Vamana Dhauti: How to Do, Benefits & Precautions

Vamana dhauti kriya

Do you often trouble with high acidity or indigestion after a heavy meal?

Well, it is a common problem for some people. It happens because undigested particles of food get stuck in the stomach lining. Apart from many external benefits of yoga, it also works on the internal system of organs.

For problems associated with the stomach, there is an easy technique in yoga called Vamana Dhauti.

What is Vamana Dhauti?

Vamana dhauti, a part of shatkarma, is the purification technique and one among different types of Dhauti to wash out the complete alimentary canal & stomach.

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Vaman is a Sanskrit term for ‘To Vomit‘. Just as a tiger vomits its food after a few hours after eating it, in the same way, vomiting is done in the Vamana dhauti. That’s why it’s also called vyaghra (Tiger) kriya.

Vamana dhauti removes the undigested food particles from the stomach lining. If these undigested food particles are not removed from the stomach lining, later it creates a sticky yellowish-white substance calledAama’.

This substance (Aama) is absorbed in the small intestine & further travels in the body through blood. In this way, indigestion can create a number of diseases & toxins in the body.

How to Do Vamana Dhauti?

Under the guidance of an experienced yogi, you can do vamana dhauti according to following steps.

  1. Prepare a bottle of lukewarm saline water
  2. Drink water in a sitting position
  3. Perform abdominal moments
  4. Induce throat to vomit
  5. Relax in Shavasana

1. Prepare a bottle of lukewarm saline water

Heat 1.5 – 2 liters of pure drinking water up to the body temperature (almost 37.2°C). take 1 teaspoon of salt & mix it properly with water. A beginner can use a little high proportion of salt (2 teaspoons) to produce nausea. Place a glass aside to drink fastly.

2. Drink water in a sitting position

water preparing for vamana dhauti

Sit in the squat pose on the ground. Spread knees apart so that stomach is not pressing against the thighs.

Now, pour water into a pot or glass and drink 1 liter of water as fast as possible. Nothing is felt till a liter of water is consumed. Relax for a few seconds and drink left water fastly.

Now, when you feel satiated or drunk at your full capacity, you must feel nausea in the stomach. It is a good sign of cleansing. Now stand up in an upright position as soon as you drink a full quantity of water.

3. Perform abdominal moments

Perform abdominal moments to let the water moments well inside the stomach so that cleansing would be more effective.

Fastly expand and contract abdominal muscles a few times, just as if you are performing Uddiyana Bandha. Now, when you start feeling straining because of the weight of the water into the stomach, you ready to throw it out.

4. Induce throat to vomit out water

Vamana Dhauti vomit out water

Bend your trunk forward at 90° angle while keeping feet at a distance of 1 to 1.5 ft.

Now, press your ‘stomach in’ with exhalation in the same bending position. At the same time, insert your index and middle finger of the right hand deep down into the throat.

Generally, a little pressure of finger at the end of the tongue is enough to induce vomit.

Inducing let the water come out in gushes but sometimes it comes out in a small amount in the beginning. Water comes out in tasteless & yellowish colour in beginning but after a few gushes, water comes out comparably bitter in taste. This shows undigested residue has eliminated completely in the process.

In the end, drink one glass of water for final cleansing.

5. Relax in Shavasana

Wash your mouth and face with clean water. relax your body in Shavasana for 10-15 minutes. after that, you can continue daily routine work or asana practice.

One hour after vamana dhauti practice, eat rice pudding or take sweet milk to get abdominal organs back in its working.

NOTE – The procedure for jal dhauti is same as Vamana dhauti except that jal dhauti is performed in empty stomach at morning time.

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Benefits of Vamana Dhauti

  1. Vamana dhauti stimulates working of kidneys, lungs, and heart. This stimulating helps respiratory organs to work effectively.
  2. It removes phlegm, mucus, infectious bacteria from the stomach lining. hence, Vamana dhauti cleanses the skin & heals unwanted spot from the skin.
  3. Vamana dhauti also applies in Ayurveda and Naturopathy to balance the Kapha-pitta doshas in the stomach.
  4. Salty water used in Vamana dhauti kriya produced osmotic pressure in the small intestine. Osmotic pressure absorbs water from the blood into the stomach, instead of getting absorbed.
  5. Vamana dhauti is good for people suffering from insomnia.
  6. It also helps in the mental purification, stress management & building self-confidence attitude in people.


  1. Vamana dhauti kriya should not be performed daily like asana & pranayama practice. it is performed, only when you feel indigestion.
  2. People suffering from high or low blood pressure, respiration or ulcers problem should avoid this kriya.
  3. Make sure your fingernails are cut before you insert it on the throat, otherwise it can harm you.
  4. Try to throw out complete water in vomit as much you had drunk.
  5. According to the sacred text, this process should be performed only after 3-4 hours of a heavy meal, not an empty stomach.


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