Naga Mudra – The Mudra to Solve Your Everyday Problems

We are faced with challenges and obstacles on a daily basis, be it on the journey of spirituality or our daily lives.

Through the practice of Naga mudra, we will be able to overcome these challenges and seek insight into the meaning behind the events that happen in our lives. The healing power of this mudra provides enhanced spiritual clarity and the wisdom to grow mentally and spiritually.

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    Even if you have questions to be answered about a life matter, spiritual path, or a decision to be made, practising naga mudra will pave the way to get those answers from within yourself, you just have to ask yourself the right questions at the right time. You can solve your everyday problems with the help of Naga mudra.

    What is Naga Mudra?

    Naga means serpent and in Hinduism, it is worshipped as the snake god. The snake symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, insight, and creative life force.


    Naga mudra is a sacred hand gesture and symbolic representation of snake’s power; supernatural strength, potency, insight, power, and shrewdness. It’s also called “Sarpa Mudra”.

    This mudra provides clarity of mind, therefore, is used as a means of solving everyday problems, or finding answers to questions about decisions to be made. It’s often called the ‘mudra of deeper insight’.

    How to Do Naga Mudra?

    The Naga mudra should be practised in seated posture only, though can be done anytime and anywhere. Whenever you feel that you are stuck in a situation, take out 10 minutes and perform this mudra, you will surely find the answer to come out of your dilemma.

    The following is the way to do Naga Mudra.

    • Sit in a comfortable posture; for example, Padmasana or Sukhasana. Like any other meditation pose, you can alternate sitting atop a blanket, yoga mat, or chair. 
    • Bring your hands in front of your chest with the palms facing towards you. 
    • Place your left palm in front of your right one forming an ‘X’ formation. 
    • Cross your thumbs on top of each other with the right on top of the left. The rest of the fingers should be kept straight.
    • Place the mudra on your lap and close your eyes to enter into a deep concentration.
    • Hold this mudra for at least 10 deep breaths and then switch the palms.

    The mudra can be performed for 45 minutes at a stretch or for 15 minutes 3 times a day.

    Benefits of Naga Mudra

    In Naga mudra, the thumb signifies the fire element and by placing them on top of each other, you are stimulating the fire energy within you.

    Stimulated fire energy with Naga mudra works as Tapas which provides clarity of mind, aids in movement, momentum, and strength. It will also encourage you in your spiritual growth.

    • It aids in eliminating everyday problems of life by providing answers within yourself.
    • Helps in building physical and mental strength.
    • Regular practice increases insight and clairvoyance.
    • It relieved tension and enhances mental clarity.
    • Reduced anxiety, tension, and stress and brings lightness to your existence.
    • By engaging the fire element, problems related to the womb, urination, and prostate gland will be reduced.
    • By engaging all the five elements, your wisdom, intelligence and imagination will be enhanced.


    Practising the Naga mudra regularly will provide you with a deeper insight into yourself to get the answers to all life’s problems.

    It will give you clarity of mind, reduce stress and tension, and increase your mental, physical and spiritual strength to conquer the challenges life throws at you daily. You will be able to successfully fulfil your purpose in life through its healing powers.

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