Who Is Candace Moore? Bio, Age, Net Worth and Her Famous Yoga Book ‘Namaslay’

Candace Moore Bio, Networth, Age, Book Yoga Style

Candace Moore is an internationally recognized yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. She is the founder of YogaByCandace, a yoga lifestyle media company. Candace’s yoga journey has spanned over 13 years, during which she fell in love with yoga and introduced it to a global audience through her teaching, writing, and retreats.

Her best-known book, “Namaslay,” has garnered her a significant following, and she is dedicated to promoting healthy living and the practice of yoga. Candace is a studio owner, full-time international yoga instructor, and a prominent figure in the yoga and wellness community.

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    Early Life

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    Candace Moore’s journey from an early exposure to yoga through her mother’s influence to overcoming Lyme Disease and pursuing yoga professionally is a testament to her resilience and passion. Introduced to yoga at 15, her mother’s enthusiasm for health and wellness in Falls Village, Connecticut, inspired her interest in the practice.

    Candace Moore initially pursued a career as a Spanish teacher but her life took a different turn when she faced Lyme Disease, temporarily affecting her mobility and mental capacity. During her recovery, she became deeply committed to yoga. She completed her yoga teacher training in Thailand in 2012, launching a successful career with a blog, instructional YouTube videos, book deals, and teaching yoga retreats worldwide.



    Candace Moore, known for her book “Namaslay,” was born on February 15, 1984, in the United States. As of 2023, she is 39 years old. Beyond her age, Candace Moore’s influence resonates with those who have followed her journey in the world of yoga and wellness. Her ability to inspire others on their wellness journeys, irrespective of age or background, is a testament to her impact in the field.

    Net worth

    Candace Moore’s net worth, estimated at $3 to $5 million according to publicly available resources, is attributed to her successful career as a blogger and yoga instructor. Through her online presence and yoga-related activities, she has built a substantial financial foundation

    Candace Moore Contribution to the Yoga Community

    Candace Moore has made significant contributions to the yoga community through her work as an international yoga instructor, blogger, and author. Here are some of her notable contributions.

    Candace Moore Bio, Age, NetWorth and Namaslay
    @Candace Moore
    1. Yoga Instruction: Candace Moore is known for her work as a yoga instructor. She has shared her knowledge and passion for yoga with a global audience through her instructional videos and classes. Her teachings have helped people of all levels, from beginners to experienced yogis, to enhance their yoga practice.
    2. Healthy Living Blog: Moore is the founder of “Yoga By Candace,” a healthy living blog where she shares yoga tips, health advice, and wellness insights. Her blog has been a valuable resource for individuals looking to improve their physical and mental well-being through yoga and healthy living practices.
    3. YouTube Partner: Candace Moore is a YouTube partner, and her channel features a wide range of yoga tutorials and wellness content. Her YouTube presence has allowed her to reach a broad audience and promote the benefits of yoga.
    4. Author of “Namaslay”: Candace Moore authored the book “Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits.” The book has been well-received in the yoga community and provides readers with insights and guidance on how to enhance their yoga practice and personal growth.
    5. Yoga Retreats: Moore has conducted yoga retreats, providing individuals with the opportunity to deepen their yoga practice in beautiful and serene settings. These retreats have allowed participants to immerse themselves in yoga and mindfulness.

    Candace Moore Power Yoga Style

    Candace Moore is known for her dynamic and empowering Power Yoga style. She combines traditional yoga principles with a modern perspective to create a style that resonates with a wide audience. Here are key elements of her Power Yoga style:

    1. Strength and Endurance: Power Yoga is characterized by its focus on building physical strength and endurance. Candace Moore’s style incorporates challenging poses and sequences that require practitioners to engage their muscles and develop stamina.
    2. Dynamic Flow: Moore’s classes often feature a dynamic flow of postures, where movements are coordinated with breath. This flow creates a sense of fluidity and energy throughout the practice.
    3. Balance and Flexibility: While emphasizing strength, Power Yoga also incorporates balance and flexibility. Moore’s style includes poses and sequences that challenge practitioners to improve their balance and increase their range of motion.
    4. Mind-Body Connection: Like traditional yoga, Candace Moore’s Power Yoga style places a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection. Practitioners are encouraged to be present in the moment, focus on their breath, and cultivate mindfulness during the practice.
    5. Empowerment: Power Yoga is often associated with a sense of empowerment. Moore’s teaching approach aims to inspire and empower individuals, helping them tap into their inner strength and potential.
    6. Inclusivity: Candace Moore’s style of Power Yoga is inclusive and suitable for individuals of various skill levels. She encourages practitioners to adapt the practice to their own needs and abilities.

    Candace Moore’s Power Yoga style is well-regarded for its ability to challenge the body and mind while promoting physical and mental well-being. It’s an energetic and empowering approach to yoga that has gained popularity in the yoga community.

    Candace Cabrera Yoga Book

    Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits

    This book is a guide to yoga and self-improvement, where Candace shares her insights as an entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, and the creator of Yoga By Candace. “Namaslay” provides readers with the tools to enhance their yoga practice and embrace their inner greatness.

    Namaslay andace Cabrera

    FAQ Candace Cabrera Yoga

    Q.1 Who is Candace Moore?

    Candace Cabrera, also known as Candace Moore, is an internationally recognized yoga instructor and the creator of YogaByCandace.com. She is a certified yoga instructor and a celebrity personal trainer.

    Q.2 What is the Age of Candace Moore

    Candace Moore’s age is 39 years old as of 2023. She was born on February 15, 1984.

    Q3. What books has Candace Moore Written?

    Candace Moore is the author of the book “Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, and Defeat Your Limits.” This book is well-regarded for its insights into yoga and self-improvement

    Q4. What is Candace Moore’s Yoga Style?

    Candace Moore is known for her dynamic and empowering Power Yoga style. Her approach combines traditional yoga principles with a modern perspective, focusing on strength, endurance, and mindfulness

    Q5. Where can I find Candace Cabrera’s Yoga Videos?

    You can find Candace’s yoga videos on her YouTube channel, “YOGABYCANDACE,” where she shares a variety of yoga tutorials and practices.

    .6 What are the Key Principles of Candace Moore’s Namaslay Philosophy?

    Namaslay, coined by Candace Moore, focuses on embracing your inner strength and defeating self-imposed limitations.

    Q7. What is Candace Moore Yoga’s Instagram Account?

    Candace Moore Instagram account is @yogabycandace.

    Q8. What is Candace Moore’s YouTube Channel Account Name?

    Candace Moore has a YouTube channel named Candace Moore.

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