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6 Yoga Poses to Control  Snoring

Nadishodhana pranayama is effective and beneficial for controlling snoring by improving respiratory function, reducing nasal congestion, and promoting overall relaxation of the respiratory muscles.

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama

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Bhramari pranayama works on controlling snoring by opening the nasal passages, reducing congestion, and promoting relaxation, resulting in improved airflow and reduced snoring during sleep.

Bhramari Pranayama

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Ujjayi pranayama can potentially aid in controlling snoring by promoting deeper breathing, improving respiratory muscle tone, and reducing congestion, resulting in reduced snoring episodes during sleep.

Ujjay Pranayama

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Warrior Pose 1 can potentially contribute to controlling snoring by strengthening the muscles of the throat and improving overall respiratory function, which may reduce snoring tendencies during sleep.

Warrior 1 Pose

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Lion's Roar Pose can potentially assist in controlling snoring by toning the muscles of the face, throat, and neck, promoting improved airflow and reducing snoring during sleep.

Lion’s Roar Pose

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Cobra Pose can potentially aid in controlling snoring by opening the chest, stretching the neck and throat muscles, improving respiratory function, and reducing snoring tendencies during sleep.

Cobra Pose

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