International Yoga Day 2022, 21st June: Theme, Logo & History

international yoga day 2020

Like the previous years, international yoga day 2021 will be celebrated on 21st June.

International Yoga Day 2020

This year’s 6th International yoga day will be celebrated on 21st June.

This year Coronavirus has affected all of us in some way, and our yoga studios shifted to home on smartphones and TVs. Amidst social distancing measures, yoga day will be celebrated this year in the home itself. United Nations has decided the theme of 2020 International yoga day “Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home”.

During this challenging time of COVID-19 pandemic, studies have shown how the number of people suffering from depression, anxiety, and fear has risen. Yoga is helping peoples all around the globe to stay fit and healthy at home.

On encouraging this theme, the World Health Organization has stated in its “Global action plan on physical activity 2018–2030: more active people for a healthier world 1” yoga as a means to improve health.

How International Yoga Day 2020 Will be Celebrated?

Every year people all across the world are encouraged to follow the ‘Common Yoga Protocol (CYP)’ program designed by the Ministry of Ayush, India. This program comprises simple yoga practices that can be done by any age group people to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Here is the last year’s common yoga protocol:

This year United Nations has started a virtual event to celebrate yoga day with peoples around the globe 2.

History of International Yoga Day

International day of yoga (IDY) is also commonly known as Yoga Day. From 2014 onwards, every year IDY celebrated on 21st June

The proposal for IDY made by the current prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. On September 27th, 2014, He proposed the idea of celebrating 21st June as yoga day in front of the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA).

In the words of Mr. Modi at UNGA,

PM Modi on UNGA proposing idea of IYD

Yoga is not merely a physical exercise but also helps us to discover the sense of oneness with ourself. Let we should work towards adopting a day on the name of Yogic practice i.e., International day of Yoga.

Indeed, Yoga is a primordial practice which mentally, physically, and spiritually provides energy in the form of calmness, courage, peace, and enthusiasm to the people. This energy people can utilize in doing their activities more vibrantly.

Declaration of 21st June as IDY

 After the proposal made by the Indian Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi at UNGA, the declaration took place on December 11, 2014 3. The announcement of the IDY had an immense impact on the history of India.

Even in the history of UNGA resolution, not any single draft before adopted with this much support. One hundred seventy-seven nations supported the idea of celebrating 21st June as an international day of yoga. It was the maximum support ever any resolution has received before and therefore, unanimously United nations general assembly declared 21st June as ‘International Day of Yoga.’  

The International day of yoga day aims to raise awareness globally regarding the benefits of the pre-Vedic practice of ancient India. Yoga includes mindful breathing(Pranayama), meditation, and physical exercises like Asanas.

Why Celebrated on 21st June?

Mr. Modi further gave the reason behind proposing 21st June as IDY. He said,

21st of June is the longest day in the northern hemisphere (shortest in the southern hemisphere). Also, In yogic perspective, second full moon after 21st June was the day when Shiva (First Yogi) begun profounding Knowledge of Yoga to mankind.   

21st June is also known as June solstice. The June solstice is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. Scientifically, the sun reaches its highest point during its path this day, and therefore, the earth axis is more inclined towards the sun. It makes this day longer than the typical day. Hence, From the perspective of yoga, this time is better for meditation also.

International Day of Yoga Logo

On 29th April 2015, India’s External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj and Union Minister of State for AYUSH, Shripad Yesso Naik has launched the logo for IDY 4

There was an 18 member team of New Delhi based ‘Panchtatva advertising’ behind the creation of the logo. To increase the participation of people in this process, ideas also accepted from the different niche of societies and people.

Finally, Prime minister Modi approved the logo selected from AYUSH department for the IDY. This logo represents all the essentials which spread the real meaning of yoga, i.e., Union of Individual Consciousness with Universal Consciousness.

About International yoga day 2019 logo

Color patterning and symbolism of the logo define the very core essence of ancient yogic knowledge. Understand it in this way.

  1. White Background of Logo – White represents the universal consciousness. The logo is inscribed itself on the white background. It means whatever we are doing in yoga, unites us with the Universal Consciousness.
  2. Joining Hands – Human art having joined hands represents a state of harmony between the mind, body & soul.
  3. 2 Pairs of Leaves – Brown leaves represent – Earth while Green – Nature. It means yoga helps us to be grounded.
  4.  Human Art & Orange Halo – As human art filled with blue color, it represents how our body made up of excessive water (blue color). The orange shade of halo represents fire elements. As fire is the source of ultimate energy, it has given the first place in logo.
  5. Globe Behind Human Art – It symbolizes oneness and unity among all the people around the globe.
  6. Words in Logoit represents the real purpose of yoga, i.e., why yoga masters spread it in the west yoga for harmony and peace.”

International Day of Yoga 2019

The 5th annual IDY celebrated on Friday 21st June 2019.

The theme of International Day of Yoga 2019 – In the year 2019, the United Nation 5 has decided, yoga will celebrate on the Theme of ‘Climate Action.’ The change in climate is affecting all people around the globe, and having understanding the core meaning of yoga can prevent climate change.

The way practicing asanas brings equanimity between body and mind. In the same way, the overall practice of yoga creates a harmonic connection between our body and nature. Reckless human activities are causing harm and destruction to the planet, which causes changes in the climate.

Therefore the UN has decided to spread awareness regarding climate change by practicing yoga. It solely connects our body with nature therein provoking environmental friendly activities.

Planning for IDY 2019

Governments around the world are planning to organize a large gathering for people to practice yoga. To support the theme of 2019 yoga day, Department of AYUSH (India) has planned to organize yoga gathering at the lap of nature.

The Venue of IDY 2019

In India, IDY 2019 will be celebrated at Prabhat Tara, Ranchi, Jharkhand on 21st June 6. PM Modi will lead this event and 30,000 yoga enthusiasts expected in the main mass yoga demonstration event. On 13th June at Ranchi, in presence of several State Dignitaries, there will be Curtain raiser event to the main event.

Apart from Jharkhand, Patanjali Yogapeeth 7 had reported organizing some significant events around the different states of India. These events for IDY 2019 will be held in some big states of India, namely Maharashtra and Haryana.

Also, in the Islands of Lakshadweep, there will be a mass demonstration of yoga at Kavaratti 8.

Activities on Yoga Day 2019

Preparation for yoga day 2019 has begun with the announcement of certain advanced activities which the Indian Government has organized. It consists of a 5-day Trainers Training Programme on Common Yoga Protocol (CYP). This program is to prepare participants for the IDY event.

The event activities on 21st June 2019 would cycle rally for youth, seminars, workshops, musical chair and cultural programs on Yoga. To publish this event with a broad audience, banners, posters will publicly be added to the atmosphere. The mass yoga demonstrations will begin at 7 a.m. on 21st June as per the Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) and will end in one hour.

International Day of Yoga 2018

The fourth International yoga day celebrated on the 21st of June 2018.     

1. Highlights – This time again prime minister Modi celebrated this event with 50,000 volunteers. Also, in Kota Rajasthan, 100,000 yoga practitioners gathered in a yoga session and established the Guinness World Record 9 of a city.

2. Location – PM Modi celebrated International day of yoga 2018 at ‘forest research institute’ in Dehradun.

3. Theme – “Yoga for Peace”

International Day of Yoga 2017

The third International yoga day celebrated on 21st June 2017. 

1. Highlights – While creating more new records for Indian history, People from 150 countries participated in this event. The total number of participants gathered at Lucknow to practice yoga was 51,000. Also, 10,000 people had done group yoga in the city of Wuxi (China).

2. Location – The event took place in different cities around the world. In India, the celebration held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. In China, People gathered in a city called Wuxi. 

3. Theme – Theme of international yoga day 2015 was “Yoga for health.”

International Day of Yoga 2016

2nd International yoga day also celebrated with the same enthusiasm all around the world.

1. Highlights – PM Modi gathered in a mass yoga demonstration of 30,000 people along with 100 differently-abled (Divyangs) children.

2. Location – International yoga day 2016 celebrated at the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh.

3. Theme – Theme of international yoga day 2015 was “Connect the Youth.”

International Day of Yoga 2015

The first International yoga day celebrated on the 21st of June 2015 in different countries. People gathered in large numbers on some parks and monuments and practiced yoga in a group.

Here are some brief points which cover the information about IDY 2015.

1. Highlights – In this event, along with Priminister Modi, 35,985 people practiced 21 asanas for 35 minutes altogether at one place.
This event had established two Guinness World Records 10:

  • the largest yoga class
  • most significant number of nationalist participated from the 84 countries of the world

United nations also celebrated the IDY. UN secretary Ban Ki-moon also mediated and practiced some asanas under the instructions of spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

2. Location – International yoga day 2015 celebrated at Rajpath in New Delhi. 

3. Theme – Theme of IDY 2015 was “Yoga for Harmony and Peace.”


IDY is celebrated widely and supported by global leaders. Thus the event is celebrated in more than 170 countries including Canada, USA, China, etc.

It is celebrated on a global level by organizing various activities like yoga camps, competitions, workshops, training fields, and many more to provide awareness among the common public about the importance of yoga.

This event is celebrated with such enthusiasm to make people aware that regular practice of yoga leads to mental, physical, and intellectual health. It helps to refine the lifestyle with positive changes.


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