body, our body’s healing mechanism gets disturbed.

    Prana mudra is an energizing mudra that brings back the optimum level of Prana in the body.

    To do Prana mudra, bring your little and ring finger in contact with the thumb while the rest two fingers extended.

    Prana Mudra Healing Benefits

    • When you feeling drained, fatigued, low, or depressed, it happens cause of lack of earth element. Prana mudra is a gesture of earth element so it can be done in case of lack of earth element.
    • When you feeling heaviness in the chest, blurriness in eyes, this mudra fulfills the deficiency of Prana Vayu. Prana mudra doubles the healing rate of eyes or vision-related problems.
    • In case of a disease, that consumes a lot of energy in treatment, like cancer, practicing prana mudra could be very energetic.

    2. Samana Mudra

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    Samana mudra is related to Samana Vayu, the vital force that takes place in the process of assimilation.

    In Samana Mudra, when five fingers altogether come in contact with each other, Pancha tattva fire, earth, water, air, and space are fused at one point. Thus healing of the concerned part automatically takes place in the body when 5 fingers unite in this mudra.

    To do Samana Mudra for healing, connect the tip of your little, ring, middle and index with the thumb. Now place hands in this position to that part of your body where you need healing.

    Samana Mudra Healing Benefits

    • If you’re fed up with improper digestion, bloating, constipation, or appetite loss then doing Samana mudra can be helpful for you. Samana mudra heals up the digestive fire and chemicals of the body by stimulating respective glands.
    • Samana mudra also cures any problem arises due to the imbalance of tri dosha (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Almost every disease occurs in the body because of imbalance in these 3 doshas so practicing Samana mudra helps in alleviating the root of a disease.

    3. Gyan Mudra

    legs and hands in lotus pose
    Legs crossed and hands in Gyan mudra in Lotus pose. Image Source: Shutterstock

    Gyan mudra is a relaxing gesture and holds the quality of the air element. As the air element is known for its cooling nature, with this quality Gyan mudra can shorten wound healing time in the body.

    To do Gyan mudra, bring the tip of the index finger in contact with tip of the thumb. Do this with your both hands and rest hands over the kneecap.

    Gyan Mudra Healing Benefits

    • Gyan mudra is a healing remedy when one is going through mental health problems or stressful situations. This mudra calms the mind and activates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce the sense of stress and anxiety.
    • When you’re feeling any kind of emotional blockage, practicing Gyan mudra can show you a direction to come out of it.

    4. Garuda Mudra

    garuda mudra for healing
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    Named after mystical bird Garuda (eagle), this mudra is best choice when you feeling low.

    To do Garuda mudra, bring your hands to the chest, cross your hands and interlock your both thumbs. Extend rest fingers out.

    Garuda Mudra Healing Benefits

    • When you feel depressed, it might arise due to the stagnation of the earth and the water element.
      Garuda mudra combines the fire element of both hands to release this blockage causing depression.
    • Garuda mudra also heals the disturbed functioning of the digestive system.

    5. Brahma Mudra

    Brahma mudra
    Hands arrangement in Brahma mudra. Source: Shutterstock

    This mudra mainly works on the neck, the junction point between the brain and the rest of the body. By practicing Brahma mudra, any blockages in the neck region can be eliminated and energy flow facilitated without any obstacles.

    Doing Brahma mudra is pretty simple. Make a fist with your both hands, bring it close to the navel, and then rotate your head in circulatory motion.

    Healing Benefits of Brahma Mudra

    • Any chronic pain in the shoulder, upper back, or neck region can be healed by doing this mudra. It activates throat chakra to release this pain.
    • Brahma mudra massages the thyroid gland located in the neck hence takes care of the metabolism, body weight, and digestion.

    6. Hakini Mudra

    hakini mudra
    Source: Fitsri

    This mudra is mind relaxing technique, can be used in stress management. Practicing this mudra enhances brain power of concentration and managing stressful situation.

    To do Hakini Mudra, spread your finger apart and bring the tip of all fingers of one hand in contact with other hand fingers. While keeping hands in this position, touch thumb at the center of the forehead (the place of the third eye).

    Healing Benefits of Hakini Mudra

    • Hakini mudra works best to heal the side effects caused by anticancer, chemotherapy drugs. Holding hands in this mudra strengthens the nervous system.
    • This mudra also balances the left and right side of the brain hence it can be practiced in case of lightheadedness, faintness, or a floating sensation.

    7. Apana Mudra

    apana mudra for healing
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    Apana mudra is realted to elimination of waste and feces from the body. By flushing out toxins in the form of urine and sweating, this mudra removes the blockages that obstruct the healing process of body.

    To do Apana Mudra, bend middle and ring finger of both hands to touch tip of thumb. Rest 2 fingers (little and index) can be lightly stretched.

    Healing Benefits of Apana Mudra

    8. Ganesha Mudra

    hands in ganesha mudra
    Hands at heart level in Ganesha mudra. Source: Shutterstock

    Gensha is the Hindu god of obstacles remover. Practicing this mudra fills joy within heart and gives strength to fight in any situation.

    To do Ganesha mudra, hold your left hand near chest level, palm facing outward, and bend the fingers. Now grab left-hand bend fingers with the right hand and pull both hands against each other.

    Healing Benefits of Ganesha Mudra

    • Ganesha mudra is a healing gesture of Kundalini yoga, beneficial for asthmatic patients. This mudra increases lung capacity by working on chest muscles.
    • If due to some emotional trauma you’re feeling low, then Ganesha mudra can boost your self-confidence.

    Bottom line

    Yoga mudras as a healing approach combine energy present in our fingers in different ways. The healing process of the body boosts up when we concentrate on specific elements related to an individual mudra, at the time of practicing it.

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