Triangle Pose  helps improve balance, strength, and stability while promoting a sense of calmness and mental focus, making it beneficial for managing symptoms of menopause such as mood swings and hormonal changes.


In reclining bound angle pose, the action of moving the heels towards  the groins enhances blood flow in the pelvis and strengthens the pelvic  floor muscles. Thus, practising reclining bound angle pose as yoga for  menopause works wonders and relieves a lot of physical pain.


Downward-facing Dog Pose  is a therapeutic yoga pose for menopause as it helps calm the brain, relieve stress, stretch the legs, back, and arms, promote joint flexibility, and prevent osteoporosis, which is often a complaint among women post-menopause.


Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Warrior I Pose: A therapeutic yoga pose for menopause, opening the chest, shoulders, hips, and elongating the spine, relieving hot flashes, insomnia, arthritis, and promoting fat burning. Essential for menopause.


Warrior I pose

Fish increases blood supply to the reproductive organs, opens the chest, and enhances blood flow to the brain, promoting calmness and nerve relaxation.


Fish Pose

Wind-Relieving Pose:  yoga pose improves digestion, strengthens the abdomen, back, arms, and legs, relieves muscular cramps, and supports weight loss, making it beneficial for menstruation.


Wind-Relieving Pose