Tara Stiles Bio, Age, Husband, Diet Plan, Yoga Books and Net Worth

Tara Stiles Bio
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Discover the incredible journey of Tara Stiles yoga, from her compelling biography to her loving family, including her husband and diet plan. Explore her distinctive yoga teaching style and influential yoga books.

Tara Stiles is one of the most influential figures in the yoga world and is known for founding Strala Yoga, a revolutionary approach that combines yoga, tai chi, and natural movement. She’s celebrated for making yoga accessible to all by breaking down traditional barriers and inspiring millions to practice yoga.

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    Tara Stiles is a multi-faceted wellness influencer known for her best-selling books that promote healthier lifestyles and mindfulness. Immerse yourself in the inspiring life of Tara Stiles through this comprehensive article.

    Tara Stiles Bio

    Early Life

    Tara Stiles, born on May 6, 1981, in Morris, Illinois, is a celebrated American model turned yoga instructor and the Co-founder of Strala Yoga, known for its unique blend of yoga, tai chi, and natural movement. Tara, originally named Tara Leann Stiles, has made notable contributions to the wellness and yoga world, marking a remarkable journey from her modeling career to becoming a prominent figure in the yoga community.



    Tara Stiles husand
    Image: stralayoga.com

    Michael Taylor is the husband of Tara Stiles. They met at the Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York, in 2008. Together, they are co-founders of Strala Yoga and established the NYC yoga studio Strala. Their partnership has influenced the philosophy and practice of modern yoga, promoting accessibility and enjoyment for everyone.


    Tara Stiles grew up outside of Morris, Illinois, with her family. She has one sibling, an older brother named Chad, who works as an electrician. In 2008, Tara Stiles met her husband, Michael Taylor, at the Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York. The couple founded the NYC yoga studio Strala together. Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor have a daughter named Daisy.

    Tara Stiles’ family and personal life reflect her journey from growing up in Illinois to building a family with her husband, Michael Taylor, and their daughter, Daisy. Her career as a yoga instructor and her contributions to the yoga community have also been significant aspects of her life.

    Education Background

    Tara Stiles holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Classical Dance from Barat College of DePaul University. She is the founder of Strala, a globally recognized well-being approach that combines yoga, tai chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate stress, promote healthier habits, and ease life’s challenges.


    Tara Stiles Diet

    Tara Stiles is known for her moderate and mindful approach to diet. While there is no definitive information indicating that she follows a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, she emphasizes consuming healthy and whole foods.

    Her diet likely includes a variety of plant-based foods, as she has advocated for the importance of incorporating natural and nutritious options into one’s eating habits.

    Specific Diet Plans or Recommendations

    Tara Stiles’ specific diet plans or recommendations can be found in her book “Make Your Own Rules Diet.” In this book, she introduces readers to easy and fun ways to bring yoga, meditation, and healthy food into their lives. She emphasizes the following principles:

    1. Inward Reflection: Tara encourages readers to look inward and understand their unique needs for true well-being. She believes that each person’s path to health is personal, and understanding oneself is the first step.
    2. Create Personal Rules: She advocates for the creation of personal rules for a healthy lifestyle. Instead of rigid diet plans, Tara encourages individuals to set their own rules that align with their goals and preferences.
    3. Practice with Ease: Tara emphasizes practising with ease, without discomfort or tension. This approach aligns with her belief that what you practice is what you manifest. It promotes a gentle and sustainable approach to health.
    4. Adaptability: She teaches readers to recognize when something isn’t working and be open to updating their rules as circumstances change. This adaptability ensures that the approach remains relevant over time.
    5. Holistic Approach: Tara’s approach encompasses various aspects of life, including the kitchen (diet), the mat (yoga and physical activity), and the cushion (meditation). It’s a holistic approach to getting to know oneself and achieving overall well-being.

    What is Tara Stiles’ Yoga Style?

    Tara Stiles is known for her unique and accessible approach to yoga, which she has popularized through her Strala Yoga movement. The following key features can characterize her yoga style:

    1. Ease and Fluidity: Tara Stiles emphasizes the importance of moving with ease and fluidity in yoga. Her approach focuses on making yoga accessible to people of all levels, including beginners. She encourages practitioners to flow through poses gracefully, promoting a sense of freedom and comfort in their practice.
    2. Mindful Movement: Stiles incorporates mindfulness into her yoga practice. She encourages practitioners to connect with their breath, stay present in the moment, and listen to their bodies. This mindfulness aspect enhances the mental and emotional benefits of yoga.
    3. Intuitive Practice: Tara Stiles promotes an intuitive approach to yoga. Instead of rigidly following prescribed sequences, she encourages individuals to listen to their bodies and adapt their practice accordingly. This empowers practitioners to create a yoga practice that suits their unique needs and goals.
    4. Wellness Integration: Beyond physical postures, Stiles integrates wellness principles into her yoga teachings. She emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to well-being, incorporating elements like healthy eating, meditation, and self-care into the yoga journey.
    5. Online Presence: Tara Stiles has a significant online presence through platforms like YouTube, where she shares a wide range of yoga routines and wellness practices. This digital accessibility has helped her reach a global audience and spread her yoga philosophy.

    Tara Stiles offers a variety of morning yoga routines designed to help improve flexibility, boost energy, and start the day with mindfulness. These routines can be found on her YouTube channel and other platforms.

    Tara Stiles’ Morning Yoga Routine for Beginner

    Tara Stiles offers a variety of morning yoga routines designed to help improve flexibility, boost energy, and start the day with mindfulness. These routines can be found on her YouTube channel and other platforms. Here’s a summary of what you can expect from Tara Stiles’ morning yoga routines:

    1. Morning Yoga for Flexibility: Tara Stiles has specific routines focused on enhancing flexibility. These routines typically include a series of yoga poses and stretches aimed at increasing the body’s range of motion. An example video is “Morning Yoga for Flexibility with Tara Stiles.”
    2. Wake Up Yoga: She provides “Wake Up Yoga” sessions designed to invigorate the body and mind in the morning. These routines often incorporate gentle movements and breathwork to awaken your senses. You can find these on her YouTube channel.
    3. Ease Into the Morning: Tara offers routines like “Ease Into the Morning Yoga Routine,” which are suitable for beginners and provide a gentle start to the day. These routines include basic poses and relaxation techniques.
    4. Flexibility and Range of Motion: Her “Flexibility and Range of Motion” routines cater to those looking to improve their overall mobility and reduce stiffness. These routines often include stretches targeting different muscle groups.
    5. Morning Routine for Beginners: Tara Stiles understands the needs of beginners, so she offers yoga routines specifically tailored for them. These routines include beginner-friendly poses and clear instructions.
    6. Short Duration Options: Some of her morning routines are as short as 5 to 10 minutes, making them ideal for individuals with busy schedules who want to incorporate a quick yoga practice into their mornings.
    7. Mindfulness and Calm: Tara often incorporates mindfulness and relaxation techniques into her routines to help practitioners start their day with a sense of calm and focus.

    Tara Stiles’s Yoga Books

    Tara Stiles has authored several books that promote yoga, mindfulness, and holistic health practices. Her literary work focuses on helping individuals achieve physical and mental well-being through yoga and meditation.

    1. Yoga Cures

    Published in 2012, this book offers readers a comprehensive guide to using yoga as a remedy for various common ailments. Tara Stiles provides detailed yoga routines tailored to address more than 50 health issues, making it accessible for individuals looking to improve their well-being through yoga.

    Tara Stiles Book Yoga Cures

    2. Slim Calm Sexy Yoga: 210 Proven Yoga Moves for Mind/Body Bliss

    Released in 2010, this book delves into over 210 yoga poses aimed at promoting mental and physical harmony. Tara Stiles guides readers through yoga routines designed to bring balance, calmness, and a sense of well-being into their lives.

    Slim Calm Sexy Yoga Tara Stiles Book

    3. Make Your Own Rules Diet

    Published in 2014, Tara Stiles introduces readers to her holistic approach to well-being. This book goes beyond conventional dieting and encourages individuals to create their own rules for a healthy lifestyle. It emphasizes the importance of practising with ease and provides insights into incorporating yoga, meditation, and healthy food into daily life.

    Make Your Own Rules Diet

    4. Strala Yoga: Be Strong, Focused & Ridiculously Happy

    Released in 2021, this book explores Tara Stiles’ Strala Yoga movement system, designed to ignite freedom, strength, and happiness through yoga practice. It offers guidance on achieving a deeper connection with one’s body and mind, promoting a sense of well-being and joy.

    Strala Yoga- Be Strong, Focused & Ridiculously Happy from the Inside Out

    5. Clean Mind, Clean Body: A 28-Day Plan for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Self-Care

    Published in 2020, this book merges Eastern philosophies with integrative life and wellness coaching. Tara Stiles provides a 28-day plan for enhancing mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, offering practical guidance for self-care.

    Clean Mind, Clean Body- A 28-Day Plan for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Self-Care

    These books collectively offer a comprehensive guide to yoga, mindfulness, and holistic living, reflecting Tara Stiles’ commitment to promoting well-being and self-discovery.

    Strala Yoga Teacher Training

    Image: stralayoga.com

    Tara Stiles offers a yoga teacher training program through Strala Yoga, known for its innovative and inclusive approach. The program includes comprehensive yoga, tai chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine training, leading to a 200+ hour Yoga Leadership Certification and Diploma upon successfully completing both parts.

    Tara Stiles’s approach to yoga teacher training is rooted in the principles of accessibility, simplicity, and mindfulness. Strala Yoga is known for its unpretentious and straightforward style, making it suitable for aspiring yoga teachers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

    The training program offered by Tara Stiles aligns with her vision of making yoga more accessible and approachable to a broader audience. While she may not follow traditional yoga paths, her training program reflects her commitment to teaching yoga in a practical and down-to-earth manner.

    FAQs About Tara Stiles

    Q1. Who is Tara Stiles?

    Tara Stiles is a renowned yoga instructor and the founder of Strala Yoga, known for her innovative and inclusive approach to yoga.

    Q2. What is Strala Yoga?

    Strala Yoga is Tara Stiles’s yoga organization that offers yoga classes, teacher training, and promotes a simplified and accessible approach to yoga.

    Q3. Does Tara Stiles Offer Yoga Teacher Training?

    Yes, Tara Stiles offers yoga teacher training programs through Strala Yoga, including a 200+ hour training that leads to a Yoga Leadership Certification and Diploma.

    Q6. What is Tara Stiles’s Age?

    Tara Stiles was born on May 6, 1981, which makes her approximately 42 years old as of September 2023.

    Q7. What is Tara Stiles’s Net Worth?

    According to publicly available resources, Tara Stiles’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2023.

    Q5. What is the Name of Tara Stiles’s Daughter?

    Tara Stiles’s daughter’s name is Daisy.

    Q8. Who is Tara Stiles’s Husband?

    Tara Stiles’s husband is Michael Taylor, and together, they founded Strala Yoga.

    Q9. What are some of Tara Stiles’s Published Books?

    Tara Stiles has authored several books, including “Slim Calm Sexy Yoga,” “Yoga Cures,” “Make Your Own Rules Diet,” and “Strala Yoga,” among others, covering topics related to yoga, wellness, and personal development.

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