6 Yoga Poses for Seniors

Improves posture, stability, and body awareness, which are essential for seniors to maintain balance and prevent falls

Mountain Pose

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Enhances balance, stability, and concentration, providing seniors with improved coordination and a sense of grounding.

Tree Pose

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Builds strength in the legs and core, promoting stability and endurance for seniors to maintain mobility and perform daily activities with ease.

Warrior 2 Pose

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It helps strengthen the back muscles, improving posture and reducing back pain. Additionally, it opens up the chest and enhances lung capacity, promoting better respiratory function for seniors.

Cobra Pose

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Improves spinal flexibility, alleviates tension in the back, and promotes a healthy range of motion for seniors to maintain a supple spine.

Cat Cow Pose

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Strengthens the legs and improves stability, making it beneficial for seniors to enhance lower body strength and support functional movements like sitting and standing.

Chair Pose

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Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors