Crown Chakra Stones: 8 Best Crystals for Enlightenment & Spiritual Connection

crown chakra stones

Also known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit, the crown chakra is the 7th chakra that is associated with the connection to the divine realms. It acts as a bridge between your body, soul and universe. This chakra also leads the way we think about ourselves and how we lead our lives.

Through this chakra, the energy from the universe flows through all our chakras. A balanced chakra will provide meaning and purpose to life and remove any feelings of guilt, fear, anger or shame. You will be able to see the beauty of life, have mental clarity and experience feelings of joy, happiness and inner peace.

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    Using stones and crystals for crown chakra healing

    Looking at the above benefits, it is important that we keep our crown chakra healed and balanced at all times. While meditation and yoga are effective ways to heal the crown chakra, working with crystals and stone can complement their effects.

    Due to their strong vibration frequency, some crown chakra stones can be extremely stimulating and help in spiritual balance. Their healing powers will aid in having trust in self and the teachings of the universe. By healing your crown chakra through stones and crystals, you will feel grounded yet connected to the spiritual realms.


    What stones or crystals are good for the crown chakra?

    The color associated with crown chakra is violet and white, hence stones with hues of violet, white, crystal clear or a combination of both are recommended.

    While violet is associated with spirituality, self-awareness and self-reflection, white resonates with purity, innocence, new beginnings and perfection. Hence, using stones and crystals that are in shades of violet will help you in getting a deeper understanding of yourself along with integrity and wholeness. White stones will provide much-needed calmness, focus, clarity, wisdom, clarity and an open mindset.

    In this article, we have listed some of the best stones and crystals that you can use to balance and heal your crown chakra and reap its benefits.

    1. Clear Quartz

    • Focus – meditation, expansion of consciousness, communication with guides, past-life recall, attracting love and prosperity, absorbing negative energy, concentration, memory
    • Color – colorless
    • Known as – Master Healer

    This powerful stone is your go-to stone to align and balance the energies of all your 7 chakras. The energy of this stone helps in increasing the healing vibrations of the other crystals hence it is beneficial to use when creating a crystal grid for your meditation session. 


    It is a highly protective stone as it absorbs the negative energies from the people around you and the environment. This will improve your focus and bring mental clarity by removing distractions, effectively aiding in cleansing and healing a blocked crown chakra. 

    Clear Quartz will not only activate your crown chakra and connect you to your higher self, but it will also make you realize your place in the universe. The high vibrations will fill you with positivity, making you deal with life’s struggles with confidence. It is also known to help bring back lost thoughts and ideas, attract psychic visions and wisdom, and open your heart and mind for spiritual guidance.

    2. Lepidolite

    • Focus – stress and anxiety, mental clarity, spiritual awareness, sleep and relaxation, meditation
    • Color – pink, purple, red, gray, and, rarely, yellow and colorless

    By using Lepidolite, you will be able to balance your crown chakra and feel at peace.  It helps you feel happiness from within by making you see your true self. With the use of this stone in a meditation session, you will be able to understand the meaning behind the traumatic experience you may have faced in the past and move on in life. 

    It makes you stay calm during the transitional phase, astral travelling and facing any challenging situations. The stone has gentle vibrations that resonate with the crown chakra and help you connect with the divine presence and gain cosmic awareness.

    Lepidolite’s soothing energies work through your subconscious to promote mental health. It is effective in stabilizing the mood by restricting any irrational psychological or emotional patterns. 

    It offers protection to your aura by creating a shield around it and deflecting any negative energies and emotions from people and the environment. You will also be protected by electromagnetic radiation as it clears the pollution.

    How to use – Place a lepidolite stone near your gadgets or working space for protection from electromagnetic pollution.

    3. Selenite

    • Focus – meditation, spiritual work, absorbing negative energy, focus, mental clarity, communication with guides
    • Color – gray-white, brown-green, brownish yellow, greenish, gray-green
    • Known as – Angel’s Stone of Calmness

    This translucent mineral is great during healing meditation as it not only enhances the energies of other crystals but its high vibrations seep into your aura as well. Thus, Selenite cleanses and shields your aura and crown chakra from negativities.

    By clearing blockages in the crown chakra, you will get the mental clarity that is needed for decision-making. This high vibration crystal is also beneficial in providing spiritual awareness, wisdom and knowledge, and aiding in communicating with the guiding angels.

    It assists in activating the crown chakra, through which you will feel a sense of peace and security and open the doorway to higher consciousness.

    How to use – Due to its immense calming effects, use this stone during meditation along with clear quartz or other clear crystals.

    4. Sugilite

    • Focus – intuition, spiritual wisdom and love, protection, forgiveness, positivity, spiritual awareness, self-belief, self-love
    • Color – purple
    • Known as – Love Stone

    If you’re on your path for forgiveness and want to instill unconditional love for yourself and the world, Sugilite is the stone for you.

    This stone is beneficial in activating and aligning all your chakras, thus elevating your spiritual awareness. It creates a connection between the physical and spiritual world, making it among the most potent crown chakra activating stones.

    Sugilite is the one-stop stone for healers as it is beneficial for people who take on the astral journey and increase their spiritual practice. This attracts lucid dreaming, strengthens your intuition, communicating with your spirit guides, and creates a positive balance in your life. 

    It’s a nurturing stone that will teach you to love yourself and take you on a path to self-improvement!

    How to use – Keep sugilite with you at all times to protect you from the negative energy around you.

    5. Howlite

    • Focus – meditation, expansion of consciousness, communication with guides, absorbing negative energy, inspiration, creativity
    • Color – white or light grey with dark veins

    Howlite is a great emotional stabilizer and healer of the crown chakra. Oftentimes, when you open yourself to the spiritual realm, you may feel an emotional burst or a change in temperament. Having howlite with you will help you in this journey by easing these releases and absorbing any negative energies during awareness.

    It calms your mind by distracting negative thoughts, teaches you self-control and patience, and instills positivity by absorbing anger. If you’re suffering from mood swings or are facing relationship problems, howlite’s strong vibrations will provide much-needed emotional support.

    Moreover, howlite will help you attain wisdom and connection with the higher dimensions. If you feel lost in life, this stone will help you regain focus and act as your guiding force.

    How to use – Its calming energy will help you relax your mind and maintain a good sleep pattern. 

    6. Amethyst

    • Focus – meditation, spiritual awareness, intuition, mental clarity, focus, creativity, psychic abilities
    • Color – pale violet, deep purple, purple-black
    • Known as – Stone of Spirituality, Contentment, Peace & Meditation

    Amethyst is one of the most well-known spiritual stones for chakra healing. Its high vibrations help us connect our spirits to the higher realms and the universe. It resonates with the third eye chakra as well and helps in creating a free flow of energy throughout the other chakras.

    The soothing energy of this stone helps in spiritual insight, calms your mind, opens our consciousness to the divine, and enhances our psychic abilities. It promotes mental clarity and establishes a deeper connection to spirituality, which helps the feeling of contentment wash over you.

    When used during meditation, it balances your crown chakra, provides emotional balance, and converts any negative energy into those of love. Calming your mind, it will reduce symptoms of insomnia, feelings of anger, headaches along with helping you find your purpose in life.

    How to use – Meditate with Amethyst to improve your focus and intuition. If you place it around your working space, you will be able to handle stressful situations with ease.

    7. Charoite

    • Focus – transform and release negative emotions, spiritual growth, creativity, mindfulness, awareness, unconditional love, intuition, focus 
    • Color – purple
    • Known as – Stone of Transformation, Stone of Power

    Rightly dubbed as the Stone of Transformation, Charoite stone transforms the negative energies into positive, helping you change and move forward in life. If you have faced any stress and or negativity during the day, keep this stone under your pillow during the night to relieve any negativity and start afresh the next day.

    Charoite is ideal for balancing the crown chakra. It will help you in your spiritual growth, enhance your creativity, and give you the courage to accept any past issues. It aids in letting you stay present at the moment and improving focus and intuitive perceptions.

    This stone also resonates with the heart chakra hence filling you with unconditional love for yourself and others. Through this, you will be able to reach your full potential.

    How to use – Hold this stone in your hand to enhance your focus and concentration.

    8. Moonstone

    • Focus – psychic abilities, protection, enhance astral travelling, emotional balance, lucid dreaming, divine feminine energy, visions of past lives 
    • Color – translucent pearly, colorless through shades of gray, green, yellow, pink, and brown
    • Known as – Traveler’s Stone

    Moonstone quite literally translates as the stone of the moon. Hence it holds the gentle and calm energy of the moon and works best under the moonlight. It is best to awaken your psychic abilities and lead us in our spiritual growth.

    It is known as the Traveler’s stone, as it is said to help travellers during their journey at night. Moonstone also absorbs the negative energies and replaces them with gentle and beneficial energies. Its soothing energies will calm your nerves and balance your emotions.

    This stone has feminine energy, hence it is beneficial for women who are suffering from any hormonal imbalances. Besides this, it will calm your emotions, reduce mood swings, and aid in embracing change. It is also said to be beneficial if you are experiencing new love or romance.

    How to use stone and crystals for healing crown chakra?

    • Many stones can be used during meditation as they help you enhance your focus, concentration and calm your mind. You can either hold them in your hands or place them on the crown chakra location. 
    • Use them as jewelry such as necklaces or earrings to keep them in close contact with the crown chakra.
    • Place them under or beside your pillow to activate your astral journey and lucid dreaming. Some of the stones can also take the stress of the day away.
    • Large stones and crystals can be placed around your home as Feng Shui.

    For stones and crystals that absorb negative energy, make sure to regularly cleanse them before using them.


    Having a balanced crown chakra means having better mental health and a better connection to divinity. And stones and crystals are one of the most effective ways to achieve them. Having this connection will help you lead a better life full of tranquillity and bliss. You will be able to let go of the past and have the courage to understand the situations and challenges that you face in life.

    A healed crown chakra will lead to a calm mind and balanced emotion, which are essential for a peaceful, happy and healthy life!

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