Pranav Pranayama (Om Meditation Breathing): Steps & Benefits

pranav pranayama - om meditation breathing technique

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Getting control over your breathing is one of the easiest methods of meditation to calm the mind. But do you know why it’s so such an easy method?

When we focus on a process which is continuous & relative to our body, our mind starts tuning with that continuous process (or movement). And here, the movement we’re talking about is our breathing.

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    Breathing in Pranav pranayama technique allows our mind to find calmness within by focusing on Scared syllable Om & continuous breath movement.

    Pranav Pranayama – What Does It Mean?

    Pranav is a Sanskrit term which is used as a synonym of the sacred syllable Om & pranayama is simply refers to breathing techniques.


    In Pranav pranayama technique, a person needs to focus on the sound of “Om” while breathing normally in & out through nostrils. This process develops a moment of the piece in mind, which is a prerequisite for meditation & that’s why we call this breathing technique Om Meditation breathing.

    Pranav pranayama is one of the simplest breathing technique that also introduced in the most sacred text of yoga. Pranav is introduced in yoga sutras of Patanjali (YSP) for God in this Sutra:

    Tasya Vacakah Pranavah ~ YSP 1.27

    The sacred word designating him (God) is Pranava or the mystic syllable Om.

    Significance of Pranav Pranayama

    The simplest as well most beneficial breathing in yoga, the Pranav pranayama technique involves all our respiratory organs. This is how it works:

    1. Silently focusing on Om while also be conscious of breathing let you totally drawn into the sound, the sound of God.
    2. Om is the smallest syllable which stems from the base of the navel & covers our lungs, throat, mouth & head area at a single sound.
      By implementing this sound parallel to our breathing, we can experience the full yogic breathing in our every breath.
    3.  It’s considered repeating the God name produce a quietening effect on the mind. Pranav breathing let you do this by focusing on syllable Om.

    Before you begin this breathing technique, make sure to choose a silent & open place where you can get fresh air.


    How to Practice Pranav Pranayama

    how to do pranav pranayama (steps)

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    1. Sit in a cross-legged comfortable position, close your eyes & put your hands in Gyan mudra or Dhyana mudra.
    2. At first, focus on your normal breathing by observing the breath entering & leaving at the nostrils.
    3. Now when you come in tune with your normal breathing, draw an imaginary picture of Om Symbol in between the eyebrow centre, at the place of third eye chakra, & bring your total awareness on it.
    4. As you inhale, imagine you’re directing air to this Om at your eyebrows centre. The deeper is your breath, the more illuminatory would be the image of Om Symbol.
    5. As you exhale, imagine the same illumination of Om is diminishing little by little & thus feel the calmness in mind at this moment.
      (Mentally you can chant the sound of Om on every inhale & exhale).
    6. One inhale & exhale makes one round of Pranav pranayama. Repeat in this manner for 9 to 10 rounds.
    7. Once you finished with it, rub your palms together & place it over your eyes. Slowly open your eyes & feel the warmness comes from palms.

    Benefits of Pranav Pranayama

    • People having high blood pressure can perform Pranav pranayama to find a moment of relaxation. A study has shown it [efn_note] Immediate cardiovascular effects of pranava pranayama in hypertensive patients. [/efn_note], in hypertensive patients, even the 5 minutes practice of Pranav pranayama has reduced systolic pressure (SP) and supine heart rate (HR).
    • People who are suffering from Migraines can get rid of it by the practice of this Pranayama. As Pranav breathing helps to calm your mind by focusing on breath & Om, It’s effective for the patients of Migraine.
    • This breathing technique is very useful for children with quick-temper, depression & anger.
    • Pranav Pranayama can cure insomnia and the problem of bad dreaming when performed it before bed.
    • Women during Pregnancy should try Pranav breathing for a calming effect on the fetus.


    1. This Pranayama can be performed empty stomach. So its better to perform in the morning.
    2. While Performing this Pranayama choose a place where you can get fresh air.
    3. Although this is very simple Pranayama and has no side effects, still this should also be performed under expert guidance.

    Udgeedh Pranayama Vs Pranav Pranayama

    Another breathing technique called Udgeedh Pranayama is very similar to Pranav Pranayama as both breathing techniques revolve around a sacred syllable “OM”.

    Although both of them seem to be similar, there is a slight difference. While doing Udgeedh Pranayama Firstly you inhale with a deep breath and then at the time of exhaling you Chant om (quite similar to Bhramari pranayama). When we perform Pranav Pranayama, we only focus on the word “Om”, not physically chant it.

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