Gyan Vairagya Mudra (Gesture of Detachment): Steps and Benefits

gyan vairagya mudra

Gyan Vairagya Mudra is a yoga hand gesture (mudra performed with hands), that develops the sense of detachment within the body. As this mudra takes you to a state of non-attachment from worldly limitations, therefore, it is an important practice in the spiritual path.

This mudra influences spiritual powers within us and enhances self-awareness. It aids in the spiritual knowledge of the practitioner.

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    Vairagya (detachment) is the next state after Gyan (wisdom). Hence, you can see its essence with the help of one verse in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

    “Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tad nirodhah”-[YSP. Chapter I. Verse 12]

    This states “Control over mind fluctuations develops from regular practice (Abhyasa) and non-attachment (Vairagya)


    Basically, it is an alternate version of Gyan Mudra, but its results are a bit different then Gyan Mudra. Swami Dayanand Saraswati and his devotees used this mudra majorly among other mudras.


    Literally, the term Vairagya

    [efn_note] meaning of Vairagya [/efn_note]

    means detachment or dispassion that arises from Sanskrit. This mudra means the gesture of detachment from the materialistic world.


    Gyan Vairagya Mudra in Easy Steps

    Gyan Vairagya Mudra seems quite similar to Gyan Mudra. The only difference here is that we place our hands over thighs, instead of the kneecap.

    Here you will see, how to do Gyan Vairagya Mudra, with the help of the following steps.

    • Firstly, sit in a comfortable Yoga Asana such as Sukhasana or Padmasana. Make yourself comfortable and calm.
    • Close your eyes, take some deep breath, and relax.
    • Now bring your both hands to your thighs, palm facing upwards.
    • Curl the thumb and index finger towards each other.
    • Now, touch the frontal portion of the thumb with the frontal portion of the index finger. Leave the rest of the fingers extended. Arrange both hands in the same way.
    • Bring awareness to your breaths, try to feel the flow of Prana and concentrate on your Chitta.

    Hold this posture as long as possible. Ones you are done, release the mudra gently and relax.

    Additional Gear: It is best to practice this mudra with chanting the Gayatri Mantra. The special vibrations of the Gayatri Mantra

    [efn_note] what is Gayatri Matra [/efn_note]

      trigger the brain. This helps to bring the sensations of Devotion.

    You should practice this at least 20-30 minutes. You can do it either in a single stretch or on multiple stretches of 10-15 minutes.

    The best time to perform Gyan Vairagya Mudra is the morning time. If you are unable to do it in the morning, you can perform it in the evening.

    What are the Benefits of Gyan Vairagya Mudra

    • The Gyan Vairagya Mudra brings a feeling of detachment in our soul. This mudra withdraws us from all the illusions of the physical world. This lets us know the deepness of our inner self. Thus, it helps you to move further in the spiritual path.

    Moreover, this mudra helps in settling the duties and responsibilities of Grihastha Jeevan

    [efn_note] meaning of Grihastha [/efn_note]

    (household life). Consequently, this Mudra helps to bring a better interest in your everyday works and responsibilities

    • Gyan vairagya mudra triggers the spirituality within us. This helps in the spiritual and mental activities of the body. As a result, this helps in bringing enthusiasm within you and keeping the mind healthy.
    • As a variation of Gyan Mudra, it helps in keeping the mind healthy and calm. It provides relief from mental agony and mental instability.


    Since Gyan Vairagya Mudra detaches us from the aspects of the materialistic world, it is mostly performed by Yogis. But, the meaning of Vairagya is often taken in the wrong sense.

    In conclusion, Vairagya does not mean that the interest from the world, society, daily work or family will disappear or eliminate. Vairagya is the state of knowing the inner self, to know the outer world and body is temporary. However, the only thing that exists permanently is the soul.

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