10 Best Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mats to Support Your Practice

Do you believe that the surface on which we practice yoga gives us the same vibes that we want for our body and mind?

Well, if it’s in your mind then a cork yoga mat can be a great option for you as it can align with a yogic lifestyle. The biggest proof of this fact is that cork is a biodegradable product that is very eco-friendly.  

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    The cork yoga mats are antibacterial and antimicrobial which kills germs and also prevents odour. When water falls on it, it absorbs that water by releasing a waxy substance called suberin. That’s why it is a non-slippery mat.

    The cork yoga mat is capable of giving you the grip that your body needs while practising yoga flows and sequences. It’s best suited for Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Iyengar, and Ashtanga Yoga styles.


    If you are thinking of purchasing a cork mat, let us help you find the best cork mat that guarantees your comfort and performance.

    Here you will get to know the specifications, pros, and cons of the 10 best cork yoga mats.

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    1. Best overall: Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 80”× 26” and 76”×26”
    • Thickness- 6mm
    • Weight- 3.5 pounds (1.58 kg)
    • Ratings- 4.5 stars

    Yoloha unity cork yoga mat is a premium mat made up of two recycled materials i.e, cork and rubber. It is the best cork mat in all conditions. The mat satisfies all the important aspects of a perfect cork yoga mat, such as durability, non-toxicity, sli[p resistance, and comfort.

    The Yoloha unity cork yoga mat provides a good grip for flow yoga sequences. It is a durable and lightweight mat. While using this mat, you do not need an extra towel to clean the mat as it absorbs the sweat inside itself. Apart from yoga, it is also perfect for heavy workouts with movements.


    In the process of manufacturing this mat, no plastics, PVCs, and latex have been used. It is made up of 100% vegan products. The speciality of this mat is that it is a handmade product that has been made by a small family-based company. They ensure to provide good products according to the needs of the customer. The quality and durability of the product can be gauged from the fact that the product is available with a money-back guarantee.


    • Lightweight 
    • Sustainable
    • Non-slippery
    • Water-resistant and sweat absorber
    • 100% Eco-friendly
    • Durable
    • Provides good grip and support
    • Non-toxic material
    • Gives a gentle feel to knees and elbows
    • Suitable for hot yoga
    • Provides money-back guarantee


    • Expensive
    • Heavy while traveling

    2. Best Versatile: Satori Concept Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 72”×24”
    • Thickness- 4 mm
    • Weight- 2.5 kg
    • Ratings- 4.5 stars

    Satori concept cork yoga mat is best for beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners. The mat provides proper stability, grip, and support to practice yoga conveniently. Even heat and sweat increase the grip more. It is available in a perfect size and can be used for any type of yoga style.

    The mat has been made in line with the Satori philosophy whose motto is to connect with one’s true self. The logo on the mat itself shows the values that have been considered while making the mat. 

    In addition, it is a 100% natural yoga mat that has been made up of a combination of organic cork and recycled rubber. Besides that, it is a non-toxic product with no use of PVCs, TVCs, toxic glues, silicone, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals. Due to non-toxic factors, there is no risk of children coming into contact with the mat.


    • Environment-friendly and sustainable
    • Non-slippery mat
    • Sweat and odor resistant
    • Non-toxic
    • Perfect size
    • Good quality material
    • Reasonable price
    • Comfortable and supportive


    • Loss of traction after a certain period
    • It is not travel-friendly due to its heavyweight
    • Foam gets peeled off after several uses

    3. Best for Hot Yoga: Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 68”×24”
    • Thickness- 5 mm
    • Weight- 5 Pounds (2.04 kg)
    • Ratings- 4.5 stars

    Gaiam cork yoga mat is the best mat for practising hot yoga and pilates because, with the increase of temperature, the Gaiam cork mat becomes soft. It gives good grip and support with increased moisture and sweat. 

    The Gaiam cork yoga mat does not deteriorate at all in excessive heat, but its softness comes out more in the sun. This also makes a difference in the traction, which increases exponentially. Due to its thickness, it provides a cushion-like feel to knees and elbows in the poses like thunderbolt pose, shoulder stand, and plough pose, etc.

    Apart from this, the Gaiam cork yoga mat comes with a reversible design that can be used on both sides. It is a sustainable product made up of biodegradable and non-toxic material.


    • Highly suitable for hot yoga and pilates
    • Dual-sided mat
    • Germ-resistant
    • Environment-friendly and sustainable
    • Non-slippery mat
    • Sweat-resistant
    • Non-toxic TPE rubber backing
    • Efficient to keep out dirt and odor


    • It starts to bend while rolling and unrolling
    • It is not travel-friendly due to a bending problem.
    • Costly product
    • It leaves a strong smell at starting but it goes away within 2-3 days after keeping it or using it at an increased temperature.

    4. Best for Travel: Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 64.5×12.4 cm
    • Thickness- 5 mm
    • Weight- 2 Pounds (0.90 kg)
    • Ratings- 4.5 stars

    Gurus natural cork yoga mat is a travel-friendly mat as it is a lightweight material. The mat is perfect for people who love to travel and do yoga wherever they go. It is suitable for all types of surfaces and blends with any type of environment. 

    Gurus’ natural cork yoga mat becomes more supportive when it is wet. It provides a strong grip due to the natural substance called Suberin that is already present in it. The substance naturally absorbs moisture. The mat dries fast and water slides off it instantly. 

    Gurus’ natural cork yoga mat is an eco-friendly product made up of natural rubber and cork with sturdy construction. Moreover, it is a non-toxic product that makes your skin feel comfortable and safe in all conditions. The mat is a sustainable product that is going to live with you for many years. 


    • Extremely lightweight
    • Suitable for all types of surfaces
    • Waterproof
    • Budget-friendly
    • Non-slippery
    • Eco Friendly and Non-toxic
    • Durable
    • Suitable for everyone
    • Strong and sturdy material
    • Great for indoor as well as outdoor use


    • Starts getting folded from the corners side

    5. Best Non-Slippery Mat: Mandelbrot X Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 72”×24”
    • Thickness- 5.08 mm
    • Weight- 6.06 Pounds (2.74 kg)
    • Ratings- 4 stars

    Mandelbrot X cork yoga mat is one of the best non-slippery mats available in the market because the natural rubber on the bottom side provides balance and stability. It makes this mat easier to practice all yoga styles ranging from Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Lyengar, Yin to pilates and gymnastics. 

    The mat has been made up of by blending cork at the upper surface and natural rubber at the bottom surface. Due to this reason, it provides a strong grip and optimum durability in dry as well as wet conditions. 

    Only sustainable types of cork and rubber have been used in the manufacturing of this mat that is responsible for its sturdy construction. The cork membrane of the mat prevents dirt from clinging to your carpet naturally.


    • Non-slippery mat
    • Sweat absorbent mat
    • Suitable for all types of Yoga
    • Contains anti-microbial properties
    • Made up of 100% recyclable materials
    • Durable mat
    • Provides strong grip
    • Sustainable material
    • Sturdy construction
    • Gives a cushion-like feel


    • Difficult to carry while traveling
    • A bit costly product

    6. Best Sweatproof Mat: Yoga Design Lab Cork Mat

    • Dimensions- 178×61 cm
    • Thickness- 1.5mm, 3.5mm, 5 mm
    • Weight- 1.6 kg, 2.2 kg, 3.2 kg
    • Ratings- 4.5 stars

    Yoga design lab cork mat is the best sweat-absorber mat that absorbs sweat well and provides good support for even jump-throughs. The mat provides a non-slip grip that keeps improving with sweat. It is advised to wet your hands before practicing yoga for increasing your grip on them.

    The yoga design lab cork mat has a symmetrical design that helps to align your poses and to give a premium performance. It is made up of 100% natural cork and rubber that provides a cushion-like feeling while practicing.

    Moreover, it is suitable for hot yoga as with the increase of temperature cork loss and softens and gives a more comfortable practice.


    • Sweat absorbent
    • Non-slippery product
    • Moisture-soaker
    • Provides an ultra-strong grip
    • Beautiful design
    • Ideal for hot yoga
    • Includes a carry strap
    • Easy to clean
    • Available in various sizes


    • Costly product
    • Gives a rubbery smell in the beginning

    7. Best Nature-Friendly Mat:  Shakti Warrior Shivshakti Pro Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 182.9×61 cm
    • Thickness- 3 mm
    • Weight- 2 kg and 220 gm
    • Ratings- 5 stars

    Shakti warrior shivshakti pro cork yoga mat is made up of 100% sustainable cork and natural rubber. It has been made up of only sustainable materials and no use of PVCs, TPE’s, toxic glues, silicone, phthalates or other harmful chemicals have been done in the manufacturing process. 

    The mat has been made keeping in mind the sustainability of the earth. It is an OEKO TEX [efn_note] OEKO-TEX certification https://www.centexbel.be/en/certification/oeko-tex-certification [/efn_note]-certified product, which confirms the sustainability of raw materials and finished products. Just like its name, the mat provides a strong grip and support while performing different yoga styles like Vinyasa, Hot yoga, Yin yoga, etc.

    Shakti warrior shivshakti pro cork yoga mat has been designed to give extra space to practice any type of yoga and to do any type of workout. Moreover, the mat has extra durability and has a sturdy construction due to the usage of high fibers. It is a sweat-soaker and moisture-absorber mat. It is a product that is better for your health as well as for the environment.


    • 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable product
    • Chemical-free mat
    • Excellent durability
    • Anti-slip and anti-tear
    • Easy cleaning
    • Strong grip
    • Good for all types of yoga
    • Includes a carry strap


    • Less thickness
    • Heavyweight

    8. Best Budget: Valka Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 72”×24”
    • Thickness- 4 mm
    • Weight- 5 pounds (2.26 Kg)
    • Ratings- 4.5 stars

    Valka cork yoga mat is a budget-friendly mat. It won’t cost you much money. The mat not only saves your money but also provides all the specifications that you will find in any of the costly cork mats. It is made up of natural materials and provides a better grip while sweating.

    You can practice any style of yoga on it. Moreover, if you flip the mat, you can even do gym exercises with your footwear on. The base of the mat provides support and comfort due to which you can easily concentrate on achieving the goal of practicing yoga.

    Apart from this, it is an SGS certified material [efn_note] SGS certification https://www.sgs.com/en/knowledge-solutions/certification [/efn_note], which provides certainty with respect to safety, quality, and performance. The mat gives you a silk-like feel and resists odor naturally.


    • Budget-friendly mat
    • Durable
    • Eco-friendly
    • Suitable for hot yoga, pilates, and all types of exercises
    • Sturdy and comfortable
    • Provides strong grip
    • Hygienic, odorless, and easy to clean
    • Includes a carry strap
    • Dual-sided design


    • Heavyweight
    • Dark patches after several use

    9. Best for Advanced Practitioners: Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 80”×26”
    • Thickness- 6.5 mm
    • Ratings- 4.5 stars

    The Body by Yoga Luxury cork mat is the best cork mat for expert yoga practitioners or persons who practice advanced yoga because of its extra length, breadth, and thickness. The mat has been made up of Portuguese cork by yoga instructors themselves by keeping in mind the specifications needed in a yoga mat. 

    Six times more cork has been used to make this mat than a normal cork mat. It provides the right amount of cushion with a strong grip on the mat. The mat provides a smooth surface while doing strenuous poses. It also comes with built-in pose alignment lines that help to pose in a correct manner.

    The luxury cork mat is suitable for persons of all experience levels in yoga. It is especially a perfect mat for persons who have a very long height because they can easily practice any asanas without keeping their feet off the mat.


    • Best for advanced yoga
    • Non-slippery
    • Sweat-resistant
    • Thicker, longer, and wider than other cork mats
    • Provides comfort and support
    • Tough enough for hot yoga
    • Built-in pose alignment lines


    • Heavy
    • Costly product

    10. Best for everyday use: Leviosa Cork Yoga Mat

    • Dimensions- 183×61 cm
    • Thickness- 5 mm
    • Weight- 1 kg
    • Ratings- 4 stars

    Leviosa cork yoga mat is a mat that you can use every day. It is made up of a combination of cork and Eva. The top layer has been made by using 10% natural and high-density cork and the base has been made of Eva foam that is 100% vegan. 

    The mat has many specifications like high gripping power, sweat-absorbant, recyclable and biodegradable factors. It provides a comfortable base for your body while practicing yoga and asanas. 

    In addition, the mat is odorless, sustainable, and durable. Due to the non-usage of chemicals and toxic materials, it is safe for children. The mat has been designed for daily usage as the price of the mat is very low.


    • Economical product
    • Comes with good dimensions
    • Comes with adjustable slings
    • Eco-friendly
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Travel-friendly mat
    • Anti-microbial
    • Durable
    • Provides a better grip
    • Safe for children
    • Self-cleaner


    • Corners may break in after several use

    What to look for in a cork yoga mat?

    Although there are many options of cork yoga mats available, the most important thing is to choose the right cork mat for yourself. While selecting the perfect cork mat for yourself, it becomes very important to consider some things which will help you in your selection.

    1. The most important thing that you have to consider is the dimensions of the cork mat. The length of the yoga mat should be 3-4 feet more than your height and the breadth should also be fine so that you can do every asana easily without stepping out off the mat.
    2. The thickness of the cork yoga mat is an important factor. It comes in the range of 1.5 mm to 6 mm. It depends upon you that you want to purchase a travel-friendly mat that takes less space or a thick cork mat to give your body a cushion-like feel.
    3. While selecting a cork mat, you should also consider the grip factor of the mat. It should be able to provide a better grip and support while performing various asanas. Stability is an important factor in Yoga and the mat should be able to fulfill the purpose.
    4. The mat should be durable and long-lasting. 
    5. You should also consider the price factor while choosing a cork yoga mat. It should be worthy of giving you all specifications in the range of the particular price that the mat offers.

    Cork yoga mats are made up of 100% natural material and it also gives a natural and comfortable feeling while practicing yoga. The cork yoga mat connects us with nature due to the sustainability factor and yoga itself is a medium to connect one’s body with soul and nature. So, choose your perfect cork yoga mat according to your need and budget and start connecting with mother nature in both ways that are by your words and by your deeds.

    Cork Yoga Mat FAQs

    Q1. Are cork yoga mats 100% made up of natural material?

    Yes, cork yoga mats are made up of 100% natural material. It is made up of combining organic cork and natural rubber or by combining organic cork and Eva that is a 100% vegan product. No chemical or toxic glue is used to make it.

    Q2. How to clean a cork yoga mat?

    Some mats come with a self-cleaning property that gets clean with a normal cloth. There are some cork mats that you can clean by taking a damp cloth. But, the thing you need to consider is that you have to only fold your cork yoga mat when it is completely dry. 

    Q3. How long do cork yoga mats last?

    Cork yoga mats are durable. Thus, a good quality cork mat can last for 1 year before you need to replace it. The actual duration may vary according to the frequency of your practice.

    Q4. Are cork yoga mats sticky?

    Cork yoga mats are not sticky in the beginning. But, regular dirt can make them sticky over a period of time. Cork gives a stronger grip when you sweat high. So, always start practising poses with wet hands. 

    Q5. Do cork yoga mats smell?

    Yes, in the beginning, a strong smell comes from the cork yoga mat that is very natural and wooden in feel. After using the mat for a few days, the smell disappears by itself.

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